Tuesday, 26 March 2013

technical tuesday: fiskars craft knifes

I don't normally endorse specific products on the blog, but the other day I acquired a new tool that will dramatic improve my practice (and my patience, and the state of my sore hands). I can't remember who I saw with this tool, maybe it was at Arrowmont...I don't remember, wish I could give credit.

But anyway I was out last week and ran across this Fiskars crafting knife and thought I'd give it a try. Not the cheapest utility knife, but the small blade which can rotate 360 degrees (or not as I decided to rig it with a small piece of paper jammed inside to keep it still) and the ergonomic handle were perfect for the drawings I do on my kids line of functional ware. You can also buy replacement blades and there is a second knife you can buy which is more your typical sized knife blade. My days of sore fingers and working with pins to get the line quality I desired are over. This was worth every penny.

Below are just a few images of my process:

Carving line drawing through wax on dry greenware.
Underglaze is washed into the carved lines.
After the bisque I wet sand the pieces and then add additional colors with underglazes.
A clear glaze fired to Cone 6 and we're done!

Do you have a technical tuesday idea? Something that has changed your practice? A technique you'd like to share? 
Drop me a line at carole_epp@yahoo.ca with "technical tuesday" as the subject.

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Claire said...

That looks great! IT will help with my arthritis, and the carving I also do, right now I am using woodcarving tools, and they could be improved upon.
Thanks, Eep!