Thursday, 7 February 2013

Upcoming workshops @ the Archie Bray Foundation


Linda Arbuckle
Investigating Surface with Majolica

May 17–19, 2013
Tuition $335 (includes $35 lab fee)

In this three-day hands-on workshop, Linda Arbuckle will demonstrate majolica glazing, decorating methods and brushwork. While talking about various technical issues for low fire and majolica, she will discuss development of personal work, formal strategies for surface design, development of color and other lively topics of ceramic interest.

Shoko Teruyama

Matt Kelleher & Shoko Teruyama
An Invitation to Slow Down

June 10–14, 2013
Tuition $495 (includes $45 lab fee)

This five-day hands-on workshop will concentrate on hand building with earthenware and the exploration of diverse pottery genres from tableware to vessels for sacred spaces.  Demonstrations will include bisque molds, slab and coil construction and complex attachments, altering and refining techniques.  Emphasis will be placed on surface treatment through slip application and sgraffito decoration.  Each participant will create a bisque mold, many small pots and have the opportunity to decorate and glaze a piece by the end of the week.

Chris Staley & Nancy Blum
Opposites Attract

July 8–19, 2013
Tuition $795 (includes $95 lab fee)

This workshop will focus on finding new ways to see and understand one’s work and inspirations. During the two weeks, participants will have time to create objects and engage in creative group exercises that will inspire questions and dialogue. Whether it is pottery or sculpture, the quality of a learning experience is often related to the depth of the questions being asked. With open hearts and a seeker’s spirit Staley and Blum write, “We welcome anyone interested in a deeper conversation about their work from the functional potter to a narrative sculptor.” While participants will be able to make finished pieces during the two weeks, the larger goal is to develop a deeper knowledge of their motivations, learn how they can grow their practice, and better understand the context where their work would thrive. Along with open studio time and demonstrations, Staley and Blum will give slide lectures, covering historical and contemporary ceramics and as well as their own practices.

Tony Marsh
A Ceramic Record: Models, Molds, Casting

August 16–18, 2013
Tuition $335 (includes $35 lab fee)
In this intensive three-day workshop, students will learn to create vessels from a prototype using mold-making and slip casting techniques.  Participants will use found objects that are brought from home or found on-site to build a solid cup-like form that will serve as a model for their project.  A multiple section plaster mold will be designed and cast. Various methods of modeling and mold making will be discussed, as well as slip casting and design.  The emphasis of this workshop is on the unique model and standard making practices. While each student will produce a cast object at the end, the the focus will be to better understand the  creative process.

2013 Voulkos Visiting Artist Fellowship

The Bray is pleased to award Tony Marsh with the 2013 Voulkos Visiting Artist Fellowship. Marsh will spend the a few weeks in August at the Bray working in the Voulkos Visiting Artist studio.
The Voulkos Visiting Artist Fellowship was created in memory of the renowned ceramic artist Peter Voulkos. His family and friends established the fellowship at the Archie Bray Foundation to invite a distinguished artist to work at the Bray each year. Peter Voulkos taught by example, working alongside other artists in the studio, fostering artistic exchange and dialogue, and nurturing mutual respect. In the same spirit, the Voulkos Fellow is invited to work in an environment that encourages interaction among the artists and the Bray community.

Wanxin Zhang
Figurative Sculpture with Slab Construction

September 20–22, 2013
Tuition $335 (includes $35 lab fee)
Students will participate in the entire process of creating a figure out of clay. Each part of the process, from developing an idea, drawing sketches, creating a 3D maquette, and enlarging the piece to a 24-30" sculpture, will be demonstrated in this three-day workshop. Participants will produce a bust or whole body figure based on individual and personal experience. The workshop will focus on exploring the difference between realism and caricature, and accuracy and expression.  Students will also explore surface texture, tool and hand marks, as well as the use of the material itself. 

Tara Wilson
Flames: Wood Firing

October 7–11, 2013
Tuition $495 (includes $45 lab fee)
In this five-day wood fire workshop participants will have an opportunity to fire the Archie Bray Foundation’s 92 cubic foot train kiln. Participants are asked to bring high fire bisqueware to glaze and fire in the kiln.  A variety of wood firing topics will be discussed, from surface treatments and stacking methods, to firing and cooling strategies. This hands-on approach will allow for discussions and dialogue pertaining to all aspects of wood firing to take place throughout the process. During the cooling phase of the firing, Wilson will demonstrate her pottery making techniques. 

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