Thursday, 7 February 2013

Guest post: Damien Jones

Hello Musings About Mud, I wanted to say hello to you and thank Carole for bringing me on to guest blog! My name is Damien Jones, and I'm a ceramics artist based in Oakland. I wanted to team up with Carole since she has a great blog on all things pottery and ceramics and share my work and vision with you.

I'm currently in the first week of my indiegogo campaign where I'm trying to raise $30,000 so I can put a 15 foot public sculpture outside of the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona, CA. 

I'd love to share this campaign with you! Please check out my Fertilitree sculpture I will be creating once funded and all of the seeds of the Fertilitree available for a pledge. It would be great to have this campaign shared amongst your peers if you see fit! Every little bit counts!

Here's the link! And here's some more detail on my vision and my work as an artist if you feel like reading on...

FertiliTree - a 15' Ceramic Sculpture for the American Museum of Ceramic Art, crowdfunded thru Indiegogo

Damien Jones has developed a unique construction process for monumental sculptures, which involves constructing large slab-formed hollow highfired ceramic sections (3-4' tall), then stacking them onsite and filling them with concrete.  This yields extremely durable public art pieces, and can be used to create sculptures 50-100' tall, at a fraction of the cost of other public art methods.  He's completed a few public monuments up to 10' tall, but trying to land larger projects has been fruitless, due to the low number of projects that come available each year, and the extreme competition for them, with hundreds of artists applying for each project.

After applying unsuccessfully for dozens of public art calls, he decided to take matters into his own hands.  When he found out about the American Museum of Ceramic Art's new facility in Pomona, he offerred to create a monumental sculpture for them, and to crowdfund it thru  Pomona is the Roman goddess of the orchard, of fertility, so the sculpture will be called FertiliTree -- a woman growing from a tree trunk -- as a celebration of Femininity and Fertility.  He's attempting to raise $30K for this project, and has developed a new line of Seeds, to acknowledge donors for their contributions. 

Once this project is complete he hopes it will help open many more doors to creating larger public works.  Since this technique is so inexpensive, durable and versatile, it has the potential to usher in far more art into our world than we currently enjoy.  He says "Public art makes a place feel loved and cared for, transforming the cities we live in from primarily functional, utilitarian spaces to places of genuine beauty, inspiration, and joy, which our world could sure use a lot more of!" 

Have a look at his campaign, and consider donating and spreading the word to support this wonderful and ambitious project!  Post it on your FB wall, if you like:
He's set up a FB group to support and track the project, so please join that if you're interested:   Also, if you become part of their campaign team you can win free artwork, plus a $100 gift card from the company of your choice.

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