Thursday, 7 March 2013

Charlie Cummings Workshop - Digital Clay - May 3-5, 2013

Charlie Cummings will lead this three-day, hands-on workshop breaking down the boundaries between photography, digital image manipulation, printmaking, and clay. Charlie will expanding participant's creative horizon to create artworks that utilize techniques and ideas from all these mediums.

While computers and clay may seem worlds apart, Charlie will discuss how advances in digital software and home printer technology have made computers an important bridge between clay and image-based art forms. Participants in this workshop will learn to use Photoshop to create digital collages, prepare images (photographs, drawings, paintings, or digital) for screen printing, and to fine tune the images to get the best possible results from the print processes used to transfer the images to ceramic objects.

Charlie will teach how to print your photographs in full color using common underglazes and stains. He has developed a method which avoids the use of expensive decals, fragile photographic materials or monochrome ceramic images.

This class will cover image manipulation and cutting-edge ceramic techniques in a way that is accessible to all levels. Participants will learn techniques that can be used on wet clay, leather hard clay, bone dry clay, bisque, and glaze-fired work. Charlie will teach image transfer techniques for every step in the ceramic process, including photo emulsion-based screen printing to print slip and underglaze for transfer to pots and handbuilt forms, single and multiple color overglaze decals, and full color photographic transfers.

Participants should bring a laptop with Photoshop if possible, as well as digital images, graphics and photographs to print. Please bring a wide collection of images you own, or that are copyright free. Email Charlie if you have questions about what type of images to bring.

All levels are welcome, but basic knowledge of Photoshop and clay is suggested. Class size 16.

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