Wednesday, 29 June 2016

movie day: Please Touch the Art

Please Touch the Art from Cantor Fine Art on Vimeo.

One day a blind man discovered a screw painting by Andrew Myers with his hands. The blind man found as much enjoyment out of the tactile elements of the work as any sighted person ever has by just looking at them. Andrew considers this moment as one of the most inspiring of his career. Which led us to a question: Why is touching artwork so taboo?
Prior to the mid-1800s, tactile interaction was commonplace for visitors experiencing collections of art, but as museums of art evolved, rules forbidding touch became the norm. In some cases, these were to protect artwork that truly was not meant to be touched, but in large part these norms had nothing do with preservation and everything to do with nineteenth century politics of gender, race and class control.
In light of all this, we decided to create a documentary that elevates the level of tactile arts, and gives back to the visually impaired community. It was at that point that we met George Wurtzel.
George is a blind artisan and teacher working at Enchanted Hills Camp in Napa Ca. This is a 300 acre camp nestled in the red wood forest above Napa Valley. Enchanted Hills is a summer camp for the visually impaired. Here George teaches blind folks, through example, how to use all the equipment necessary to become blind artisans.
Currently, George is converting an old grape crushing barn into a Tactile Art Center. The top floor of the building is his 1900 sq. ft. wood working shop. The bottom floor will be his Tactile Art gallery space where blind people can feel and sell their artwork.
We fell in love with George and his mission and wanted to support his new tactile art gallery. So we worked with Andrew Myers to surprise George with a tactile portrait of himself. The first portrait he will be able to feel and recognize.
Learn more about Enchanted hills here:
The Academy of Music for the Blind (AMB) were kind enough to create a song for our soundtrack. AMB specifically addresses the educational, social, and physical needs of talented blind music students so that they can fully develop their unique talents and be prepared for integration into the workplace or other educational settings.
To learn more about the AMB
To learn more about this project, visit
Music Credits:
Artist: Tycho, Song: A Walk
Buy it in iTunes:
Artist: Aphex Twin, Song: 14th Avril
Buy it in iTunes:

call for artists: Can Craft? Craft Can! Biennial Residencies Open

A series of new, short-term craft residency opportunities in making and writing have been created in Burlington, Ontario, as part of the inaugural Can Craft? Craft Can! Canadian Craft Biennial.

Through the collaborative efforts of the Art Gallery of Burlington (AGB), Craft Ontario and Studio Magazine, two residency programs will host up to six makers and/or writers at the AGB from September 5th – 15th, 2017.

The Makers Residency will be hosted at the AGB, with access to studio space from seven guilds of various disciplines on site, including pottery, woodcarving and sculpture, photography, fine art, fibre arts, rug hooking, and handweavers and spinners. Applicants are encouraged across a range of experience, materials and processes used.
The Writers Residency will also be hosted at the AGB, including elements of formal/directed exchange of ideas with leadership from established members of the craft field, paired with a self-guided learning environment. Applicants should be in the first part of their careers, ready to explore and develop interests in material culture as embodied in the craft discourse.
These two residency programs will run concurrently, doubling the opportunity for unique, cross-disciplinary exchange.
For more information on these exciting new opportunities and how to apply, see the full Maker Residency and Writer’s Residency notices.

Monday, 27 June 2016

call for entry: The Clay Cup: Vessel, Icon, Canvas

Juried exhibition (October 24–November 17) functional, design based and sculptural interpretations of the clay cup.

Size limit: 12 inches. Weight limit: 10 pounds.
Fee: $25 for up to 3 entries.

Juror: Dan Anderson.

Bede Clarke,
University of Missouri,
Art Dept, A 126 Fine Arts Bldg.,
Columbia, MO 65211; 573-881-1525.
Deadline: September 5th, 2016

call for entry: AMOCA Ceramic Annual - Biomorphic

The American Museum of Ceramic Art is proud to announce its inaugural AMOCA Ceramics Annual. The theme for 2016 is biomorphism and will highlight current trends of biomorphic exploration in the field of ceramics. Biomorphic work investigating form and surface reminiscent of plants, animals, and living organisms will be exhibited. Both sculptural and functional works will be considered and clay must be the primary material.

The selected works will be exhibited in The Studio Artists’ Gallery at the AMOCA Ceramics Studio in October/ November 2016.
Three entries for $35.00
Juror: Cj Jilek


Organized by the Association des Céramistes du Québec, Carac’Terre is the only urban ceramic event in the province.  Carac’Terre presents the largest choice of quality ceramic ware in the region of Quebec and offers many activities.

Carac’Terre presents the work of around thirty ceramicists who each have their very own style and techniques. From the choice of clay to that of the firing, as well as the techniques used, each ceramicist has a very personal identity.

Earthenware, stoneware, porcelain/ wheel thrown, handbuilt, castware /electric, gas or wood kiln/ raku and smoked ware:  a world of possibilities…

monday morning eye candy: Jessica Brandl

Thursday, 23 June 2016

Monkey God by Andrew Hoeppner


"My works are driven by a delicate balance between instinct, discovery, and intention.  The result is an endless internal struggle to determine what is certain from what is unknown.  Recently I am fascinated by the definition of humanity, which is the quality or condition of being human.  But what does it mean to be human?  We associate things like language, emotion, and anatomy.  Yet as creators of the term, how do we associate with the natural world?  My current body of work investigates our disassociation from nature and our perceived identity as humans.  The work ranges in vivid imagery and their vocabulary is equally drawn from a diverse variety of sources such as Impressionist Painting, Folk Art, and Abstract Expressionism.  My aim is to engage my viewers with approachable illustrative objects as an attempt to answer these complex questions of human life.  This work in relation to drawing is similar to a collection of sketches, left raw and untamed.  The glazes reflect this decision, united with intensely layered and dense glazes, which consistently battle unpredictability and purpose.  These objects are a symbolic representation of the endless evolution and cycle of life and poetically are parallel to my own identity and concerns." ~ Andrew Hoeppner

Originally from California, Andrew Hoeppner received a BFA in Ceramics from Sierra Nevada College in 2011. He then pursued post-baccalaureate studies at the University of Montana and completed an internship and international residency at Medalta in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. In 2014, Andrew graduated with a MFA in Sculpture from the University of Washington’s 3D4M program and traveled to Vallauris, France, progressing his work at the Vallauris Residency while studying the ceramic collection of Pablo Picasso and the paintings of Henri Matisse. Andrew is currently an Artist in Residence at Seattle’s Pottery Northwest, the Pacific Northwest’s premier ceramics facility. He was just awarded a 2016 Fellowship from Artist Trust.

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

Grayling Ceramics is looking for a studio assistant.

"Grayling Ceramics" in Kalamazoo, MI is now accepting applications for a one-year studio assistant position! This a 35hrs. per week PAID position. The applicant must have advanced skill in wheel-throwing, the ability to lift heavy things, an interest in slip-casting and the motivation to learn how to run/ be a part of a growing small business. If any of you know of such an individual please share this post with them. I can be contacted at for more information.

Potters for Pulse launches this friday.  
Live Friday June 24th at 6pm CST 

Chuck Purviance (Director) - "Potters For Pulse (#PottersForPulse) will be a two-part fundraiser event for the victims and families of those affected by the tragedy that happened at Pulse night club in Orlando Florida on June 12, 2016. I am organizing and reaching out to my colleagues in the art community to help with donations of works for sale and auction, advice or words of wisdom, donation of time to help with events, websites, promotion, and other details.

The proceeds will go to the Orlando Pulse Go Fund Me page ( I understand that it is taking on a lot, but it will be nothing compared to what the people affected by these events are experiencing. Bringing people together and collaborating with others has always been my passion, and to me, making the world a more understanding and tolerant place for everyone is an inherent part of the role of any artist.

While at undergrad at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania, I received my BFA in ceramics. I was also the president of the LGBTQIA club on campus for over 2 years. I have been passionate about equality for years and for many reasons. My two best friends could have been at that club. I could have been at that club or one like it in my area. On the night of the 12th I was at Pittsburgh Pride dancing that night away covered in glitter and being surrounded by people being exactly who they are: good human beings. It isn't fair that we were experiencing such a joyful moment when 1,000 miles away, people just like us were suddenly under attacked. This could have been any LGBTQIA establishment in any town, any city, any country.

The world needs to know that this is not okay! That the masses are not okay with this! That terror will never win nor keep us down for long. I want to do more than sit around and send out good vibes. I want to take action. I want to give hope and show that there are so many more good people in this world than bad people. The actions of one, no matter how bad, can never outdo the actions of many who choose to do the right thing. This is why I am putting my energy into this event.

So this is what I intend to do with the skills I have developed through school, friends, mentors, and my time on this earth. This is what I hope others will feel and agree with when helping out with the event. Thank you all for your support and donations. Thank you all for sharing and participating, and for proving that the good in this world will always outweigh the bad."

Below are some of the amazing pieces donated:

Full list of participating artists (subject to change):

Travis Winters, Missy Steel, Amanda Barr, Neil Symak, Brock Flamion, Jenna Sue Vanden Brink, Stephanie Wilhelm, Didem Mert, Rich Peterson, Sara Catapano, Ron Geibel, Luke Doyle, Dallas Wooten, Carole Epp, Kodi Thompson, Ben Carter, Ryan Rakhshan, Justin Rothshank, Rob Cartelli, Julia Claire Weber, Nicole Paulina, Shane Weaver, Marney McDiarmid, Kieth Hershbuger, Adriana Christianson, Vipoo Srivilasa, Melanie Sherman, Royce Hilderbrand, Gratia Brown, Garth Johnson, Jocelyn Howard, Aurthur Halverson, Luke Huling, Joshua Paul Hebbert , Lauren Gallaspy, Nicole Aquilano, Ashley Bevington, Liana Agnew, Adam Youngbluth, Mellisa Youngbluth, Nick Moen, Jess Verde, Tim See, Kari Radasch, Ian F Thomas, Matt George, Christine Longoria, GV Kelly, Alex Kraft, Patrick Rademaker, Jessica Putnum Phillips, Myka Hayden, Chris Chaney, Rachel Donner, Bianka Groves, Taylor Robenal, Geno Boni, Haakon Lenzi, Frederic Vernon, Cathy Terepocki 

movie day: Thin Shell Jamming Bladder Casting

Thin Shell Jamming Bladder Casting from cw&t on Vimeo.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

emerging artist: Grace Han


Two Paths, Two Identities, One Individual explores Grace Han being somewhere in between as an artist. Although she was traditionally trained in Korea – where preserving the traditions of Korean ceramics was essential – she finds that she can be free and truly herself as an individual artist in her new home in Canada. Speaking two distinct languages has also broadened her views in art – she finds that the process is an important part of her work. By entering into the space that Grace Han creates, the audience can experience her struggles, interact with her work where her emotions have been captured, and see what she truly is in between. 
Grace Han is a ceramic artist originally trained in Seoul, South Korea. She received her Bachelor of Fine Arts from Dankook University where she specialized in traditional Korean Ceramic techniques and skills. She then worked for several years in one of the largest ceramic companies in Korea and built on her ceramics knowledge and experience outside of academia. She immigrated to Canada in 2011 and is pursuing her career as a ceramic artist in her new home.


Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Lecturer position in Ceramics at Northern Kentucky University

The Visual Arts program in the School of the Arts at Northern Kentucky University invites applications for a full time one year non-tenure track lecturer position in Ceramics beginning August 2016. Ceramics is part of a Spatial Arts area and offers both a sculptural and a vessel approach to using clay. We offer BA and BFA degree tracks that focus on developing skills, diverse use of materials and conceptual development, providing the student fluent expression of their artistic vision. Established in 1968, NKU is a 15,000 student, nationally recognized, metropolitan university located seven miles from Cincinnati, Ohio. Greater Cincinnati offers an outstanding quality of life, a vibrant arts community, and an affordable cost of living. NKU is committed to active engagement with the Northern Kentucky /Greater Cincinnati region of over two million people.

NKU Ceramics
NKU Spatial Arts Program

Primary Responsibilities

The successful candidate will be expected to teach three classes per semester and serve on program committees. Candidates should have the ability to teach all levels of Ceramics, including clay and glaze formulation, as well as integrate into the Spatial Arts area. The candidate may be needed to teach occasional courses in foundations. Further responsibilities include ceramic studio management, student advising and portfolio review. Spatial Arts is located in a separate facility from the main Art building and includes a wheel throwing and handbuilding areas, a glaze room, a clay mixing room, gas, electric and wood fired kilns. Also housed in the facility are a complete wood shop, metal shop, and a foundry. Spatial Arts has a full time technician.


Candidates are required to have an MFA degree in ceramics or related discipline and an active exhibition record. University level teaching experience is preferred. Candidates should be able to demonstrate knowledge of ceramic techniques and processes, be well versed in contemporary and historic issues in ceramics and visual art.
Questions regarding the use of this website should be directed to the Human Resources Department at Questions regarding the nature of the position should be directed to the search committee chair, Steven Finke at For additional information on NKU, visit and

Applications will be reviewed beginning June 30, 2016.

Applicants will need to upload the following documents in PDF format, 9MB maximum size for each:
1. Cover Letter
2. CV
3. Portfolio – 20 images of personal work with image list
4. Artist Statement
5. Teaching Philosophy
6. Names and contact information for three references
7. Portfolio of student work (if available) – 10 images with list
Any candidate who is offered this position will be required to go through a pre-employment criminal background check as mandated by state law.

Minimum Education


Official announcement and application portal on the following Northern Kentucky University Human Resources website under Full-Time Faculty:

NKU Ceramics
NKU Spatial Arts Program