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KAPSULA Magazine is launching and calling for submissions

As a listserv dedicated to engaged and evaluative art criticism, KAPSULA Magazine promotes art criticism that dares to be critical, even if that means publishing a negative review. Championing strong opinions and even stronger writing, KAPSULA aims to enliven Canadian art criticism for a new generation of readers.


After months of rigorous preparation and hard work, KAPSULA Magazine will release its first publication—CRISIS 1/3. This first instalment of the CRISIS theme will be sent out on Monday, July 15th.

As a subscriber, you'll receive an interactive PDF file containing three feature articles as well as some TBA content to keep you on your toes. The authors of July's works are Kerr Houston, Ebony L. Haynes and Ellyn Walker. Their works are fascinating, beautifully written, and tackle the notion of CRISIS from three different, engaging prisms. So, dear KAPSULA subscribers, stay tuned for our first official release!

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KAPSULA is already on its second round for our call for submissions!
As CRISIS will be addressed in the months of July, August and September, a new topic presents itself, ready to be further explored by KAPSULA's authors in October! The new call for submissions addresses the issue of Aesthetics within contemporary art.

Since the 1960s, post-structuralist and postmodern theories have influenced artists and writers to move towards complacent relativism. The classical discourse of aesthetics—the pleasure of looking at something, or the appreciation of the concept of beauty through regarding it— has been replaced by a discourse of images as references. Often in contemporary art, the work is little more than a signifier for a chain of 'absent' images that it's referencing—those seen in the mind and not in the gallery. In other words: the art is in the room, and the image is somewhere else.

But are these disavowals of honed skill and technical virtuosity entirely accurate anymore? To grapple with this question, KAPSULA welcomes submissions that seek to explore the notion of aesthetics in contemporary art, and writers who are interested in the vital role of visual pleasure in producing critical moments and paradigm shifts within art.

Although the theme of aesthetics can be taken broadly, some directions could include:

  • Returns to formalism
  • The problem of aesthetics in architecture (Bauhaus vs. Bilbao)
    Aesthetics & public opinion—the challenges of making public art
  • The nouveau bourgeois
  • Gender in aesthetics
  • Anti-aesthetic art
  • Aesthetics as a means of control, or the 'mainstream aesthetic'
  • Money and aesthetics (social class/global and local economy)
  • The politics of ornamentation (see Adolf Loos' argument that ornament betrays function and does nothing to further the culture that creates it)
  • Net aesthetics

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August 30th, at midnight

KAPSULA Magazine is always on the look for exhibition reviews and cover images!


Starting mid-July, KAPSULA will begin releasing bi-weekly exhibition reviews. This means that our call for exhibition review submissions will be ongoing, with no deadlines! This will give you the opportunity to write about a current show that you feel passionate about. It will also give KAPSULA's subscribers the opportunity to read your work and see the art exhibition that provoked your critique!

Since there are no set themes, the exhibition and topic you choose to write on are entirely up to you, regardless of location. Our only requirement is that you make it spicy and intelligent.

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Great news for artists!

Due to an overwhelming amount of artwork submissions, the KAPSULA team found it appropriate to incorporate contemporary artists and their work to the monthly feature publications. We are looking for one new cover image each month. This image should thematically relate to the current call for feature articles that is posted on our official website. The topic is completely open to your conceptual and visual interpretation.

The call for image submissions is ongoing.

For information on image guidelines and submissions, visit:
To submit an image, e-mail us at:

For any further inquiries, please contact Yoli Terziyska at

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