Tuesday, 30 October 2012

International exhibition of contemporary ceramics, 3rd edition

Ceramics Now Exhibition, Bucharest, Romania
Ceramics Now Association • Reg. number 30025775 • Gheorghe Dima 35, ap. 1, Cluj-Napoca 400342, Romania
Contact: Vasi Hîrdo, Curator, 

vasi@ceramicsnow.org, Tel. +4 0748 311 663 • www.ceramicsnow.org/about-us
Ceramics Now Exhibition / Galateea Gallery, Bucharest, Romania
International contemporary ceramics exhibition, 3rd edition
November 8-26, 2012

The international Ceramics Now Exhibition is an itinerary exhibition of contemporary ceramics which presents works of artists that are featured in Ceramics Now Magazine’s platforms or are invited. The exhibition reunites artists from different countries and communities, and facilitates contact between them and the public. Ceramics Now Magazine and Exhibition operate as an exchange platform between artists, galleries, museums, collectors and people passionate about art.

In the context of the globalization of arts and of rapid exchange of information, it is more and more necessary to make a serious coagulation of what is contemporary ceramics. The incorporation of many diverse subjects, working techniques and mediums in creating a ceramic object, are more and more frequent, risking if not counterbalanced, to take this domain back to crafts. The harmony between the compositional elements and concept can be realized through exercise, and this exercise is a reference point for contemporary artists. In creating a contemporary ceramic object, an equilibrium can be reached by those who feel the need to create and who create with depth. Originating either from Australia, Africa, Europe, Asia or America, practice, delicacy and accuracy are characteristics that unite them. The Ceramics Now Exhibition reunites these artists and brings their work together aiming to create an open platform between them and the public. The third edition of our main event will be held between 8-26th of November 2012, at Galateea Gallery, Bucharest, and will present the works of 22 world-renowned contemporary ceramic artists.

Opening Reception: Thursday, November 8, from 6:00 PM.

EXHIBITING ARTISTS: Steve Belz (USA), Gherghina Costea (Romania), Kimberly Cook (USA), Ossama Mahmoud Emam (Egypt), Nato Eristavi (Georgia), Jason Hackett (USA), Teresa and Helena Jané (Portugal), Brian Kakas (USA), Yoichiro Kamei (Japan), Kentaro Kawabata (Japan), Allison Luce (USA), Nicolae Moldovan (Romania), Akio Niisato (Japan), Heide Nonnenmacher (Germany), Szilvia Ortlieb (Austria), Barbara Schmid (Austria), Avital Sheffer (Australia), Suzanne Stumpf (USA), Kouzo Takeuchi (Japan), Shinya Tanoue (Japan), Kwok-Pong Bobby Tso (China), Gavril Zmicală (Romania).
Curator: Vasi Hîrdo
Coordinator: Cristina Popescu Russu

Ceramics Now Magazine is a comprehensive and innovative publication & online art platform specialized in contemporary ceramics. Founded in 2011, the magazine celebrates the creative field of ceramics through publishing interviews, reviews and works of new and world-renowned ceramic artists, and providing information on contemporary ceramic art exhibitions.

Ceramics Now is a Non-profit Association. Our goal is to make contemporary ceramics a more visible art field and to support innovative and diverse ideas or techniques in the field.
Reopened at the initiative of the Romanian Fine Arts Union in December 2011, Galateea Gallery is the first gallery of contemporary ceramics in Romania. The gallery is located on 132 Victory Avenue, Bucharest, and is opened from Monday to Friday between 12 am - 8 pm (Mondays between 11 am - 7 pm). Victory Avenue is the main shopping street in the capital of Romania. 

The third edition of Ceramics Now Exhibition is organized by Ceramics Now Association in partnership with the Romanian Fine Arts Union. The exhibition is promoted by The Embassy of Portugal in Romania.

Download press release, images and catalogue: www.ceramicsnow.org/mediapack
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/436044033127079/
Media partners: Euronews, Radio România Cultural, Radio Guerilla, DIGI24, ArtClue, Modernism, ArtAct Magazine, Observator Cultural, Senso TV, BeWhere, Metropotam, Vernisaje, STYLES, 24FUN, Sapte Seri, Zilesi NopQi, Deco si Eco, Neapărat, Slicker, Revista Căminul, Evenim, Alternativ, ArtLine, PORT, AgenQia decarte.

Monday, 29 October 2012

Delineate: New works by Jenn Demke-Lange and Elizabeth Burritt

Two of the most amazing ceramic artists currently in Alberta have teamed together to present you with an exhibition of eye candy galore. Not only are their individual artistic practices gorgeous but they've also collaborated on some work for the show. What do you get when you put two inspiring ceramic ladies together? One not to be missed exhibition.

monday morning eye candy: tri lukne - Ana Haberman

See more of her lovely work here on facebook or find her here on etsy.

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Upcoming Art in Progress Sundays at the Burlington Art Centre

Selling Artwork, Pricing
November 4, 1:30pm
Is selling your artwork selling out? A wide-ranging discussion on how and where to sell artworks.
Let's Talk Art Over Coffee: Talking About Your Art
November 11, 2-3:30 pm
While you may think your art speaks for itself, viewers still expect you to say something. Take this opportunity to find out how to write your artist's statements, talk about your work, and the role of websites and social media in representing your art and yourself as an artist.
NOTE: All of the Art in Progress Sunday events are free - but please call 905-632-7796, ext. 307 to confirm your attendance.

Burlington Art Centre
1333 Lakeshore Dr .
Burlington , ON

Peter Collis Exhibition opens Nov 3rd


Saturday, 27 October 2012

Source • Material An Exhibition on Water and the Ceramic Cup-Curated by Lindsay Rogers

November 1 – December 31

Water is everywhere. As abundant as an ocean and as delicate as a drop, water is the source of all life. This eternally human need consistently shifts the way we build our tools, our cultures and our lives. Historically speaking, water has become a dictator of form, an aesthetic inspiration, a human habit and an honest informer of the ecological state of our world. In this exhibit, contemporary ceramic artists will address the theme of water through the form of the ceramic cup.

Source • Material: An exhibition on Water and the Ceramic Cup will run from November 3rd through December 31st.  

Curated by Lindsay Rogers.
Artist Reception: Nov. 3rd at 6pm
Participating artists include:
Adam Field, Adam Posnak, Amy Smith, Andrew Avakian, Audrey Rosulek, Ben Krupka, Birdie Boone, Brett Freund, Brian Jones, Chandra DeBuse, Cheyenne Chapman Rudolph, Chris Pickett, Courtney Martin, Courtney Murphy, Dan Anderson, Dandee Pattee, Diana Fayt, Donna Flanery, Doug Peltzman, Emily Reason, gwendolyn yoppolo, Hayne Bayless, Hiroe Hanazono, Jana Evans, Jason Burnett, Jeff Kleckner, Jennifer Allen, Josh DeWeese, Joshua Stover, Julia Galloway, Kari Smith, Kathy King, Kelly O'Briant, Kristen Kieffer, KyoungHwa Oh, Leah Leitson & Martin Tatarka, Leanne McClurg Cambric, Linda Arbuckle, Liz Zlot Summerfield, Louise Harter, Mark Errol, Frank Martin, Martina Lantin, Mary Barringer, Michael Hunt, Michael Kline, Natalie Tornatore, Nicole Gugliotti, Nicole Aquillano, Nigel Rudolph, Ronan Kyle Peterson, Sanam Emami, Sean O'Connell, Shadow May, Shane Mickey, Shawn Spangler, Shoko Teruyama, Simon Levin, Steven M. Godfrey, Steven Roberts, Sue Tirrell,Sunshine Cobb, Susan Feagin, Tara Wilson, Tina Gebhart and Victoria Christen.
Thanks to Lindsay Rogers for the following preview of a few selected pieces and her thoughts on their inclusion in the show:
When selecting the artists for the show it was important to me that a variety of styles of work be presented.

These are a just a couple of the MANY wonderful pieces from the show!

Chandra Debuse
I chose Chandra Debuse's work because of their outright playful demeanor! I knew she would come up with something wonderful through her amazing use of color and narrative on her pots.

Natalie Tornatore
I chose Natalie Tornatore's work because I appreciate the soft quality of her forms and her talent for breaking up space on a vessel. I thought her graphic use of line and a muted palette would be a wonderful addition to the show. 

Diana Fayt

I chose Diana Fayt's work because of the drawing quality and her vibrant use of color. Her work often showcases beautiful and stylized imagery from nature and I thought this would lend itself perfectly to the theme.

Crimson Laurel Gallery
23 Crimson Laurel Way

Bakersville, NC  28705

Apply Now! Red Lodge Clay Center Long Term Residency

Long Term Residency Application Deadline: February 1st, 2013  Apply Online!
The Long-Term Residency (September 1 - July 31) is ideal for committed individuals in transition from post baccalaureate studies to graduate school, as well as those pursuing the development of professional artistic careers. Self-directed ceramic artists searching for the time, space and resources needed to explore new ideas and create new work will enjoy the rural mountainous setting. Accepted residents will be provided with studio space, housing, utilities, and a monthly stipend in exchange for twenty hours of work per week at the Clay Center. Responsibilities will include assisting in the retail operation of the gallery, teaching community clay classes, as well as cleaning and maintenance of the studio and gallery. Residents will be responsible for personal living expenses, as well as all material and firing expenses. The application deadline is February 1st annually.
The Red Lodge Clay Center welcomes applications from ceramic artists who will thrive working as a team, in a community minded atmosphere.
Application Fee:  $40.00
Apply Online at Slideroom
For more information:
Email Us

Ceramics Ireland Catalogue

Grab a copy here.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

This week! Pottery on the Hill.

October 26 through October 28, fifteen nationally-recognized ceramic artists bring recently-fired, colorful and durable creations to Hill Center for show and sale.

This Friday evening's reception party with these artists assures first choice among their freshly-fired creations. This one-on-one time with these artists begins at 6:30 p.m. through 9 p.m. Reserve tickets $25 online. 

If you haven’t discovered their pottery, this is your unique opportunity to talk with them about finding a place in your home for their quality dinner plates, mugs, platters, vases and pots. These are one-of-a-kind, shaped by hand and finished by fire in time for this intimate venue at Hill Center.
Many in the Washington, D.C. region who over the years have traveled far to find these artists, will drive the short distance to be at Hill Center to purchase the plates, mugs, cookware and collectables they have made a part of their lives.

The public show and sale continues during the weekend with free admission both Saturday morning October 27 at 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Sunday October 28 at noon until 4 p.m.

Louise Allison Cort, the Curator for Ceramics at the Smithsonian’s Freer Gallery of Art and the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery, will deliver a free talk entitled “Pots and People” at 11:00 am and 2:00 pm on Saturday.

Participating artists:


technical tuesday: a bit of history on Lusterware

English: Deep Dish, Spain After 1475 Tin-glazed earthenware with lustred decoration V&A Museum no. 1680-1855
Source: http://www.vam.ac.uk/images/image/33766-popup.html

via Wikipedia:

"Lusterware or Lustreware (respectively the US and all other English spellings) is a type of pottery or porcelain with a metallic glaze that gives the effect of iridescence, produced by metallic oxides in an overglaze finish, which is given a second firing at a lower temperature in a "muffle kiln", reduction kiln, which excludes oxygen."

Read the rest here.
Or find out more here or here.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Art-O-Matic @ the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery

Claire Brunet, Future Retrieval, Guillaume Lachapelle,        Neri Oxman, and Susan Shantz 
At the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery
Opening Reception: 
Sunday, October 28 from 1 to 5 pm
Welcome and Remarks: 1:30 pm
Artist Remarks: 
Susan Shantz at 2:30 pm
Claire Brunet at 3:00 pm
Guillaume Lachapelle at 3:30 pm
This exhibition explores object scanning, computer-generated form manipulation and 3-D printing, all of which embody Rapid Prototyping technology. While some artists switch back and forth between analogue and digital tools, others work exclusively in digital formats. Coming from both Canada and the USA, the artists in this exhibition are at the forefront of creating new forms and inventing a new relationship to art and art-making.
Don’t Miss It. A MakerBot Replicator will print 3-D objects right before your eyes.  

monday morning eye candy: Marie EvB Gibbons



(*thanks to Brenda Wolf for the heads up about Marie's amazing work.)

Saturday, 20 October 2012

A Month of Ceramics @ Willock and Sax Gallery

Bradley Keys - Grounded

Reception, November 3, 3 to 5 pm
Artist Talk 3:30

Banff, Alberta:  November is once again the month to focus on ceramics at the Willock & Sax Gallery.  This year we feature Bradley Keys, who explores the geography of Western Canada in Grounded.  Our group show The Makings III includes artists such as Ed Bamiling, Neil Liske, Robin Dupont, Emily Schroeder Willis, Do-Hee Sung and many other ceramics artists.  Join us for Grounded and The Makings III at the Willock & Sax Gallery starting November 1 through to 30th. 

Bradley Keys enjoys the interplay of his work with clay and the 3D aspects of our surrounding geography.  As we move within our environment, so we interact with his works, taking in all the various viewpoints and responses that involvement in place offers.  The forms and glazes of Bradley’s hand-built ceramic pieces incorporate the rhythms and colors of the prairie and the mountains.  This artist loves the land and offers us opportunities to take a bit of it home to enjoy and cherish.

Join us for the Reception at the Willock & Sax Gallery, 210 Bear St, in Banff on Saturday, November 3 from 3-5 pm.

November 1 – 30 and continuing through until Christmas
lores the geography of Western Canada in Grounded.  Our group show The Makings III includes artists such as Ed Bamiling, Neil Liske, Robin Dupont, Emily Schroeder Willis, Do-Hee Sung and many other ceramics artists.  Join us for Grounded and The Makings III at the Willock & Sax Gallery starting November 1 through to 30th. 

Bradley Keys enjoys the interplay of his work with clay and the 3D aspects of our surrounding geography.  As we move within our environment, so we interact with his works, taking in all the various viewpoints and responses that involvement in place offers.  The forms and glazes of Bradley’s hand-built ceramic pieces incorporate the rhythms and colors of the prairie and the mountains.  This artist loves the land and offers us opportunities to take a bit of it home to enjoy and cherish.

Join us for the Reception at the Willock & Sax Gallery, 210 Bear St, in Banff on Saturday, November 3 from 3-5 pm.

November 1 – 30 and continuing through until Christmas

the making III

November 1 - 30
Reception, Saturday, November 3, 3-5 pm
Artist Talks: 3:30

The Makings III continues our annual gallery’s focus on ceramics during the month of November.  Once again we offer a wide variety of sculptural and functional ceramic works from a wide range of artists from across Alberta and other parts.  Works by young artists and significant pieces from some of Canadian most senior artists make up the exhibition this year, including a number of historic exhibits by Luke Lindoe RCA.

Les Manning

Gallery Talks
The Artist and The Curator
Saturday, November 24, 3-5 pm

As part of our Month of Ceramics and coinciding with the November 24 reception for the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies exhibition
"Les Manning Common/Opposite"
(November 7-December 5),
we are pleased to have Les Manning and Joanne Marion (curator, Esplanade) speaking about the exhibition and ceramics in general at our gallery.

Continue the discussion down Bear Street at the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies reception at 7 pm.

Manning’s new works show a rich emotional and metaphorical register while drawing deeply upon his personal experiences and knowledge of Canada’s lands. Juxtaposing forms, textures and colours, Manning evokes the monumental reach of modernism as an artistic endeavour. Playful references to the humble objects of everyday lighten his sophisticated and contemporary appreciation of the more base aspects of nature, to reveal the rich and contradictory poetry of our ordinary world. 

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Opening this evening: Everything in Between

Fafard Boundary Gallery presents Everything In Between 
October 16th  - October 30th, 11am - 8 pm, open daily
631 College Avenue, Regina, Sk.  

In its premiere exhibition Fafard Boundary Gallery is exhibiting works from Artists across the country working in a wide range of media. Several have their roots here in Saskatchewan, some of which are practicing elsewhere and others have brought themselves here from others provinces and other countries.  

They are participating in what will be a transitory Gallery. The venue, not originally intended as a gallery, as been temporarily transformed into a exhibition space. Future exhibits may show in a new locations. 

Reception: Thursday, October 18th, 5:00pm - 8:00pm

The Future of Traditional Pottery with Garth Clark

October 20, 2012 – 2 pm | UNC Asheville’s Highsmith Union, 2nd Floor, Rooms 223-224.  Free. 
Garth Clark will participate in a panel discussion moderated by Andrew Glasgow (former executive director of the American Craft Council). Other panelists will include Mark del Vecchio (writer and gallerist), Mark Hewitt (potter), Matt Jones (potter), and Jean Mclaughlin (executive director of the Penland School of Craft). This event is hosted by UNC Asheville and the Center for Craft Creativity & Design.  

Clark is considered by many to be one of the great contemporary critics and writers in the field of ceramics.  South African by birth, he has lived in the US since the mid nineteen-seventies.  He ran galleries in LA and NYC with his partner Mark del Vecchio for thirty years.  He has been a prolific writer and advocate of ceramics in all its forms, and has lectured all over the world.

Topics for Discussion:
•           Recap of previous two events in Charlotte and Raleigh
•           Education as it relates to makers moving to the region; educational opportunities here and elsewhere
•           Philosophy of the craft of ceramics; what is special about ceramic traditions in WNC
•           Current market issues in our region

From Matt Jones’ blog:
“The following events have been the result of a blog I started a year ago challenging Garth Clark’s views presented in his provocative address of 2008 titled “How Art Envy Killed the Craft Movement: An Autopsy in Two Parts.”  My primary point of course has been that at least in the state of NC, the craft movement still lives perhaps even thrives, particularly in the field of ceramics.  Garth will visit to learn more about our state’s ceramic heritage and inform us about his view as a critic looking at the challenges that potters and ceramic artists face in the twenty-first century.  These programs will be lively and informative for all who work in clay or appreciate and collect pottery and ceramic art. “

Other Events in the Series:

October 16th at the Mint Museum in Charlotte
10:00 AM-4:00 PM
Garth will deliver the keynote lecture in a symposium called “Traditional Pottery: Back to the Future,” presented by the Delhom Service League at the Mint Museum’s Randolph Road location. After Garth’s lecture there will be ample time for audience participation. The keynote address will be preceded by shorter presentations by Matt Jones, Mark Hewitt and Charlotte Brown Wainwright.

October 18th at the Gregg Museum in Raleigh
Garth will deliver a lecture on the subject of traditional pottery, its present and future, and host questions from the audience. This event will be free of charge and held at the Gregg Museum at NC State University, located at 2610 Cates Ave, 2nd floor Talley Student Center.


Handle with Care @ Santa Fe Clay

Gallery Opening
November 2, 5:00 - 7:00 pm

Handle with Care
100 artists display 300 cups and mugs

Selections from the Hazel Greenberg Collection
Bennett Bean, Curtis Benzle, Ken Ferguson and many more 
Handle with Care
545 Camino de la Familia
Santa Fe, NM 87501

Sunday, 14 October 2012

Call for entry: Clay Arts Vegas - Raise a Cup of Cheer

Clay Arts Vegas in Las Vegas, Nevada is pleased to host "RAISE A CUP OF CHEER" a national juried art exhibition, January 4 -January 28, 2013 at Clay Arts Vegas' Victor F. Keen Gallery in Las Vegas, Nevada. “RAISE A CUP OF CHEER” will showcase ceramic drinking vessels by contemporary artists from around the United States.  The focus of the exhibit is on the variety of ways artists create vessels for “everyday” use, in functional, sculptural, traditional, and non-traditional forms.

 Entry Guidelines

Work shall have been completed within the last two years. Mixed media works will be permitted if clay is the primary component. Selections will be conducted from images of works. Artists may submit up to three entries with two images (including one detail) of each, not to exceed six images.

 Accepted art work must be available for the entire exhibition, and for sale.

 Jurors come from Clay Arts Vegas Staff with invited guest
John Gregg (Clay Arts Vegas wheel and hand building instructor, Alternative firing and kiln tech) John took pottery classes at Arcadia high school in Phoenix. The major influence behind his art was his mother, Corrine Mathisen Gregg who was a prolific artist. After her passing, John returned to pottery in her memory. Having grown up in Arizona his work is heavily influenced by the desert south west color and texture. John’s love and understanding of traditional south west pottery has led him to specializes in alternative firings. He has studied with Tome Coleman, Don Ellis, and Randy Brodnax to name a few.

Peter Jakubowski (Clay Arts Vegas Gallery Supervisor, Education Advisor and Design Expert) Peter comes to fine art and sculpture through an extensive theatre back round having received his BA in theatre from SUNY Buffalo and an MFA in design from Temple University. He currently heads the only design for dance program in the United States at the University of Nevada Las Vegas and has over 20 years of experience as a professional lighting and scenic designer. He works in a variety of art mediums and enjoys sculpture, lapidary, and silver-smithing. His love of clay developed from the study and collecting of traditional South East folk pottery.
Guest Juror: TBD
There will be no awards for this show
Entry Requirements and Procedures
An artist may enter up to 3 works, up to 2 images per work.
There is a non-refundable jury fee of $10 per work entered, payable by credit card or check.
Images must be JPEG, at 300 dpi (suggested minimums: 800 pixels in either direction, with maximum file size of 1.0 MB). Each JPEG image must be titled with the artist’s last name, first name, entry number, and “detail” if you are including a detail image.
If you are submitting a CD, please label with artist’s full name and email address.
Applications must be received by December 8, 2012.
Send entry materials, fee and completed form to:
Attn: Juried Show CUP
1511 South Main Street
Las Vegas, NV 89104
Checks should be made payable to: Clay Arts Vegas
To apply online, go to: http://www.clayartsvegas.com/cup.htm
1) fill out the application form via the link button
2) E-Mail digital images of the work to:
“RAISE A CUP” in the subject line of the E-Mail.
Important Dates
Exhibit Dates: January 3 – January 28, 2013
Entry Deadline: December 8, 2012
Juror Results: January 3, 2013
Accepted Art Work to be Delivered to CAV by: December 20, 2012
Hand Delivered Work to The Clay Arts Vegas: December 27 – December 30, 2013
Opening Reception: Friday, January 4, 2013
Pick Up Art Work: February 4, 2013  10-5pm @ CAV

Delivery and Return of Work
All artists who have a work accepted into the exhibit will be E-Mailed instructions for
shipping, dropping off, return shipping, and pick-up of artworks.
Shipping costs are a sole responsibility of the artist both to and from the gallery.
Exhibit Policies
Total weight of an individual piece should not exceed 75 lbs. All work must be properly prepared for display. CAV will not be held responsible for work submitted to the exhibit which is improperly packaged for handling. No accepted entries may be withdrawn prior to the close of the exhibition. CAV will keep images of all accepted work and may make the images available to the public for publicity, documentation, and educational purposes before, during, and after the scheduled exhibit. Please note and record the number of parts or pieces per entry. Please make sure each work is identified with the following information:
artist name, title, media, price, and phone number.
Insurance and Liability
All work must have a declared insurance value that must not exceed the selling price if the work is for sale.
CAV will insure responsibility for the piece during the exhibition (between delivery and pick up dates), but will not be responsible for any work delivered in damaged condition. You will be notified if work arrives damaged. Artists will be responsible for insurance during shipping both to and from the exhibition.
A 40% commission is retained by CLAY ARTS VEGAS on each work sold during the exhibition. For every piece sold, a check will be issued by CLAY ARTS VEGAS and mailed to the artist within one month of the end of the show. Work not for sale must be marked NFS, but a value must be stated for insurance purposes.
Artist Agreement
All artists will be notified of the jurors’ decision via e-mail. All accepted work will remain as placed by the installation team and may not be withdrawn before the close of the exhibit. If the piece is of a delicate nature or easily damaged, the artist may be asked to assist the exhibition staff in the installation of that work. The jurors may exercise the right to reject any work not accurately represented by the image submitted or work that fails to meet eligibility requirements.
Rights and Reproductions
CAV reserves the right to use submitted images or to photograph and reproduce, in color, black and white, or video, all entries accepted to the exhibition regardless of copyright. Photographs and/or reproductions may be used for educational and/or publicity purposes only.

Full Name (as you want it to appear): _________________________________________
City:____________________________________ State:_____________ Zip:__________
Home/Cell Phone:____________________ E-Mail:______________________________
Signature: ________________________________________ Date:______/______/ 2012
Signature /date above indicate that you have read and understand the Exhibit Policies.
Entry 1: Title of Work:________________________________________________
Dimensions (HxWxD):_________________________________________
Price (if NFS indicate insurance value):____________________________
Entry 2: Title of Work:________________________________________________
Dimensions (HxWxD):_________________________________________
Price (if NFS indicate insurance value):____________________________
Entry 3: Title of Work:________________________________________________
Dimensions (HxWxD):_________________________________________
Price (if NFS indicate insurance value):____________________________
By submitting this application, the applicant agrees to all provisions of entry to this exhibition, including the use and reproduction of any images
of their work by Clay Arts Vegas

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Clay Pride @ MudFire Gallery

 Amy Santoferraro


Opens October 12, 2012

MudFire Gallery and ceramicist Kathy King have joined forces to create a very special exhibition that will coincide with Atlanta's 42nd Annual PRIDE Festival. Kathy was kind enough to curate the show and select artists for this invitation. Participating artists were asked to create work in a show of support for the LGBT community. The results are humorous, heartfelt, insightful, affectionate and occasionally off-color.

Participating artists were invited, regardless of their own sexual preference, to show their support of the LGBT community by sending 1-2 works of art. The show opens the same weekend as Atlanta's 42nd Annual PRIDE Festival being held October 13th-14th. If you have ever been to Atlanta for PRIDE you know it is an incredible event with one of the most spectacular parades in the country with over 5,000 very colorful people attending the festival!

In the spirit of PRIDE, we requested works for the show that celebrate or reflect upon the LGBT community, but that could also address themes of tolerance and diversity. Artists were invited to to take aim at their favorite bigots, to employ humor, wield sarcasm, affectionately document, or just show their colors.

The resulting exhibit is as diverse as the community it celebrates, and certainly one of the liveliest we have had the pleasure to host. We hope you enjoy it as well!
We'll kick off the exhibit with a celebration and artist reception on Friday, October 12, 2012 from 5:00 - 9:00 pm.
Work will post in preview mode by October 8, and will be available for purchase starting Noon on Friday, October 12, 2012.

A very VERY good day...

Well it's not often in my life that I get the rockstar treatment by being flown across the country for an awards ceremony, so I savored every moment. The Canadian Clay and Glass sure does put on an amazing show. I was beyond honored to be shortlisted for the Winifred Shantz Award, and to top it off an extra special treat was to have the keynote speaker be none other than Jack Sures, a Canadian Ceramic treasure, and one of my very first ceramics professors. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that he is a huge part of the reason I am doing what I'm doing today. It was fantastic to have sometime to enjoy his retrospective exhibition at the gallery, a must see if it tours anywhere near your hometown.

This little piece of mine was up in the gallery when I got there! (yeah!)

And here I am with the incredibly talented Eliza Au who took home the top prize.
Many Congrats Eliza! 

All in all not too shabby a day. I meet some lovely people, soaked in some wonderfully encouraging words about my work and had a full 24 hrs of quiet away from the family which was enough quiet to fill my mind with newly inspired ideas for some new pieces...

A huge thanks to everyone at the Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery for all their dedicated hard work and support of Canadian Ceramics. Beautiful gallery, amazing staff, wonderful experience. And thanks to everyone who sent me such lovely words of encouragement over the last few weeks. Your support and kind words mean the world to me. Cheers!