Sunday, 27 March 2016

To-kĕn Digital Gallery - get involved - two open calls.

To-kĕn Digital Gallery is the launching of a nascent idea, an extension of the Graduate Certificate Program of the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design, Fredericton, N.B. Coming out of many discussions with the participants in the program, around careers, studio practice, community responsibility, and much more, a desire to converse with others in Canada came about.

This is the first annual To-kĕn Series: Digital Gallery Review of emerging and established artists visual-work. In this inaugural launch there are two curated surveys in the form of two “Open calls”.

Call #1
Social Conscience
 “In this survey I would like to see what objects
with a social conscience other emerging ceramic artists are creating.” (Martin Jarman)
Social Conscience; open to emerging clay artists throughout Canada.

Call #2
The Human Condition
 “I am looking for work by artists who are using either figurative, or non-figurative ceramics as a form of self-exploration.”(Jennifer -Lynn McInnis-Wharton)
The Human Condition; open to emerging and established clay artists throughout Canada

These two-curated Calls to Show will produce two shows that will be shown and promoted digitally across Canada. Significant work will be recognized and the opportunity for artist statements and links to websites will be provided. At the heart of this is the desire for the participants of the Graduate Certificate Program to reach out and learn what else is going on in Canada on certain topics of their interest. It is also an opportunity for the practice and development of both skills in curating and in writing on work being made today. Your participation is appreciated.

Call to show mid March
Deadline for submissions April 8th
Curatorial paper written by late April
Survey release/promoted by end April/early May

Submission Guidelines
Selections will be conducted from images of work, do not send original work.
Each work must be identified (use title on slide only if accompanying with a image list)
Year completed
Type of clay and firing method 
Size H x W x D 

A brief artist statement of no more than 150 words describing your work and practice.
Artist must send professional quality JPG images for the purpose of further dissemination.
Submit Microsoft Windows compatible files only.
Submit jpg files only.
Submit files at a resolution no larger than 150 dpi.
Submit files of a maximum of 1024 x 768 pixels (height must not exceed 768 pixels).
Submit files of 5MB maximum.
Links to websites and FB Pages are encourage as we intend to substantially promote your work.
Acknowledgement of release of photos (see below)

Photography and Permissions
Accepted artists agree to allow the To-kĕn Digital Gallery to use the accepted entry images for educational and publicity purposes. Images of accepted entries will be retained for the To-kĕn Digital Gallery archives and may be reproduced and posted on its website and in printed materials.

It is understood that works in the exhibition may be used for telecast, and reproduced for press and publicity purposes including but not limited to reproduction in newspapers, periodicals, magazines, in television programs and on the internet in connection with the exhibition and the To-kĕn Digital Gallery. All efforts will be made to provide information on the maker (photographer where necessary) and the artist’s preferred social media/website.

Graduate Certificate Program is a course of study, which offers participants a framework to refine their studio practice skills, develops the entrepreneurial knowledge to integrate their work into our society and culture and to ground this with deep self-awareness. See more at

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