Sunday, 17 July 2016

workshop: THE PRINTED FIGURE: Cristina Córdova and Jason Bige Burnett

OCTOBER 3-7, 2016
8 students per session
Location: Soto-Córdova Studios, Penland, NC
We are joining forces for a third time to teach this unique combination of figurative ceramic sculpture and surface development through the use of underglaze transfers and monotypes.

Full info here:
The course will include:
  • The basics of anatomy and proportion, building a torso with slabs, and exploring different construction formats for pedestal or wall, finishing and detailing to optimize expression
  • An assortment of printing techniques for clay such as screen, monotype and plaster printing as well as tissue transfers and decals.
  • Lectures to show how artists utilize “printing” in clay and inspire conceptual investigation
  • Clay and all necessary materials for printing and developing surfaces including silkscreens, plaster, decals, transfers, slips, underglazes and glazes
  • Insider resources regarding clays, printing materials for clay, printing and anatomy books, models and specialty tools
  • 3 firings
  • A 4:1 teacher /student ratio (only 8 spaces available) to get deep into the techniques
  • A great lunch and afternoon coffee or tea
  • 8am-10pm access to the studio

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