Friday, 27 May 2016

Small Transgressions II


Opening Thursday June 2nd 7pm
(show runs until June 18th)

 Fourteen artists present new works that disturb the boundaries of their individual practices. Through critical reflection and collaborative exchange, unexpected themes and forms have emerged over a ten month mentorship program led by Linda Sormin, and programmed by FUSION: The Ontario Clay and Glass Association.

Close observations of nature collide with the forms and realities of urban life. Experimentation with raw materials is unearthing memories, reshaping personal metaphors and once-familiar landscapes. Through photography, video, pottery and sculpture, these artists unsettle established ways of thinking and making.

Are small transgressions the slippery slope to bad behavior?
These conversations offer diverse interpretations of play, threat, beauty, gesture, sexuality, parenthood, family, community and environment. In sharing ideas and concerns, examining potential pitfalls and solutions, this group of makes has in many ways sped up their artistic research, yet slowed the impulse to cast judgment. Fearlessly, gently tending to bright wounds of doubt, these artists have created bodies of work that articulate distinct visions in the contemporary context.  
Linda Sormin

The gallery is pleased to be asked to host this exhibition with works from the original exhibit plus they had created new works to compliment using the knowledge they have taken away with them
Please join Jonathon & and I in welcoming Small Transgression II to London

Brian Cooke  Curator


258 Dundas Street London, ON

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