Saturday, 9 January 2016

Profit Margin Curated by Derek Reeverts

January 9-29 @ Charlie Cummings Gallery

Profit Margin, curated by Derek Reeverts is now online. This exhibition features ceramic sculpture and vessels, printmaking, and poetry by national artists.
Curator's Statement
Profit Margin explores modern incarnations of class warfare. Tension between socioeconomic classes exists in a variety of forms because Fox News is wrong; class structure is not a singular identity. It is something that exists in varying degrees depending on each individual's makeup -their region, gender, culture, education, etc. There is no singular, universal group who has sole access to the means of production, a Marxist term referring to society's resources and production facilities. In today's world there are multiple means of production -from physical factories to Wall Street, Academia, and Big Oil -and thus "those who have access" are as varied in appearance, though not in number, as those who do not.
The artists represented in Profit Margin hail from a variety of geographies, socio-economic backgrounds, genders, and cultures. Their pieces explore people and places marginalized by modern class warfare. They work in mediums as diverse as ceramics, printmaking, and poetry. The array of medium allows the viewer many avenues to approach the complex processes of class. Whether the piece references the figure, utilizes color and texture, or uses the familiarity of the human voice to express experience, the pieces in Profit Margin allow the viewer a layered perspective into this otherwise cloudy machination.

Participating Artists
Blair Clemo, Tommy Frank, Edith Garcia, Clayton Keyes, Benjamin Lambert, Sara Morales-Morgan, Kyungmin Park, Kyle and Kelly Phelps, Gregory Pickett, Alan Pocaro, Derek Reeverts, and Austin Wieland

Listen to Gregory Pickett's poem Class Warfare here.
View the rest of Profit Margin here

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