Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Call for entry: International Contemporary Horse Teapot Exhibition

Time of Exhibition:  around April, 2014

Venues:  Noble Seafood Restaurants
        3883 North Hongmei Road, Shanghai, China
        66 North Shanxi Road, Shanghai, China
        1 North Chaoyangmen Street, Dongcheng District, Beijing, China

Organizer:  Noble Seafood Restaurant

Title of Exhibition:  Horse Teapot

Conditions of Participation:
1.     Each participant can exhibit 2 horse style teapots at most, regardless of whether they are functional, semi-functional, or non-functional.
2.     Size of teapot should be no more than 40 cm. in height, width or depth.
3.     Participants can sell their teapots as well.  The commission is 50% of the retail prices.
4.     We prefer different style teapot, not only a style with different colors.
5.     The teapots must be ceramic.  The use of lava, cement or any other material is not acceptable.
6.     Collective teapots presented by two or more creators (ceramists or designers) are acceptable.
7.     The organizer agrees to undertake the following:
   all expenses inherent to the exhibition and the promotion thereof
   insurance of the exhibited works for the duration of the exhibition
   Chinese customs’ formalities
   expenses incurred in returning works (not including transport insurance)
   printing of an illustrated invitation, catalogue, etc.
8.     Invited artists must undertake:
   expenses related to shipping the works to Shanghai (address & addressee will be designated at a later date)
   insurance for the works during their transport to Shanghai
   all expenses due to customs in their country of origin
   allow photographs of his or her work may be reproduced, free of all rights, and used for the exhibition or for the promotion
9.     The organizer/exhibition center can not be held responsible for any work that would be damaged or destroyed in transit.  If a work arrives damaged, the organizer will have it restored as well as possible to allow for exhibition but will not be available for sale.

1.     Please email me the following materials by 30 October, 2013, if you want to participate in this exhibition.
   your resume
   2 digital images of your personal photos/2 photos of you (2 MG JPG file at least, good quality for publication)
   personal brief introduction (200~300 words, use the-third narrative, please see the following format)
Peter Lange (New Zealand)
Peter Lange, creator of the world first brick boat and a leading figure in the craft/object art sector, has been awarded by Creative New Zealand Craft/Object Art Fellowship this year.
Peter Lange has worked in ceramics for more than 30 years and has been director of Auckland Studio Potters Center since 1997.  He changes his approach to clay all the time.  Thirty years ago he started working in the "Leach" tradition throwing high-fired domestic-ware, but has at times embraced earthenware, slip-casting, salt-glazing, brick sculpture, and experimental kiln-firings.  He enjoys illusion, irony and the unexpected?
Peter Lange has worked, taught and exhibited in New Zealand and throughout the world.  Highlights in recent years include being an official demonstrator at the 2002 Aomori Wood-fire Festival in Japan, and being selected to take part in a terracotta and brick symposium in Eskisehir, Turkey in 2003.  In 1997, he taught at the Dubai Art Center in the United Arab Emirates.
Peter Lange has twice received the Merit Award at the Fletcher Challenge Art Award in 1985 and 1986.  His work features in a number of collections, including in the Auckland Museum, Christchurch Art Gallery, the Beehive, Suzhou School of Art and Zhengzhou Art School in China, and the Aberystwyth Arts Center in Wales.
   If you have given me the above materials before, and there have been no recent changes, you can just inform me and I will use your former materials.

2.     Please email me 1 or 2 digital images (more are better) of your each horse teapot by 30 January, 2014 (2 MG JPG file at least, good quality for publication as well).
3.     A jury committee will select the horse teapots.  If your teapot is selected, the shipping points will be provided at a later date.
4.     E-mail address:     Contact: Hwang Jeng-daw

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