Saturday, 26 January 2013

Help support Damien Jones & Fertilitree

I've spent 22 years exploring the possibilities of Clay.  For the first 15 of those I was employed as a manufacturing engineer/industrial designer, but left that career to pursue art, and since 2006 have been a full-time artist.  In that time I've created and installed dozens of monumental sculptures and water features for private clients, as well as several public art pieces.  My work is represented by galleries in Santa Fe, Laguna Beach, San Francisco, Scottsdale, and Palm Springs.

Project & Goal:
-To place my 15-foot Fertilitree sculpture in front of AMOCA
(American Museum of Ceramic Art) in Pomona, CA.

-Pomona is the Roman Goddess of fertilitee.
-Fertilitree is a project inspired by the goddess Pomona.
-Raise $30,000 to help fund this project.

To Schedule Interviews for Press and Contact Info.

or, Brandon Waloff, media relations and PR 


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