Tuesday, 31 January 2017

technical tuesday: Tile Factory in Xishuanbanna China

Somewhere near the border of Burma is a factory where they make roof tiles. Fired in kilns as big as a house, these ceramic workers are beautifully dressed while making the tiles.

by Caroline Cheng

Saturday, 28 January 2017

emerging artist: Mia Riley

"My work is centered on my relationship to the natural environment. I believe that what defines the wilderness is what we project upon it; that a journey into this environment is also a journey within oneself. The contrast found between using our external experience of solitary natural settings to stem the discovery of internal meditations has become the foundation for my recent work. I research ways in which visual elements of contrast can symbolize dualities that exist within a larger context, most notably in regards to an individual’s relationship to natural landscapes. In creating contemplative vessels I seek to evoke opposing feelings; intimacy and distance, movement and quiet, and roughness and softness."


Wednesday, 25 January 2017

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

residency opportunity: Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild

The Byrdcliffe Artist in Residence program provides artists of exceptional talent with uninterrupted time and creative space to research and create new work. Lasting four weeks (or a possible eight weeks for ceramic artists), residencies provide artists with private studio space within a community of peers and the serene natural setting of the Byrdcliffe Art Colony. Artists are invited to participate in open studios, work-shares, communal dinners and field trips, or may spend their residency working in the creative solitude of a private studio. Byrdcliffe’s residencies are particularly beneficial to those who find it restorative to live in a simple, communal environment in close proximity to natural beauty.
Surrounded by the Catskill Mountains and just west of the Hudson River, the Byrdcliffe Art Colony is home to over 80 artists each year, with 60 being hosted by the Artist in Residence Program while the remainder are those who benefit from our artists’ housing. Beyond the AIR program, the Colony is comprised of more than a dozen artist cottages, the Byrdcliffe Theater, the Byrdcliffe Barn, a tennis court and the Mt. Guardian hiking trail, as well as the Kleinert/James Center for the Arts which is located in the center of Woodstock. At Byrdcliffe creative time is sacrosanct, and artists are given free rein to decide what activities will contribute to their residency experience. Byrdcliffe offers a unique experience in simplicity of living amid the natural beauty of a 250 acre campus of protected fields and woodland. At the same time, Byrdcliffe provides the opportunity to live in a community of creative people of all ages and backgrounds who are dedicated to honoring the creative spirit.
Ceramics: Please apply using the Visual Artists’ online application!! Byrdcliffe accepts artists working in handbuilding and wheelthrowing techniques. To be eligible for the residency, artists must have prior experience in glaze mixing and kiln firing. CERAMIC ARTISTS CAN APPLY FOR 8 WEEK SESSIONS.

Application Deadline: March 1, 2017

Session Dates: Each four week session is limited to 12-15 individuals. Candidates may apply for additional weeks in the event a space becomes available. Most sessions conclude with an Open Studio where residents share their work with each other and the regional artistic community.

    • Session I: May 31 – June 26, 2017 (4 weeks)
    • Session II: June 28 – July 24, 2017 (4 weeks)
    • Session III: August 9 – September 4, 2017 (4 weeks)
    • Session IV: September 6 – October 2, 2017 (4 weeks)

Clay For Aleppo

Australian ceramics donated for auction to raise $ for charities helping the people of Aleppo and Syria. DM to donate a piece or bid in comments.


Monday, 23 January 2017

residency opportunity: Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts

The Arrowmont Artists-in- Residence Program was established in 1991. The program provides early career, self-directed artists time, space and support to experiment and develop a new body of work in a creative supportive community environment of 160 rotating visiting workshop artists/instructors and hundreds of students. The program encourages early career artists who embrace community and enjoy working in a team environment to apply.

Each year, five artists working in different media are selected to participate in the 11- month program, which begins in mid-June and continues through late May of the following year. Artists are given a monthly stipend, shared housing with private bedrooms and meals (during workshop sessions), and a private well lit studio with climate control, a basic work table, shelving and sink. Professional development opportunities are made available though funding and networking sources. At the conclusion of the program, residents exhibit their work collectively in the Arrowmont main gallery and have opportunities to sell their work through Arrowmont’s Artist Outfitters Store.

Application Due Feb. 1.

This information and additional details can be found at: http://www.arrowmont.org/artist-in-residence/

monday morning eye candy: Arantxa Recio Parra


Sunday, 22 January 2017

call for entry: Images on Clay

Nevada, Las Vegas “Images On Clay” (April 6–28) pottery is a canvas that has lasted through time to share the lives of past cultures. Open to work that explores different imaging techniques on clay.
Fee: $35 for up to 2 entries.
Juror: Jason Bige Burnett with CAV’s Peter Jakubowski.
Contact Thomas Bumblauskas,
Clay Arts Vegas,
1511 S. Main St.,
Las Vegas, NV 89104;

resident artist program @ Clay Arts Vegas

The Resident Artist Program offers individuals the opportunity to further develop their work, to establish professional contacts and standards, and to work within a community of like-minded individuals in one of the world's top tourist destinations Las Vegas Nevada. Once chosen as a resident artist, an artist may choose either a 3, 6 month or one year residency

A residency at CAV includes:
Semi private storage space
Use of 6 electric, two updraft gas, one down draft gas, and three raku kilns (specs available upon request)
Work fired with student pieces at no cost (based on space) and personal firings at cost
Three glaze spraying hoods
20% off all clay
Teaching opportunities
Exhibition opportunities
Representation in store and gallery 60/40 split artist/gallery
Representation at events
$100 stipend per month
Off Site Housing

Resident Artists also pay for the materials they use and firings (based on individual usage). Residents share common housekeeping work and contribute time to Clay Arts Vegas as well.

Artist Requirements
Teach 3 3 hour class and cover some open studio time between Thursday and Saturday
Represent the studio at all first Friday gallery openings
Assist guest artists for all weekend workshops (5 per Year)
Share in the loading and unloading of kilns
Assist in studio up keep
Assist during second Saturday Raku firings
Assist during Special events
Offer a workshop in a specialty area for CAV members during the month of personal exhibition
A $250.00 refundable security deposit and a yearly CAV membership fee of $65.00 are also required upon entry into the program.

Each artist is required to leave one work for the permanent collection of the studio. Artist is responsible for his/her own travel to and from Clay Arts Vegas.

Interaction with The CAV Community

There is no formal structure by design of contact outside of formal taught classes. Artists are provided with keys and may choose to work when they find it most advantageous. Artists are expected to be open to the questions of Clay Arts Vegas students and artists. While at the studio guest artists enjoy ample contact with people working at all levels in ceramics. We strongly believe that Clay Arts Vegas is a community built on diversity and every person working in the studio is a peer to learn, share, and enjoy.

Works Created During the Residency

Aside from the piece selected for the permanent collection, works created during the residency are the property of the artist. All work created over the course of the residency may be shipped to the artist at their own expense. Work left for sale with the Gallery or Shop shall become the property of Clay Arts Vegas or will be returned to the artist at their expense after one year. The Clay Arts Vegas retains 40% of any works it sells for guest artists. Shipping arrangements must be made prior to the end of the residency.

Application Process
Apply through E mail Application Deadline is On Going

A complete application must include the following:
Personal contact information
Artist Statement
A personal statement (tell us everything you want us to know about yourself including your reasons for applying for a residency)
10 digital images
A corresponding image list that includes the following: image number, title, medium, size, and date.
$15 Application fee

Selection Process
The three owners of Clay Arts Vegas and one invited guest review and rank applicants. The Management team will then select the new residents based on ranking and the current body of Residents. Applicants may be asked to complete an interview before a position will be offered. Clay Arts Vegas reserves the right to invite new residents that did not apply through this formal application process. There will be up to three spots available. All interested individuals are strongly encouraged to visit Clay Arts Vegas prior to applying. All applicants will be notified by with-in 30 days of application submission

Please call Thomas Bumblauskas or Peter Jakubowski at 702-375-4147 or e mail at 4information@clayartsvegas.com if you have any further questions about a residency at Clay Arts Vegas

Application Fee

emerging artist: Minna Graham

"I create in order to express my emotional relationship to my surroundings. I have lived in many harsh environments, deserts and salt lakes, mining areas, snow country and dense forests. These environments are defined by extreme cold and heat, floods and bushfires, strong storms and high winds. I make what I see around me- charred blackened wood and earth, mud and teeming water, moss, leaves and bark. This is reflected in the tactile nature of my work. I enjoy the simple beauty found in nature and embody this in my work."


Saturday, 21 January 2017

Earthlings @ Esker Foundation

Earthlings is an exhibition of visionary ceramic sculpture and works on paper, produced both individually and collaboratively, by seven contemporary artists. Otherworldly, surreal, magically figurative, and underpinned by complex narratives, the works in this exhibition are the products of a range of deeply personal practices that are informed by idiosyncratic realities and myths, real and imagined spaces, sensuality, and spirituality.

Ashoona (Cape Dorset), Boyle (Toronto), and the ceramic artists of Matchbox studio in Rankin Inlet share a handcrafted, intuitive approach to transformative imagery that is as sympathetic as it is culturally distinct. The exhibition will feature recent and landmark works by each artist as well as collaborative explorations, including sculptures produced in September 2016 by Pierre Aupilardjuk, Shary Boyle, and John Kurok while in residence at the extraordinary Medalta in Medicine Hat.


emerging artist: Yen Yen Lo

"My surly-looking bell figurines are inspired by the people I see around me – particularly on public transport and in my neighbourhood. Nostalgia and reminiscences play an integral part in my work, especially childhood memories of growing up in Malaysia and the people who made an impression on me. I've always adopted a stylised form of illustration and love bringing these characters to life with expressive line brushwork and a good dose of humour."

Friday, 20 January 2017

feeling the LOVE....

I just wanted to take a minute to say a huge thank you to Pottery Making Info!
What an honor to be named top blog of 2016 : )
(insert 20 minute long happy dance in my kitchen here)

And I was also recently listed as the third best in a list of 40 Ceramic Websites and Blogs on the Web by Feedspot. 

It's a honor to play a role in this community, to participate, to engage, to learn, and to be inspired by each of you. Thanks to all my readers. Seriously. It makes my year that little old me from Saskatoon can play a part in this international community of makers. You all give so much, inspire so many. I'm just thankful to be along for the ride.


Tuesday, 17 January 2017

call for entry: Blue Line Arts (CA), International Call for Ceramic Artists: Off Center

Deadline: February 23rd, 2017
From their call: Blue Line Arts is proud to present Off Center, a brand new international ceramic art competition for 2017. This year, we are honored to have such illustrious ceramic artists, Sandra Simon and Robert Brady, as our judges. Since the first ceramics were created, like Venus of Dolní Věstonice, before 25,000 BCE and pottery vessels that were discovered in Jiangxi, China, which date back to 18,000 BC, people have been fascinated with clay. Here is your opportunity to show what your vision is in ceramics.

Awards: First Place: $1000., Second Place: $750., Third Place: $500., Curator’s Choice: A solo exhibition, to take place in our Westpark Workshop Gallery in 2018, will be given to one participating artist.

1) Off Center is open to all ceramic artists worldwide.
2) Artists may submit up to three (3) entries that are original pieces and are made up of at least 80% clay as the primary medium. Three (3) Images (views – front, back, top) per ENTRY may be submitted.
3) Size limitations: Pieces must be able to enter through doors with clear entry of 94″ h X 91″ w inches. Please have mercy on us and do not submit pieces that are over 60 pounds.
4) We have 10 foot ceilings in the gallery.
5) Submission of all works must be done online via EntryThingy. Click on the “Call For Artists” button on the Blue Line Arts website and you will be taken automatically to the EntryThingy sign-in.
6) All works submitted must have been created after January 2014

Prospectus for more detailed information: http://www.bluelinearts.org/wp/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Prospectus_Off-Center.pdf
Website: http://www.bluelinearts.org/

About: The Non-Profit Organization Blue Line Arts is an active South Placer community resource established over 45 years ago to promote the arts. Blue Line Arts showcases the works of regional and national artists, and offers flexible exhibition space suitable for small musical performances, lectures, parties, and demonstrations. A special Childrens Gallery provides a dedicated location for children’s programs.

Blue Line Arts, 405 Vernon Street, Suite 100, Roseville, California

technical tuesday: Isla Transfers: applying underglaze transfers with Jason Burnett

Sunday, 15 January 2017

Art Pro Podcast with... me, Carole Epp

I wouldn't really classify myself as a PRO at anything. I'm stumbling through my life and career trying to figure things out as I go so I find it interesting when others ask to interview me as though I had some type of a system sorted out or special behind the scenes knowledge. The more I know, the more I realize how little I actually know about all things art and career related. But heck I love listening to others talk about the ins and outs of their careers so maybe you'll like to have a listen to me talk about mine : )

Huge thanks to Jessica Watchorn for the interview it was super fun!

Find out more and follow Jessica here:
instagram: @artpropodcast