Wednesday, 8 January 2014

call for entry: Edible Provisions

February 13 – February 24, 2014
Opening reception February 12 @ 530 – 7PM
NSCAD Port  Loggia

Bridget Fairbank is a Nova Scotian food activist concerned about food, aren’t you? Edible Provisions is a collection of cutting edge work from various Artists working in various mediums that address how and what we eat today. The works exemplify the complexities of our eating in an epoch where dinner is dubious. 

Curatorial Statement - Edible Provisions

It has come to my attention that there are many artists making work about food. These artists are actively questioning how we manufacture, grow, procure and eat every day. There is a rich history to mine when it comes to food relations sensual, domestic and industrial. I propose a call to students and alumni who make such food oriented work for a group exhibition: Edible Provisions. This past year I have seen ceramic sculpture meat cuts hanging from rafters, portraits of people’s fridges, pottery for the seasonal splendor and prints of farm machinery that beckon questions of Cold War technology- all talk about our current and crucial relation to food. 

At NSCAD now Sandra Alfoldy is teaching a seminar on craft and food a marker of the relevancy of such an exhibition. Dine by Design is this week, Hungry Bowls the next, Art and Food Activism are linked as ever. We have the opportunity now to showcase such work going on at NSCAD.  Edible Provisions would bring together the many ideas, experiences and critiques of food culture into a single exhibition space complicating the food conversation in a dynamic visual manner. 

The use of the gallery space is highly dependent on the works submitted and their individual requirements and group requirements, all will be managed by me as curator/coordinator and all managed in such a way to deepen the conversation about food and the facets there in embracing and showcasing the many opinions we have in regards to food carnivores, omnivores, vegans and vegetarians, fast foodies, foodies, industrialists and small scale farmers alike. The intent of the exhibition to make us think about food.

Please note: The PortLoggia is an open space gallery that students have access to at night with out security and in no way will I or NSCAD/AnnaLeonOwnes Gallery be responsible for damage or theft, the gallery is however equipped with 24hr video surveillance.  Shipping to and from the gallery will not be subsidized.

"I am very excited about this show and know that so many of your blog readers make work while thinking about food. As an odd side project to make the show more feasible for non-Haligonians I'd be happy to accept mugs from your readers and mail them a mug of mine in exchange at no cost. That way the mug is displayed and in the show and becomes part of my collection as a trade!" - Bridget

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