Thursday, 23 June 2016

Monkey God by Andrew Hoeppner


"My works are driven by a delicate balance between instinct, discovery, and intention.  The result is an endless internal struggle to determine what is certain from what is unknown.  Recently I am fascinated by the definition of humanity, which is the quality or condition of being human.  But what does it mean to be human?  We associate things like language, emotion, and anatomy.  Yet as creators of the term, how do we associate with the natural world?  My current body of work investigates our disassociation from nature and our perceived identity as humans.  The work ranges in vivid imagery and their vocabulary is equally drawn from a diverse variety of sources such as Impressionist Painting, Folk Art, and Abstract Expressionism.  My aim is to engage my viewers with approachable illustrative objects as an attempt to answer these complex questions of human life.  This work in relation to drawing is similar to a collection of sketches, left raw and untamed.  The glazes reflect this decision, united with intensely layered and dense glazes, which consistently battle unpredictability and purpose.  These objects are a symbolic representation of the endless evolution and cycle of life and poetically are parallel to my own identity and concerns." ~ Andrew Hoeppner

Originally from California, Andrew Hoeppner received a BFA in Ceramics from Sierra Nevada College in 2011. He then pursued post-baccalaureate studies at the University of Montana and completed an internship and international residency at Medalta in Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada. In 2014, Andrew graduated with a MFA in Sculpture from the University of Washington’s 3D4M program and traveled to Vallauris, France, progressing his work at the Vallauris Residency while studying the ceramic collection of Pablo Picasso and the paintings of Henri Matisse. Andrew is currently an Artist in Residence at Seattle’s Pottery Northwest, the Pacific Northwest’s premier ceramics facility. He was just awarded a 2016 Fellowship from Artist Trust.

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