Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Upcoming workshop: Ceramic Boundaries Opened

Mt. Vernon, Illinois
October 23–25, 2015

Here are some of the creative skills that will be covered at this conference:
  • Shift gears to get out of a creative rut
  • Simplify your approach and get to the essence of your work
  • Tap into tradition for what resonates with your passion
  • Get specific about what you need and what you don’t
  • Bring it all together for something that is truly your own

Full details and registration here.

Monday, 29 June 2015

monday morning eye candy: Mickey Walsh and Ayumi Horie

Today's eye candy is a collaboration between two amazing artists: Mickey Walsh and Ayumi Horie.
I was too slow sadly this morning to get my hands on one during Ayumi's online sale. But we can at least enjoy them in pictures.

I love seeing great collaborations come together! Do you have any suggestions of artists who you've seen make great work together?


Friday, 26 June 2015

NAKED CRAFT Symposium Tomorrow!


"Craft is significant to Canadian culture; historically, socially, culturally and economically having the ability to unify and connect diverse cultures, ethnicities and ways of life. Many people define craft differently and consequently the term has a wide range of meanings and values within contemporary society. We all have a connection to craft in some way, through the products we consume, through the cultural traditions passed down from generation to generation or through the items and objects we encounter on a daily basis.  What draws people to contemporary craft is authenticity, originality, creativity and the tangible experience of an object that creates meaning and value beyond its’ physical form.

The Naked Craft Network is an international research project that brings together the best of contemporary Canadian and Scottish craft.

Naked Craft is designed to be playful in how it engages a public audience; at a time in popular culture when the words “handcrafted” and “artisanal” are the “it” words of marketing houses, attention must be redirected back to craft itself. Craft is a sexy word, and Naked Craft intends to show the viewer just how sexy craft itself can be. Naked Craft examines craft practice through the four main themes: New Positions; Down and Dirty: politics and materials; DIY; and Tooling up: new technologies and economies.

Naked Craft looks to contribute towards a better understanding of continuity and change within the discipline. It is evident that despite the cultural diversity and obstacles that influence craft making in Canada, in Scotland, and around the world, there are many similarities and shared values that influence the craft sector. In Canada we’re putting forth a concerted effort toward public outreach and new ways of presenting craft to audiences as diverse as the communities of craft makers whom we support. With an increase in the awareness of contemporary craft and an understanding of its value, comes the potential of increased sales, consumption, recognition and promotion for both makers and their objects. As such, both the individuals creating craft as well as those consuming it are rewarded with culturally enriching experiences, which support the local economy and encourage a focus on high-quality craft objects that are lasting and well made. 

Naked Craft has spanned almost four years of research in two countries and includes two workshop/residencies, three symposiums, a touring exhibition and a publication. 
The NCN is interested in broadly developing a better understanding of the relationships between the identities that are inherently attributed to geopolitical regions of practice, and the reciprocal role that the material production of craft plays in building, maintaining and disseminating these identities in a global arena of commerce and culture in the future. " - via Naked Craft Website


The Naked Craft Symposium brings together makers, researches, and the general public to discuss the themes explored throughout the Naked Craft project, and to look forward at the future for craft.

 The symposium will take place at the Art Gallery of Burlington on Saturday June 27, 2015.

Member Registration: Symposium & Lunch $75.00 (Art Gallery of Burlington and Craft Ontario members)
Regular Registration: Symposium & Lunch $85.00
Student Registration: Symposium & Lunch $45.00

Registration online: https://www.eventbrite.ca/e/naked-craft-symposium-tickets-16144778467
Registration by phone: Heather at 905-632-7796 ext 307
Information: Denis at 905-632-7796 ext 303

Find the full schedule here

Thursday, 25 June 2015

guest post: The Great Korean Expedition 2015 by Chris Snedden

Back in February when I was in Toronto for a Fusions Workshop I had the great pleasure of meeting Chris Snedden. Great sense of humor and super generous! When I heard about this trip to Korea I quickly asked if we could share some of the experience with the musing readers. Thankfully he agreed! Make sure to take a minute to check out his website and amazing art work. He also gives workshops on his techniques.  - Carole

"On May 26th 13 potters mostly from Ontario, took the thirteen hour flight to South Korea to participate in the Icheon Ceramics Festival and to see the sights. Icheon city is a mecca for clay and literally there are pots everywhere. Scenes like this are common in the city but beyond that there are vase sculptures on top of hotels and restaurants, on lampposts, in signage, rows of planted pots on walls, etc. The entire city celebrates clay as a local industry like I've never seen before.

 Over there we met and worked with the Five Master Potters from THAT video.... you know... the one that has gone viral on YouTube. (just in case you haven't seen it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6T7WOECCCRY ) Our tour organizer Unha Hill from Hamilton, Ontario, did a great job being mother hen and organizing the trip!

The festival over there is amazing!  Not only is it enormous in scale!
Here are some shots of the Masters work in their own showrooms:

One of the masters won a $30,000 prize for this big bowl in a national competition. In order to claim it he had to reproduce the piece under supervison. It took him a month.

We had a chance to work with the masters and try out their techniques, and boy! I thought I knew something about clay but I quickly discovered how much I don't know! They were very kind of course and we all left feeling enriched by their lessons. 
There is not enough space here to describe all that we saw and did over the two weeks we were hosted by the five masters, but suffice it to say that it was an experience of a lifetime. Not only did we see the most amazing clay work, not only did we experience South Korean culture and cuisine, we also made some fine friends. In two years, when the International Biennial of Ceramics is on again. I am sure Unha will be organizing another trip! Thank you Carole Epp for allowing me to share some of what happened on this international cultural exchange. " - Chris Snedden

Chris Snedden
 Read more about Chris and his work here: clayguy4u.wordpress.com

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

job posting: Gallery and Exhibitions Manager @ The Archie Bray

Summary of Position:
The Gallery and Exhibitions Manager provides leadership for the gallery and exhibitions program by working to meet its financial goals and encouraging growth; overseeing the management of the Bray’s Sales Gallery, Historic Pottery Gallery, Warehouse Gallery and Online Gallery; organizing seven on-site and three off-site exhibitions including NCECA; managing the inventory and sales for the Mother’s Day Pots and Plants Sale and the Holiday Sale; and manages the annual Bray Benefit Auction. In addition, this position oversees the cataloguing, storage and display of the Bray’s permanent collection. The Gallery and Exhibitions Manager oversees staff and volunteers and reports to the Director of Operations.

To Apply:
Please email a cover letter, résumé/cv and 3 references to Brad Robinson by July 20, 2015. Position open until filled. (click here to get email address)
Click here to download a full description of the Gallery and Exhibitions Manager position.

technical tuesday: Electric Kiln - A guide to Clays, Glazes and Electric Kilns

Richard Zakin and Frederick Bartolovic have come out with another must-have resource for the studio. Electric Kiln: A guide to Clays, Glazes, and Electric Kilns (fourth edition) is a throughout and visually stunning book for emerging through to advanced artists working in electric firing. Learn how to push boundaries and over come challenges in the studio with this new publication.  It's also filled with tons of eye candy from many of today's best contemporary makers.

Grab yourself a copy online, or better yet support your local supplier or bookstore.

call for entry: Northeast Ceramic Sculpture Exhibition 2015

All Northeast-based artists (including students studying in the Northeast or from the Northeast) are invited to submit ceramic sculpture (and mixed media which is primarily ceramic) to the Northeast Ceramic Sculpture Exhibition between June 15th and September 15th, 2015. Works will be selected by juror and ceramic artist, Tim Rowan, and an Opening Reception will be held on November 7th, 2015.

Application fee: $35 for 3 images. You may submit 3 images of 3 separate works, or you can use your extra spaces for detail images of one work. If you would like to submit more than 3 images you may apply more than once.

(or shipping) and insuring artworks in transit are the sole responsibility of the artist. Adequate packaging and return postage are required for any shipped works.

Size limitation:
No longer than 36 inches in any dimension. Work meant to hang on a wall must be ready to hang.

Sponsored Awards
will be presented at the Opening Reception on November 7th.
A 25% sales commission will go to Art Centro for the sale of any work. 

Submission Deadline: 09/15/2015
Notification of acceptance: 10/07/2015
Delivery of Work: 11/02 through 11/04 2015
Exhibit Dates: 11/07 through 12/05/2015
Opening Reception: 11/7/2015 6:00-8:00 pm
Pick up Work: 12/07 through 12/12/2015
Return of Work by Shipping: 12/12/2015

Art Centro is a community art center in Poughkeepsie, New York, featuring gallery space, classroom/meeting space, 11 private art studios and a ceramics studio. Art Centro offers ceramics, painting, and drawing classes among many other workshops and events.

Contact us through our website or call 845-454-4525 for any questions.

Apply online here.

Portrait and master classes with Marc Leuthold and Martin McWilliam (July 30.-31.2015)

The Ceramic Fair is not only a showcase of the best in the ceramic community but also provides the opportunity to rap on the knuckles with the best in the field as they create their pieces of work. Every year the Werkschule invites two outstanding ceramic artists to host a one-day “Ceramic Portrait”-Workshop. During this workshop the artists reveal and demonstrate how and why  they go about creating their art. Collegues from the international scene get involved in this extraordinary event the day before the fair. Thus, it is of no surprise that, within the creative setting of the Werkschule, - this workshop is a lot of fun  – proven by the keen interest of participants and artists.      

Find all the details here

Monday, 22 June 2015

monday morning eye candy: Shane Weaver

The work below titled "Mushroom Kingdom" is installed at Harbourfront Centre in Toronto where Shane is in the middle of a long term residency. It's up until the end of September so check it out if your in the area. This piece was funded by the Ontario Arts Council.
"Mushroom Kingdom" slipcast earthenware, 384 hand painted tiles glaze fired to cone 04, 12'x8', 2015


Friday, 19 June 2015

australia update....

Well i guess i can't delay the sad news anymore, even though i'd like to believe this isn't actually happening....

I'm deeply disappointed and sorry to announce that I've had to cancel my workshops in Australia at the Canberra Potters' Society and Slow Clay. Sadly I will also be missing the Stepping Up: 14th Australian Ceramics Triennale 2015 coming up in a few weeks.

I'm okay, but due to illness I'm no longer able to travel overseas until I undergo surgery. Basically since ending up in the ER last friday I no longer have any medical insurance to cover my trip. Pre-existing condition now, blah blah blah...And with the potential of needing emergency surgery while out of country I just can't risk the financial bankruptcy that such a situation would cause. I also can't put my health in jeopardy. My family and our health is priority. 

I'm heartbroken to not be returning to Australia. It's been too long and I miss my friends and the ceramics community over there terribly. I had been looking forward to meeting up with many new friends as well, and the opportunity to present at the Australian Triennale, and the two workshops alongside Benjamin Carter were going to be such wonderful professional learning experiences for me.

I'm grateful to everyone that supported this trip and helped to organize things over the last year. To all the participants who had signed up for the workshops I'm deeply sorry to not be able to be there. Ben Carter will be going ahead with the workshops solo and to be honest he's so talented and generous, with insight into so many of the amazing artists that play a part of our community, that I would have likely just gotten in the way. Now you have the wonderful opportunity to hear and work with Ben without me interrupting with my crazy cat lady stories : )

And well the slight silver lining on all of this? I stupidly didn't get cancellation insurance for my flight, so once all of this health silliness gets sorted I'll still have a ticket back to Australia waiting for me.

Everything for a reason right?


Thursday, 18 June 2015

Workshop with Marney McDiarmid @ St. Lawrence College in Ontario

Soft Slabs & Surface Decoration ARTS180

During this 4 day course you will explore a plethora of surface decoration techniques while learning to build bowls and vases with soft slabs. Techniques include using stencils, making plaster texture tiles, designing stamps and stencils, using shellac and wax resist,and decorating with underglazes.
Instructor: M. McDiarmid
Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu July 13 - July 16,
9:00AM-4:00PM, $281.24

Tags On Cups, Function at the Fringe- July 1-8, 2015

Ceramic tradition meets street art ¾ Graffiti meets pottery

“Tags on Cups”, is the brainchild of Francis Pratt, Bernadette Pratt and Carol Ann Apilado. The trio (painter, potter, and designer), collaborate to curate a first-of-a-kind show, featuring over 40 graffiti artist from the Toronto area.

Over a period of 3 month, small groups of artists met around the kitchen table with a simple mandate: to carve, sgrafitto or paint on thrown porcelain cups. In working with a new medium they faced the unique challenge of being limited to one colour, and being forced into an intimate space for their designs.

Over one hundred cups appear in this extraordinary collection. Some pieces have the urgency of graffiti bombing, using the “wildstyle” of interwoven letters or line drawings that convey a sense of immediacy. Some are explorations in clay with intricate relief imagery. Still others represent loose painterly renditions of portraiture that recall 19th century Delft ceramics. Another set of pieces renders the more immediate nature of street art.

This is a unique opportunity to see an incredible range of tags from many of your favorite graffiti artists on a functional ceramic format. On display for one week only at the Black Cat Art Space, 2186 Dundas St. West, Toronto.

Integrated Arts Exhibition – Free admission

Date: Opening Reception on July 2, 2015|Exhibition runs July 1-8
Time: Opening Reception 6-9 pm| The Gallery is open for visitors 12-7pm.
Place: The Black Cat Art Space, 2186 Dundas St. West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

The Following Artists will be present through their artwork:

About The Black Cat Art Space
A new and small storefront gallery near Dundas and Roncesvalles, started by photographer Andrew Williamson Toronto, Canada. The Black Cat Art Space has hosted over 65 different exhibitions and holds artwork form more than 23 artists. An open space for new expressions, The Black Cat asks for new exhibition ideas from local artists and the general public.
For more information on The Black Cat Gallery please contact:

Media Contacts:
Bernadette Pratt,  Curator, 519-266-9641, mbernadettepratt@gmail.com
Carol Ann Apilado, Curator, 647 284 2404,  carol.ann.apilado@gmail.com

call for entries: Craft NSW 2015 Emerging Artist Craft Award

The Society of Arts and Crafts of NSW invites emerging craftspeople in any craft discipline to submit entries for the Craft NSW 2015 Emerging Artist Craft Award.
Emerging craftspeople working in any area of craft may submit up to two entries for consideration within a competitive selection process. Only one entry will be included in the Award Exhibition. Entry is free.
For the purpose of this Award, an emerging artist is defined as someone who has practised their craft for 5 years or less.
The Award is limited to NSW residents only.
There will be 4 awards:
Major Award: $2000 and an invitation to exhibit work at Craft NSW for six months.
Minor Award: $1000 and an invitation to exhibit work at Craft NSW for six months.
Two Encouragement Awards: $500 each.
Important dates in 2015
June 30 – closing date for submission of entries
Aug 3 – announcement of short-listed artists
Sept 10 – delivery of work for exhibition
Sept 22 – exhibition opening and Award announcement
Entry forms and further information, including terms and conditions, are available from: www.artsandcraftsnsw.com.au/award
Craft NSW, 104 George St, The Rocks, Sydney
T: 02 9241 5825
E: gallery@artsandcraftsnsw.com.au
Open 7 days, 9.30am to 5.30pm

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

movie day: Gustavo Pérez

Gustavo Pérez from MPBA editorial on Vimeo.

upcoming workshops at MISSA

Mariko Paterson -

SHAKE & BAKE: Handbuilding Meets Surface Design

Monday to Friday, June 29 to July 3
Come spend a week making some hand-built wonders with Mariko Paterson. You’ll explore both functional wares and sculptural wares. Why, you might even merge the two if you so choose! Mid-week we’ll flip to a focus on surface design using a plethora of techniques and possibilities. Cone 6 will be our target temperature and Mariko’s got just the right combo of underglazes, glazes, decals and china paints to make your pieces sing. A sense of humour and willingness to tip toe to the edge of ceramic sanity will be most welcome.


Don Ellis


Don Ellis will lead five intensive days of alternative firing sessions where participants learn to take their pots to the next level. Over 34 years of firing experience have enabled Don to achieve a magic touch with raku that is beyond the ordinary. Don will demonstrate a variety of surface decorations and will share firing and post-firing techniques for getting spectacular results. Students will enjoy a fiery week of demonstrations, glazing, and of course … firing! The focus of the sessions will be on copper mats, post-firing fuming and more.


Sandra Dolph


This workshop is devoted to exploring slabs as 2-dimensional wall pieces as well as 3-dimensional pots. Participants will take lunch to the beach and walk in the forest to find nature-based decorative elements, and then bring them back to the studio to explore how they can be incorporated into organically made 3D slab pots. As well, students will investigate how to design and execute 2D land/seascape wall tiles, using those found natural elements from the beach and forest, integrating them into colorful, textural wall pieces. All recipes used will be made available.

For a full list of workshops that MISSA offers please visit: http://www.missa.ca/product-category/clay-workshops/

In 1984 a group of dedicated artists formed and incorporated the Metchosin International Summer School of the Arts (MISSA). That year, five two-week courses were offered. Over the years we have expanded our course selection. The school has developed an excellent reputation for bringing in acclaimed practicing artists and our workshops have expanded from five courses and 53 participants the first summer to over 40 workshops with more than 400 students each year from around North America and as far away as Israel, Brazil and Mexico.

Tuesday, 16 June 2015

job posting: Ceramics Artist-in-Residence at Gallery One Visual Arts Center

Position Description:
Gallery One, located in historic Ellensburg, Washington seeks a self-motivated artist who is passionate about making and teaching ceramics to a variety of skill levels. This position would maintain the ceramic studio, teach to kids and adults, and be responsible for outreach of our program. IN EXCHANGE, the resident will receive hourly compensation for teaching and technician work (average 14 hrs/wk combined), a $500 credit for materials and firing fees, space in the public studio and access to a small, but passionate artist community. This position will be offered from August 2015 – June 2016 with an option to join our team earlier.

TO APPLY: Submit a cover letter, resume, 3 references and a portfolio of up to 10 images (website link accepted) to director@gallery-one.org. Applications will be reviewed beginning June 15. Open until filled.

About Gallery One:
Located in the historic Stewart building in beautiful downtown Ellensburg, Gallery One Visual Arts Center is the focal point for artists, art patrons, students, community members, and tourists to interact with the visual arts in Central Washington State.
Gallery One Visual Arts Center is dedicated to the creation, exhibition and appreciation of visual arts in Central Washington. To that end, the facilities, board of directors, and staff of Gallery One provide:
– High-quality, innovative, and diverse visual arts exhibits
– Educational programs for the appreciation and skills of the arts
– Studios for a diverse group of resident artists
– Networking opportunities with business organizations and educational institutions in support of the arts
– A meeting place to foster community cohesion and arts appreciation
In addition to rotating exhibits of contemporary art, Gallery One offers a variety of quarterly classes, an art after school program for kids, a gift store featuring regional artisans, a full ceramics studio available for classes or private rentals, inexpensive studio spaces for artists and facility rentals for the community.

About the studio:
The ceramics resident’s studio will be placed in the public ceramics studio at Gallery One. The studio has three electric kilns, cone 6 glazes, 10 electric wheels, a spray booth, one kick wheel, an extruder and a slab roller. The resident will have 24 hour access to the public studio.

About Ellensburg:
Located in the rural heart of Washington State, Ellensburg, despite its size (pop. 18,000) has a supportive and growing arts community. One of its many benefits to artists is the proximity to Central Washington University which has a growing art department with a dynamic ceramics program providing access to, faculty and students and guest artists. There are many galleries in the town that participate in the busy First Friday ArtWalk every month. For nature lovers, it is surrounded by hiking, camping and fishing opportunities. For city lovers, we are 90 minutes from Seattle.

Position details:
This position reports to the Executive Director but is expected to work with front desk, CSA coordinator and other instructors. This position comes with many opportunities for income that vary in hours, demand and compensation.
Qualifications of this position include;
– an above average knowledge of ceramics processes, equipment
– some teaching or teaching assistance experience with youth and adults preferred
– this position must be a team player with good communication skills
– a required background check (WATCH report)

Technical Duties
Provide kiln firing instructions to selected technicians and assistants.
Coordinate firing schedule with studio artists, instructors and staff.
Maintain a clean and well organized working environment.
Keep accurate inventory of clay/ glasses/ equipment.
Mix glazes and make clay as needed.
Assist in keeping users informed of policies and costs.
Provide rules and health and safety instructor to all students and assistants.
Assist in the Soup Line benefit.
Pay: $11/ hr with a maximum 8 hours/ wk for 40 weeks or not to exceed 400 hours/yr

Instructor Duties
Assist or teach special classes for youth through CSA program under the instruction of the CSA Coordinator.
Pay: $11.50/ hr with a maximum 3 hours/ wk per class.

Clay Party/ Private Instruction
Clay parties are generally 2 hr hands on events with youth or adults that include art instruction, firing and materials fees. Parties average 10 in size. customer.
Pay: $33/hr

Adult Instruction
Develop interesting and challenging studio classes for multiple levels.
Pay: varies

Past visiting artists include: Julia Galloway, Saya Moriyasu and Timea Tihanyi


call for entry: 2015 Zanesville Prize for Contemporary Ceramics

Christine Golden

Download the 2015 Zanesville Prize for Contemporary Ceramics Call for Entries.

Enter your artwork at callforentry.org.

 Deadline for receipt of entries:   July 17


call for entry: The 9th Cheongju International Craft Competition

The Future of Craft
A competition in tune with world craft and design
From 79 countries and around 10,000 craftsmen, Artists and designers have applied for Cheongju International Craft Competition since 1999.

Throughout the theme, "Hands+: Coexistence & Expansion", the 9Th Cheongju International Craft Competition would be a platform which enlarges the concept of contemporary craft with fresh interpretations and challenging works.

First Deadline is  July 5th, 2015

Find all the details and download the entry forms here.

Monday, 15 June 2015

Sunday, 14 June 2015


THEME: Teapots

DEADLINE: September 1st, 2015
LOCATION: Three Wheel Studio, 436 Wickenden St, Providence, RI 02903

EVENT DATES: October 15th, 2015 through November 15th, 2015
OPENING RECEPTION: October 15, 2015

Teapots: Annual Three Wheel Studio Ceramic Show will be on exhibition at Three Wheel Studio from October 15th – November 15th, 2015.
The Annual Three Wheel Studio Ceramic Show is a themed, juried competition and curated exhibition featuring sculptural and functional works that incorporate clay as the primary material. Participation in the show is by invitation, as well as artists' response to an open call for submission. The initial curatorial phase will be accomplished through review of works, with artist submission of work samples by September 1st, 2015. Interested artists must submit up to three images that best represent their work. The competition component of the exhibition will be juried by Michael McCarthy,a studio potter living and working in Western Massachusetts. 

The winner of the Annual Three Wheel Studio Ceramic Studio will receive $500 and the two runners-up will receive$150.


emerging artist: Suzanne Lussier

Tuesday, 9 June 2015

call for entry: Charlie Cummings Gallery - Cup: The Intimate Object XI

This fall, the Charlie Cummings Gallery will be hosting Cup: The Intimate Object XI, the eleventh installment of our iconic annual cup show. This year the exhibition is once again an invitational with a portion of the show curated from artist submissions.  We are pleased to invite artists to submit cups for consideration for this exhibition celebrating the most intimate and beloved of functional ceramic objects. To submit your cups for consideration for this exhibition, please email the following to submissions@claylink.com  by Noon, July 10th, 2015:

1. Five medium resolution images of the 5 actual cups you would like to send for the exhibition. Named using the following format- LastnameFirstname_01.jpg, LastnameFirstname_02.jpg... Please note capitalization. No detail shots please. No substitutions will be accepted.
2. Your resume or CV in PDF format.

In the body of the email include:

3. Your full contact information including email, telephone, and website address.
4. A guide to the images you submit with title, type of clay, type of firing, forming process, and retail price. Please identify the entries using the naming format listed above.

There is no fee associated with this call for submissions. Please read carefully, incomplete or incorrect submissions will not be considered.

Exhibition calendar and details:

July 10 - Submission deadline
July 17-24 -Notifications sent
July 31 -Cups Shipping Deadline
July 31-Aug 14 -Ship cups to arrive between these dates. No late cups will be accepted.
Oct 2 -Reception at Charlie Cummings Gallery, times TBA.
Oct 3 -Exhibition opens online
Oct 23 -Exhibition closes
February 2016 Unsold cups returned

Artist pays shipping and insurance for shipment to and from the gallery.
Gallery insures cups while on the premises.
CCG takes a 50% commission on all sales.

Send questions to charlie@claylink.com, or call 352-359-2015.
View previous exhibitions online at www.CharlieCummingsGallery.com
Share this link: http://claylink.com/CupTheIntimateObjectXICall.pdf

technical tuesday: Making a Crackly Surface for Obvara Firing | MARCIA SELSOR

Sunday, 7 June 2015

Goyer Bonneau“45 Years - Encore 2” @ Jonathon Bancroft Snell Gallery

June 5th thru July 4th

Husband and wife team Alain Bonneau RCA and Denise Goyer RCA have been creating classically modern designs in their Quebec studio since the 1970’s. Their personal mandate has been to provide the public with modern functional ware at affordable prices. Their modernist slip cast porcelain has been featured worldwide. The local, national and international clientele the gallery attracts made London, first choice to host this retrospective showcasing examples of their work going back almost five decades. Brian Cooke, curator, has assembled an impressive exhibition that includes many rare and historical examples of their work. Included in the exhibition are prototypes never seen before by the public. A special attraction is ‘La Théière’ Designed in 1976 eleven examples have been selected including the first and the last, a gold glazed example created to mark the twentieth anniversary of their studio.

In 2007 London hosted for the first time outside of Quebec, and the first time in a private gallery, a major Goyer-Bonneau exhibition. Now in 2015 “45 Years – Encore 2” will expand upon that exhibition by including numerous examples from their archival collection many of which are being offered for sale for the first time. In addition Brian has put together some early hand thrown works that predate the Goyer-Bonneau partnership.

This is a truly historic exhibition by two of Canada’s top artists.

call for artists: Tool juried by Martina Lantin



Apply today for Medalta's International Art Exhibition

Application Deadline: June 20, 2015

Calling all artists - we're accepting applications for our third annual international exhibition. First you mugged us (and we LOVED it), then we spooned (or should we say ... 'swooned'? Never mind, I'll show myself out ...). This year, let's talk about your tool ... wait, let us finish!

Each year we focus on a new theme and this year we're looking at process. You know what that means? That we're providing the venue to talk Shop with brilliant creative minds from around the world! We want to hear about the process behind your beautiful work. What tools do you use that are central to your process? Are you an improvisationalist or are you more of a purist? Maybe you have a little something that aids in firing ... we don't know but whatever it is, we would love to hear from you.

Our 2015 exhibition is titled 'Tool'. We want to see photos of any tool that's central to your process and the work you make with it. It's a fascinating opportunity to connect to so many other artists and share ideas through an exhibition. Time's running out so get your application in today!

Apply online and share your process with the world through Medalta's International Art Exhibition!

For full details on application, an introduction to our Juror, or pretty much anything else, please visit our WEBSITE or email our Curator, Jenna Stanton at jenna@medalta.org.

Here's a bit more about this year's Juror Martina Lantin:

Medalta is excited to welcome Martina Lantin into the Alberta Ceramics neighborhood and put her through the paces as juror for our third annual international exhibition, TOOL.

I am honored to be the juror of Medalta's annual International exhibition.  This year’s theme is "TOOL". Medalta invites makers to submit a photo with your favourite tool or tools and a description of how this tool is an integral part of your process… and of course you will also show off what you can create with these great tools of our trade so submissions will also include up to 5 pieces of your work.” (DEADLINE JUNE 20th Online Submissions and info @ www.medalta.org/tool )

This past year Martina joined the faculty of the Alberta College of Art + Design in Calgary.   She says of this move: “I am excited for the opportunity to return to Canada and work within a strong Ceramics BFA program and also be a part of the school's growing interdisciplinary MFA in Craft program.”
This new MFA in Craft Media, which is currently accepting applications for their launch in September 2015, establishes ACAD as a unique international centre of excellence for graduate studies in ceramics, glass, fibre, metals and jewelry. The college is committed to a solid studio-based experience for students with rigorous studio programs led by faculty who are committed to teaching & leading by example through their individual professional practices. Lantin is no exception.  In her first year as the new full time permanent faculty in ceramics, Martina has exemplified the dedication, hard work and diverse skill set that it takes to be a professional artist both in and outside the classroom. 

With a studio space alongside students Lantin mounted the solo exhibition 'Iterative Imitation' in Calgary this spring and created work for the upcoming 'Maverick Pottery Invitational' curated by Eva Lys Champagne at the Maverick Potter in Salida, Colorado.

The May 2015 issue of Ceramics Monthly includes Lantin’s work from the 'Maverick Pottery Invitational'  as well as a feature reflecting on her transition to earthenware from wood firing in the magazine’s Spotlight' section.  

This summer Martina will co-lead a residency: “Create and Collaborate” at the Watershed Center for the Ceramic Arts in Maine.  Joshua Paul Hebbert, Lantin and other invited artists will explore collaboration and individual work in the studio with a focus on how objects are translated between the hands and minds of a group of makers. 

To see more images from Martina’s exhibitions and adventures head to her website at mlceramics.com

Image Caption:
'Iterative Imitation' included a large scale embroidered teacup model made from Tyvek, wallpaper based on the Blue Onion pattern, and a sequence of pinched cups reflecting the Hutschenreuther prototype.