Sunday, 29 September 2013

call for entry: Qantas SOYA Craft & Object Award

Related fields/disciplines

All styles welcome. Functional. Experimental. Manufactured. Handcrafted. Conceptual. Furniture. Appliances. Accessories. Objects. Ideas. Innovations.


Marc Newson

SOYA Craft & Object Design Award

The Qantas Spirit of Youth Awards offers object designers and craftspeople aged 30 and under the chance to accelerate their creative careers with a ticket to anywhere in 2013 – $5,000 in Qantas flights to see you jet away to where inspiration and opportunity dictate. You’ll also be offered a professional mentorship with iconic Australian Designer Marc Newson, and did we mention $5,000 cash?!

Deadline October 8th

emerging artist (hot mud edition): Maaike Charron

"Books Acquired January 1 to June 30 2013" 2013 photo by Amanda Larner.

"Cup 326: City of God, by Saint Augustine"

"Cup 204: The Wild Road, by Gabriel King"

Cup 76: Come, Thou Tortoise, by Jessica Grant"

"Cup 61: Lords and Ladies, by Terry Pratchett"

A Library of Teacups Artist Statement

A Library of Teacups was an exhibit of handmade ceramic teacups, shown at the Craft Council of Newfoundland and Labrador Gallery from October 13th to November 10th 2012.

Books and tea are two of my great loves in life, and they go together swimmingly. I made a one-of-a-kind teacup inspired by each book I own--just over 450. The idea was to fill the room with a towering, borderline overwhelming display of pottery. I wanted it to feel like walking into a library—books don't talk, but they have presence and personality, and they will tell you stories if you listen.

Why teacups? Because (much like books) they lend themselves to individuality, to standing as one in a herd of many. There is a cultural expectation of uniformity for household food vessels. Plates and bowls must match. Glasses must be identical to one another. Even single items like serving platters or salad bowls are often chosen for how well they complement other dishes, or even the rest of the kitchen. Students and other fledgling adults may scrape and scramble for a few years with the family hand-me-downs and a few odds and ends picked up from Value Village, but once settled away into careers and respectability—once settled in a Real Kitchen—the motley dinnerware is replaced with the standard, regimented vessels.

But mugs and teacups have largely escaped the dictates of d├ęcor. What kitchen does not have a riotous cupboard or two of chipped, mismatched and utterly beloved mugs? Who doesn't know the cracks in the bottom of their favourite coffee cup better than the lines on their face? The deeply personal and individual act of cradling a cup of tea is best carried out, it appears, with the assistance of a personal and individual teacup. And the enjoyment of a good book is best enhanced by a cup of tea.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

1st Medalta International Spoon Competition

Aaron Nelson
Maybe it was something in the air at Medalta lately, what with the 1st International Cup show opening and all. But while I was visiting earlier this month, Vipoo Srivilasa who was there for a residency drummed up the idea to put together an International Spoon Competition as well. September saw a new batch of year long residents taking over the studio as well as a number of artists from South East Asia coming over for a visit and a brief month long residency with Vipoo. The energy in the studio was inspiring. So many new artists getting settled in and starting to work and the spoon competition was the perfect thing to get the kilns firing and the creative ideas flowing. Sometimes all it takes is a little something out of the ordinary day to day of your studio practice to open up some new perspectives and ideas. Returning later in the month I saw how this friendly competition really brought the artists together (well that and all the amazing shared meals they created).

So I here by present to you the spoons in the competition. Each is a thing of beauty and interestingly speaks to each artist's larger art practice. The winner of the competition (judged by those participating) was Teo Huey Min's lovely spoon. Congrats to you!
But I'm curious...which is your favorite?

James Seet

Jason Desnoyers

Jenn Demke-Lange

Jenna Stanton

Joshua Primmer

Jun Myoung

Krisaya Luenganantakul

Laura McKibbon

Liz Burritt

Naomi Clement

Noriko Masuda

Teo Huey Min

Teo Huey Min

Thomas Cheong

Vipoo Srivilasa

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Upcoming workshops @ Pewabic

Adult Classes

2013 Visiting Artist Series

Form, Function and Fantasy | $125.00

Day 1: October 26th, 10:00AM - 1:00PM
Day 2: October 27th, 12:00PM - 3:00PM 
Melissa Mytty2007 Graduate of Cranbrook Academy of Art and her work is featured in an upcoming issue of Ceramics Monthly
This weekend intensive workshop will focus on the vessel as an object.  We will be exploring form, function, and surface, focusing primarily on coils, pinching, and slab building as construction methods.  Saturday we will build several forms whether they are vases, bowls, cups etc; they may be functional or non-functional.
Sunday we will add surfaces and embellishments and talk about each vessel's silhouette and how that plays into each objects attitude.  Does your vessel need a bouquet of porcelain flowers nesting inside of it?  Would your cup be better painted in plaid or polka dots?  Should the foot of your pot have the appeal of a stiletto or the comfort of a running shoe?  All of these elements will be discussed and every technique can be tailored to each participants specific interests.

Plaster Prototyping for Perfect Forms | $ 125.00

Day 1: November 9th, 10:00AM – 1:00PM
Day 2: November 10th, Noon – 3:00PM
Jamie Hickey, Pewabic Artist and Assistant Vessel Maker
The focus of this workshop will be creating prototypes from plaster for press molding and slip casting after the workshop. Students will learn to create templates to use in the sledging technique of forming plaster in its soft stages. Other techniques will be reviewed and include finishing techniques to prep the prototype for mold making, plaster repair, and altering plaster after it has cured.  Pulling a mold from a plaster prototype will be demonstrated.  Participants will create one small prototype to use for mold making in their own studios.

Hands On With Emily Schroeder | $175.00 

Day 1:  Nov. 16th, 10:00AM – 5:00PM  | 1 hour break for lunch (student responsibility)
Day 2: November 17th, 12:00PM – 3:00PM
Emily M. SchroederPresenter at the 2013 Utilitarian Clay conference at Arrowmont and Chicago Studio Artist

Many people shy away from learning how to make pinch pots, often equating it with elementary processes that lack elegance and delicacy.  In this two-day workshop, we will challenge this thinking. By using only her hands and a few basic tools, Emily will show several different ways to create elegant pinched and coiled forms such as pitchers, cups, open vessels and vases.  We will discuss tapering forms and how to create volume by simply manipulating the clay during the building process.  Additionally, she will demonstrate how she creates and uses bisque and greenware molds to help support and shape complex bases. The workshop will be divided up into 3-hour demo in the morning and three hours of hands on time in the afternoon. This workshop is for all skill levels; no previous ceramic experience is required.      
Class sizes are limited, sign up today!  You can register by calling (313) 626-2000 to reach Customer Service, in person at our Museum Store (Mon-Sat 10am-6pm or Sun 12-4pm) or click here to Register Online. We accept Visa, Mastercard, cash or personal check.  Please note: There will be no refunds given after the first class.  Classes are education-based, therefore no commission work is allowed.

Tuesday, 24 September 2013

The 4th Ceramics Annual of America: Exhibition and Art Fair at Civic Center, San Francisco, California

Carol Wedemeyer - Rocher Waves (installation)

October 19-20 2013 9:00am-7:00pm
Contact: Nancy Resler
Telephone: (415) 558-1688
Witness A Unique Experience: Ceramic Sculpture from Around the World
The Ceramics Annual of America (CAA) is an ambitious exhibition and art fair spotlighting the quality and diversity of contemporary ceramics from around the world including works from China, Korea, Mexico, Australia and Italy. It is the only event of its kind in the United States and the goal is to encourage the education and enrichment of the public, cultivate a fertile art market, and foster dialog between collectors and makers of ceramic sculpture.
Part of California’s continuing legacy of excellence and innovation in ceramics, CAA is the largest exhibition and art fair that is entirely focused on ceramic art in America and is modeled after the Ceramic Biennials held in Europe, Korea, Japan and China. It provides a venue for the top regional and international artists from working in the clay medium to show their work to a broader audience of collectors.
CAA is organized by the California Ceramics Cooperative, a group of invested regional ceramic artists, and will feature panel discussions, lectures, tours as well as daily interactive art demonstrations all day that will provide a greater understanding of the artistic process for students and educators alike.  Artist demos will feature Donna Billick, Rene Martucci, Amber Augirre, Yosuke Koizumi, Tony Perry, Susannah Israel, John Toki and Bar Shacterman
This year, the city of San Francisco is partnering with CAA. The exhibition will be held at the San Francisco Civic Center. CAA expects high attendance with over 25,000 vistiors. This is an exciting time for  CAA, the Civic Center has not been used as an art venue since 1986. From 1946 until the last years of the Arts Festivals in the mid-1980s, the Arts Commission used budgeted monies from the City’s general fund to purchase jury-selected work by contributing local artists. As a result, the Civic Art Collection contains a number of early works by influential artists, including Robert Arneson, Bruce Beasley and Viola Frey. In 1978 an exhibit of Arts Festival acquisitions was held at the Arts Commission’s gallery, followed in 1986 by a second showing in the lobby of the TransAmerica Building, after which many of the objects were incorporated into the Arts Commission’s interdepartmental loan program for display in City offices. For many of the artworks included in The Art of a City, this is the first time they have been publicly exhibited in over twenty years.
Last years event was a huge success with over 10,000 people in attendance. The museum quality exhibition included educational lectures by curators such as Peter Selz and Phil Linhares and renowned artists such as Jim Melchert. “The size and scale of such an exhibition and the education opportunities, all under one roof, were extraordinary.”—Art Historian, Peter Selz.
Featured artists…
Amber Aguirre (Hawaii), Junghee Nicole Sohn (Korea) Hollie Dilley (California), Mikey McGhee (Alaska),  Calvin Ma, (California), Geordie Shephard (Canada), Susannah Israel (California), Steven Allen (California), Jennifer Brazelton (California), Lisa Clague (North Carolina), Natasha Dikareva (California), Jeffrey Downing (California), Katherine Dube (Idaho),  Cathy Feiss (California), Carol Fergoso (California), Damien Jones (California), Carmen Lang (California), Eusebio Lozano (California), Rene Martucci (California), Kathryn McBride (California), Paula Moran (California), Kathy Pallie (California), Lisa Rienertson (California), Gail Ritchie (California), Bar Shacterman (California), Tiffany Schmierer (California), Barbara Sebastian (California), Leslie Smith (California),  Glenn Takai (California), Yoshio Taylor (California), Derik Van Beers (California), Cindy Williamson (California), Geetha Alagirisamy (Switzerland) , Golly Peters (Netherlands), Katherine Dube (California), Susana Arias (Panama), Spring Montes (California), Tony Perry (California), Jenni Ward (California), Stephen Braun (California) Miguel Peraz (Mexico), Jose Benavides (California), Carol Wedemeyer (California)Esther Shimazu (Hawai), Shalene Valenzuela (California) Gomme Palotti (Italy).

Hans Coper, Lucie Rie and Ruth Duckworth Exhibition


Until 3 October, 2013

Lucie Rie


Opening hours during the exhibition:
Monday-Saturday, 10am-6pm

Erskine, Hall & Coe
15 Royal Arcade, 28 Old Bond Street, London W1S 4SP / +44 (0) 20 7491 1706

technical tuesday: New Book - Mastering Mosaics

Mastering Mosaics: 19 Artists, 19 Projects
Rayna Clark

Learn proven techniques and successful methods of creating mosaic art from 19 different artists. Patient professionals give informative, specific, and even moving accounts of their personal mosaic strategies. See a wide range of projects from a child's vanity with flashy platform shoes for feet, to a dazzling representation of the ancient Golden Ratio; nothing is beyond the capabilities of these masters...or your own. Discover tricks for getting the best uses out of your substrates, tesserae, and objects in your home that you can transform into mosaic art. Sharpen your grouting, painting, carving, and sculpting skills, and try these mosaics yourself, or take it in a new direction altogether. This book is an informative, educational tool that can complement a class or be the course guide. These experienced instructors will gladly help you surmount obstacles that all mosaic artists face.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Art in Canada - Toast

Keith Campbell’s touring exhibition Journey through the Past has now ended and its final stop is at the Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery where it is on display until September 28th.

It is also for sale and to commemorate the creation and travels of the exhibition a book is being created and you have a chance to be part of a memorable moment in Canadian Art history.

Buy a Slice of Toast!

Toast the installation will now become a book

Keith Campbell
Art in Canada….

$150 gets you:

1)    Slice of toast – choose from one of forty Canadian historical personages
2)    A copy of the book: Expected due date Dec. 2013
3)    Provide for us by Nov 1 a statement from you in fifty words or less that begins with the words Art in Canada.

This is an incredible opportunity to make a statement on Art in Canada that will both be permanent record and personal statement.

Thank you for supporting

Art in Canada

Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery-Galerie
258 Dundas St.
London, ON
N6A 1H3

Christina Schou Christensen @ Gallery Sofie Lachaert

glaze and earthenware, conventional materials, are intriguingly unconventionally used. Whereas glaze usually acts as a mere covering layer in order to protect and to ornament earthenware, Christensen swaps roles and examines the material for its form determining properties and possibilities. The viscosity of the glaze, the porosity of the ceramic, the temperature of the kiln and ever-present gravity serve as the tools in Christensen’s ongoing research, leading to mesmerizing creations and unpredictable beauty.

fri sat sun 11am - 6pm and by appointment

galerie sofie lachaert
st jozefstraat 30 tielrode belgium tel + 32 3 7111963

monday morning eye candy: Max Lehman

Max was recently awarded a purchase prize award at the Medalta International Cup Show.
Check out more of Max's amazing work at:


Saturday 12 October 10am-3pm
Cost $99
Northcote Pottery Supplies

Australian ceramicist Phil Elson creates fine hand thrown porcelain tableware, large bowls, teapots and installation pieces. His skill with porcelain and high fired reduction glazes is renowned. In this masterclass Elson will demonstrate his philosophy and approach to glazing. You will develop an understanding of glazes that are used in the cone 9-10 firing range (approx 1280 to 1300 degrees) fired under a reducing atmosphere. The workshop will explore topics such as; what constitutes a glaze, the safe handling of glaze materials and the levels of toxicity in glaze materials. You will also develop an understanding of Brogniart's formula, the making of a number of glazes from a single base glaze and the process of line blending. Elson will also demonstrate the application of glaze to bisque ware. This masterclass is a unique opportunity to gain valuable practical skills in glaze development and application from a leader in the field. Ideally suited for those with some experience with clay and glaze.

Northcote Pottery Supplies
142-144 Weston Street
Brunswick East
Victoria 3057
(03) 9387 3911