Friday, 12 August 2016

Online workshop: Start a Pottery Business

You fell in love with ceramics as a hobby, spent years honing you skills and now you are ready to build your own successful ceramics business.
It’s easy to build a successful ceramics business in the beginning. There are few barriers to entry, startup expenses are modest and you can often sell your work with little initial effort. The problems begin when your friends and family have exhausted their immediate need for pottery.
Running a profitable pottery business requires both sound business skills and a high-quality, desirable product line. You have to understand what makes your products unique, and create a plan for creating and selling them at scale. This three-day live online workshop is designed to help you build a successful business designing, producing and selling ceramics.
We have brought together three successful ceramic artists to give you an inside look at how they built their businesses. They will share some of the insights and strategies that made them successful, and answer any questions you have about building your own ceramics business. The program will include one-hour live streamed sessions with Lisa Jones of Pigeontoe Ceramics, Peter Sheldon + Ellen Woglom of Sheldon Ceramics and Lorna Meaden of Lorna Meaden Pottery.
Here are some of the topics we will explore:
– Honing your style and designing products that sell
– Developing a retail business & selling wholesale
– Building a brand & getting press for your work
– Building an audience & selling ceramics online
– Social media for ceramic artists
– Selling in galleries

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