Friday, 15 November 2013

a site 2 see friday: Studio Break podcast with Grace Sheese

"Studio Break is a creation of David Linneweh; the podcast and blog is meant to showcase and highlight the work of Contemporary Artists by providing casual in depth discussions which explore how they maintain a professional studio practice.  Each conversation reveals the technical and formal approaches necessary to create their work as well as the concepts being presented to the audience or viewer.  In addition, interviews provide a background of each of the artists including highlighting their biography as discussing the research and ideas that support and inform their creative process.
The impetus behind Studio Break is to shed light on the creative process through the podcast in a way that parallels the types of conversations artists share within each other’s studio.   This format allows for a variety of listeners to engage the visual and conceptual ideas of the artwork in a way that is accessible to fellow artists and teachers, students, and anyone who would like to learn more about this process.

I hope that you take the time to explore all the artists who’ve participated in Studio Break and encourage you to reach out and leave comments through the blog, Facebook, and Twitter.  Anyone can visit the iTunes store to subscribe to the podcast and it’s very appreciated when you leave feedback or consider a small monetary donation to the efforts of Studio Break." - David Linneweh

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I LOVE to listen to podcasts and books while in the studio, walking, or doing annoying house tasks... Thank you so much for listing this one!!!