Wednesday, 28 September 2016

call for entry: Gyeonggi International Ceramic Biennale 2017 Korea

Applications: 4 to 31 October 2016

call for entry: 5th China Shanghai International Modern Pot Art Biennale

Shanghai, CHINA
Entry Deadline: 28 October 2016

Job Posting: Studio Assistant LOAM Clay Studio

LOAM Clay studio is a growing pottery business in the heart of Hintonburg, an Ottawa neighbourhood known for its vibrant arts community.

The position will be for a minimum 20hours per week. Applicants must have a solid foundation in the ceramics arts and an eagerness to further develop their skills. This position requires a physically strong and motivated individual. Specific duties will include, maintaining a clean and dust free environment in the studio, loading and unloading the kiln, recycling clay, providing technical support to open studio potters, assisting with classes and workshops, and providing friendly customer services to visitors and shoppers.

The following skills are assets for applicants who may wish to expand their role at LOAM.
-   strong throwing skills
-   teaching experience
-   Fluency in French
-   Slip casting
-   Glaze development
-   Retail Sales
-   Handbuilding
-   Design
-   Mold making
-   Photography

Interested applicants should send their CV and digital portfolio to

LOAM Clay Studio
7A Hamilton Avenue North
Ottawa, Ontario K1Y 1B4
613 722 2529

movie day: Michael Kline's periscope video of the Potter's Favorite Pots portion of the #ucvii Utilitarian Clay.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

emerging artist: Yvette De Lacy


Maureen Marcotte

175 Third Avenue, Ottawa, Ontario
Opening/Vernissage: Friday, November 11, 6-9pm
Saturday, November 12 and Sunday, November 13, 10am-5pm

If BBC’s reality TV show The Great Pottery Throwdown, high-profile art competitions like RBC’s Emerging Artist Peoples Choice Awards, and numerous prestigious international ceramics competitions are any indication, clay is now being acknowledged as a valued contemporary medium that is increasingly popular with artists, audiences and collectors. Ceramic work has spread its wings and is catching some well-deserved limelight! The ceramic world has become…well…something akin to sexy!

But this is something that the members of 260 Fingers have known for decades, and celebrating high-calibre ceramic work is the reason this speacial exhibition and sale was established 12 years ago. This November 11-13th, the twenty-six ceramic artists and potters of 260 Fingers 2016 will congregate at Ottawa’s Glebe Community Centre for their annual exhibition and sale of some of the most inspiring and diverse ceramic work from Ontario and western Quebec. The breadth and caliber of this show is recognized as unique in the province and features work from functional to sculptural, wood-fired to electric-fired, from formal, to functional, to highly decorative. 

The event features numerous award-winning artists with international followings. This past summer, among the 100 participating artists in the prestigious Biennial of Ceramics in Taiwan, six were from Canada. Four of these six were our own 260 Fingers artists: Lisa Creskey, Paula Murray, Reid Flock, and Cynthia O’Brien who travelled to Taiwan for the exhibition. Others have participated in national and international residencies over the last few years. Still others have had significant exhibitions locally and internationally. Each of the artists views 260 Fingers as a welcome opportunity to present their newest and in many cases, most daring or challenging work.

Each year new guests are invited to participate to help keep 260 Fingers fresh.  This year’s guests are Toronto potters Chiho Tokita, Loren Kaplan, Jeannie Pappas and Heather Smit as well as Quebec artists Don Goddard and Marianne Chenard.

On Friday, November 11, from 6-9pm, the gorgeous, domed atrium of the Glebe Community Centre will open its doors to visitors eager to be among the first to view and purchase this year’s new work. The vernissage is open to everyone and is truly a festive celebration of ceramic work complete with music, food, drink and lively conversation.  The show continues Saturday, November 12 and Sunday, November 13 from 10am – 5pm. Artists will be present all weekend. Tours of the show are each afternoon at 2pm and offer an opportunity to hear about each artist’s unique work and processes and to ask any questions you may have about their work and studio practice.

260 Fingers is a free event. For more information please email or call Maureen Marcotte at 819-459-3164


Friday, 23 September 2016

Mothers in Arts Residency

MA Residency

Mothers in Arts Residency (MA Residency) will be a studio space combined with a communal nursery. The Residency is specialized in supporting emerging women artists, who are also mothers. Mothers in Arts is free of charge; the artists agree on take turns to work and look after each others children around an organized work schedule.
MA Residency provides studio space for 3 artists and a communal nursery for their children. Accommodation is not provided. The residency invites emerging woman artists to apply whose children are between 3 months an 24 months old. The Residency gives new mothers an opportunity to continue their artistic development.
The trial Residency takes place in Amsterdam, the Netherlands between March 2017 and May 2017, and will be finished with an exhibition in June 2017.


Mothers in Arts is a small initiative founded by Csilla Klenyanszki, who lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
The idea of this project comes from my own experiences, which are based on the first year of motherhood, the social and the daycare situation in the Netherlands & my particular situation as an emigrant artist, without a family network.
The inspiration for this project comes from a “self-directed, open-source artist in residency”, called ARIM. An Artist in Residency in Motherhood ( was founded by Lenka Clyton and wants to “empower and inspire artists who are also mothers”. I am currently doing a project, called “Pillars of home” during ARIM.
The Residency begins as a small project, because it is supported from the Stipendium Program for Emerging Artist (Werkbijdrage Jong Talent), awarded by the Mondriaan Foundation, based in the Netherlands. This is also the reason, that the Residency will be a trial residency first as the financial resources are limited.
The studio invites emerging women artists to work in the studio when their child is between 3 months to 2 years old. The Residency is designed around the childcare policies of the Netherlands: 3 months is the given maternity leave and 2 years is the minimum age, when children are provided with 2 days a week subsidized daycare. This “in between” period is crucial for an artist-parent: through the strict schedule and the constant attention which a baby requires, critical practice becomes limited.
The trial residency takes place between March - May 2017 and will be finished with an exhibition in June 2017. The trial residency is really important to obtain further funding, which would make possible extending the Residency and making it permanent.
The project exists with the hope that it can help artists to combine their artistic practice with early parenthood. Through the project I wish to put forward a discussion about a problem that affects many emerging artist women when they become parents. Even though, many artists have children, parenthood remains stigmatized in the art world. Therefore, besides the physical and mental challenges of childbearing - which are consuming enough - an added feeling of isolation can be felt by many mothers.
This situation isn’t exclusive for artists of course, it is a common dilemma for most working mothers. After becoming a parent maintaining a professional life becomes difficult.
The project is geared to mother artists and by drawing attention to this hidden segment of the art world I want to stimulate mothers in general. By showing and promoting their existence, I hope that the professional and also the general public realizes and confirms their importance as a matter of public health.

For more info:

BUILDING YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE: a workshop with yours truly : )

Wednesdays, October 5 to 26, 10 am –1 pm; Sunday, November 6, 10 am – 4 pm
This course will survey a variety of online platforms available and proven successful for artists and other creative professionals. Carole Epp, founder of Musing About Mud – a blog and Instagram account with over 13k followers – will cover concepts ranging from marketing and branding to content production to contextual considerations for dissemination to practical “how-tos” of online social media platforms. This will not be a “how to build your website” course, but rather how to use the internet to grow your business. It is suitable for beginners to those with an established web presence: Carole will take beginners through the process of developing an online portfolio – including a website and social media – introducing and explaining how to use a variety of free online resources; through this process, she will work with those who are more experienced to refine each aspect of their online presence so it better markets them and their work.

Held at Creative Commons YXE, a production space attached to Void Gallery, providing a professional environment and exposure to the workings of a commercial gallery.


The courses are intended for artists of all skill levels who want to refine their professional practices or improve their creative business skills. They are suitable for early-career artists learning new techniques or experienced artists who would like to receive support and feedback throughout processes they have been undertaking for years.

Details here:

Thursday, 22 September 2016

call for entries: Hard + Soft

about the exhibition

The Greater Denton Arts Council proudly presents the 30th annual Materials: Hard + Soft International Contemporary Craft Competition and Exhibition. Recognized as one of the premier craft exhibitions in the country, Materials: Hard + Soft began in 1987 and was originally initiated by area artist Georgia Leach Gough. The exhibition celebrates the evolving field of contemporary craft and the remarkable creativity and innovation of artists who push the boundaries of their chosen media. In this anniversary year, we are thrilled to be partnering with the National Endowment for the Arts to expand this national exhibition to now include international artists. Approximately 70 works will be selected by an esteemed juror for exhibition at the Patterson-Appleton Arts Center in Denton, Texas.

Full details here:

Sunday, 18 September 2016

MUST SEE: The Democratic Cup

What Can Happen Over a Cup of Coffee?

The Democratic Cup is a political fundraiser that aims to stimulate dialogue, energize individual voices, and raise money for seven progressive causes. The cups have been collaboratively made by ceramic artists and illustrators based in the US who want to counteract the divisive and hateful rhetoric of this year’s presidential election. The Democratic Cup believes that these cups will act as agents of social change by generating positive political discourse. On Tuesday, September 20th, we'll launch the shop and open up for pre-sales of cups. 

Our Mission

The mission of The Democratic Cup is twofold: raise money for progressive nonprofit organizations and create a more genuine and respectful dialogue in American political discourse. A democratic and familiar object, the coffee cup, will act as a catalyst for social change and true dialogue.

The Organizers

The Democratic Cup is the brain-child of Ayumi Horie in Maine and Nick Moen in North Carolina. Makers with an interest in social practice, they joined forces as a way to make a positive contribution to the political dialogue in this year's presidential election. Ayumi has gathered together 26 of the best ceramic artists and illustrators in the US to collaborate on cups and Nick is heading up the fabrication team at his new design production studio, The Bright Angle.

Social Engagement

The Socially Engaged Craft Collective will continue in the long tradition of conversations over coffee by using the cups in a series of public and private acts.

Special Thanks

Special thanks to Anna Metcalfe and Janine Grant for their research on this project and Laurie Harris for her photographs from The Bright Angle.


A graphic illustration that speaks to progressive values and opens the door to conversation.


The drawing should be:
-one color
-at least 4" high and a maximum width of 8"
-300 dpi, preferably larger
-the original art should be drawn to scale, no substitutions if you are chosen

How To Submit

Submissions will only be accepted through Instagram and Facebook.

Deadline: Tuesday, September 27, midnight EST


Voting continues until Tuesday, October 4th, midnight EST. You can vote for multiple submissions, but not vote more than once per entry. You need not submit to participate in voting.


Winners will be notified on October 5th. One top winner will be chosen by popular vote and five with be chosen by The Democratic Cup.


Lewd or inflammatory images will be removed.  
Find out more about the project on their website: 

call for entry: The Cup, The Mug: A National Juried Exhibition of Drinking Vessels (USA)

Juror: Peter Pincus, ceramic artist and instructor living
and working in Rochester, NY.

A total of $1,000 in cash awards, "Best in Show"
receives $500!

In addition to the juried show, 5 artists were selected by the
juror and invited to be showcased along side the juried work.
Invited artists include: Birdie Boone, Chandra Debuse, Mike Helke,
Ted Neal, and Adam Posnak

Click here to submit  |  Deadline to submit: October 17, 2016

Main Street Arts Contemporary Art and Fine Craft
20 West Main Street
Clifton Springs, New York 14432

emerging artist: Anne-Marie Jacobs

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

technical tuesday: Mariko Paterson of Forage Studios shares some techniques

Mariko Paterson, of Halifax's Forage Studios ( has opened up her virtual toolbox to share some of her ceramic techy ways. The series of 4 short videos give a quick tutorial on her modified mishima technique (PS a tip of the hat to Molly Hatch for inspiring her). A brief description of the processes can be found as captions for each Instagram Post, but her viewing audience has helped flesh things out with their subsequent line of considerate questions. How she transfers image on to clay, the tools she uses and the “wipe on, wipe off” technique involved in her staining techniques are questions she is often fielded and is happy to answer. “Sharing is caring,” she replied to a Facebook post that otherwise cautioned her to guard her secrets for she, herself, is really just adapting a time honoured ceramic technique. That said, she completely understands that many ceramic artists have honed their craft for years and years and might not be so willing to oblige. To Mariko, she is sharing the very basics, but when she started off on this process s took her about a year and a half to “perfect.” And she says, “practice makes perfect, but style is earned!” So pull up her Instagram feed (@foragestudios), and get stylin’!


The video clips can be found near the top of Mariko Paterson's most current Instagram Feed (@foragestudios) and under the "Bits" section of her www.foragestudios website. Just click on the Star Techy link under that heading.



Monday, 12 September 2016

call for proposals - Open Engagement Conference

Open Engagement (OE) is an annual, three-day, artist-led conference dedicated to expanding the dialogue around and creating a site of care for the field of socially engaged art. The conference highlights the work of transdisciplinary artists, activists, students, scholars, community members, and organizations working within the complex social issues and struggles of our time.

Since 2007, OE has presented seven conferences in two countries and four cities, hosting over 1,300 presenters and over 5,000 attendees. Annual programming is selected by committees comprised of artists, educators, professionals, and community members from a free, open call for proposals.

Curatorial Statement

“The only standard for judging socially engaged art should be how much justice it creates in the world.”  –– Rick Lowe
Justice is the theme of the 2017 Open Engagement Conference. The weight of historical injustice interrupts daily life nationally and internationally. There is no better time than now, and no better city than Chicago, for examining pathways to create justice and exploring the manifold artistic strategies that demand and enact fairness, and equality. Chicago is a city that is under the spotlight and in the news for horrific gun violence, devastating public school closures, and police brutality that is carried out with impunity. These are conditions, of course, that have been a part of black and working class peoples’ lives in our city and across this nation for a long time, but only most recently with the rapt attention of the media.
As the co-curators for OE 2017, we are committed to an exhilarating and expansive exploration of this year’s theme. We are equally committed to OE’s mission of creating a site of critical care and critical inquiry for the vast, complex and diverse field of individuals and organizations working at the intersections of art and activism.
There is a fierce urgency of now for artists and cultural workers who audaciously believe in the immense capacity of art to help shift our sense of what is possible, to unleash our radical imaginations, to model and experiment with new ways of being in the world, to enact social change.
We believe socially engaged art and artists challenge us and one another to ask trenchant questions, to reflect, to seek creative solutions, to hold nations and institutions and each other accountable. Some of the questions we encourage participants to grapple with, formally and informally, during the conference include the following:
  • What does it mean to work in solidarity with communities that are marginalized and the most challenged by racial, economic, and gender injustice around issues that impact them?
  • As artists, curators, and cultural producers, how are we implicated in the particular conditions we are working in, all the while engaged in challenging and changing these conditions?
  • The radical power of social practice has come in many respects from its inclusivity. But this promise has not yet been experienced in the lived realities of most people who make up the field. How do we push for more fair and equitable distribution of resources?
  • Is it possible to advance solutions and encourage actions in a social movement for justice while preserving one’s individual artistic practice?
  • What is the unique contribution that art and artists can make to the efforts to create a more just society? In what ways do we want to continue to insist on the differences between artistic practices committed to social justice and the organizing that is taking place in grassroots communities?
In solidarity with the organizers of Open Engagement, we will relentlessly push to ensure that the diversity of people who make up the ecology of social practice can be present at this year’s OE. Arundhati Roy has provocatively suggested the following: “There’s really no such thing as the ‘voiceless’. There are only the deliberately silenced, or the preferably unheard.” We want to hear from the widest possible range of stakeholders.
No justice, no peace,
Romi Crawford & Lisa Lee

Find out more on the website:

monday morning eye candy: Bradley Klem

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Call to Artists: TWISTED Form and Function

London Potters Guild Biennial Exhibition: Juried by Angelo DiPetta and Lesley McInally highlighting the ceramic work of artists residing in Southwestern Ontario. All works must be primarily ceramic. Mixed media works will be accepted only if clay comprises at least 80% of the artwork. For complete information please visit our website:

Submission Deadline: September 15, 2016
Exhibition: November 3 to November 12, 2016 at the ARTS Project
Opening: November 3 from 7pm to10pm

Best In Show: $1000 in cash
Design Award: one year membership and conference package($400) - FUSION: The Ontario Glass and Clay Association
1st Place: $500 - Tucker price
Runner Up: $200 �- Pottery Supply House
People's Choice Award: $100 - Jonathan Bancroft-Snell Gallery (London Ontario)

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Woodfire Conference at Waubonsee Community College

October 6-8, 2016
Waubonsee's Sugar Grove Campus 
Waubonsee Community College will host the next International Wood Fire Conference October 6  – 8, 2016 in Sugar Grove, Illinois. The focus of this conference is to continue the ongoing dialogue about the wood fire process that began at the conferences in Iowa and Northern Arizona as it relates to the ceramic arts.  The registration fee for the three-day conference is $175.00 per person and is limited to 400 participants.  Registration includes a welcome packet, conference programming materials, continental breakfast, lunch (Friday and Saturday), and hors d'oeuvres at the Welcome Reception Thursday and Exhibition Opening Reception Friday.  Please be advised that per the Board of Trustees, Waubonsee Community College is an alcohol free campus, and all participants are required to abide by this policy.  Failure to follow this guideline will result in dismissal from the event without a refund.
No Refunds will be issued for registration after August 1, 2016
A more detailed conference schedule is available here.

Learn more about transportation and accommodation options.

More info here.