Monday, 30 May 2011

Arts Journey Ceramic exhibition call for entries.

The Eastern Cape branch of Ceramics Southern Africa will be curating an exhibition of ceramics at the restored Athenaeum building in Port Elizabeth. This exhibition will run alongside the 200 Artists Exhibition. The launch of the book of the same name will take place at the opening on 17th June 2011.

The Arts Journey is an initiative incorporating numerous Art venues which will be staging exhibitions as part of the National Arts Festival Fringe Programme.

Entry form can be downloaded here

Delivery of works: Monday 13 June between 9am-4pm.
Venue: Athenaeum, Belmont Terrace, Central, P.E.
Opening Function: Friday 17 June @ 6pm.
Closing Date: 31 July 2011.
Collection: Monday 31 August 2011
Entry Fee: R20 per piece
Enquiries: 083 455 2138 or 041 504 3870.

Porcelain heart by saeta estudi

after the opening of roca barcelona gallery in 2009, roca - leader in bathroom solutions - has now unveiled its newest space in madrid with the collaboration of architects lamela and saeta estudi who have developed a large sculptural work within the window of the space.

via designboom

Monday morning eye candy - Jennifer Hager

via Lark & Key

Sunday, 29 May 2011

"To Go" Call for entry

Mendocino Art Center and ceramic artist, CHRISTA ASSAD, invite you to submit images for a national juried exhibition entitled, “To Go,” a statement on today’s fast-paced, particularly American on-the-go style of dining, working, multi-tasking, etc.

Open to interpretation, the theme, “To Go,” hopes to inspire both vessel and sculpture creation, from the obvious flasks, thermoses, car cups, lunch boxes, things with lids, wheels… to the more outrageous or unpredictable. The possibilities are endless – surprise us!

October 15 Entry Deadline

For more details download the PDF here.

Friday, 27 May 2011

Job posting - Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery

Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery Website:

Position Facts:
Title: Executive Director, Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery
Location: Waterloo, Ontario
Term: Full time – 37.5 Hours a week
Salary range $70,000 to $90,000
Start Date: As early as July 1 2011, no later than September 1 2011

Position Description:

  • The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery is seeking an Executive Director (ED) who will lead the organization in an exciting period of renewal.
  • The ED is responsible for the successful leadership and management of the organization according to the strategic direction and policies set by the Gallery's Board of Directors.
  • The ED is accountable for the development and implementation of strategies that enable the Gallery to fulfill its vision, mission and goals, for effective operation of the Gallery and care of its collection.
  • The ED will actively develop and execute fundraising initiatives and be able to create and maintain strong relationships with private and public sector partners.
  • The ED will be the public face of the Gallery. The ED will be responsible for outreach, engagement, collaboration and advocacy with community groups, funders, politicians, and other organizations to help achieve the goals of the Gallery.
  • The ED will provide strong leadership in the areas of governance, administrative and financial management functions.
  • Through a team of senior staff, the ED will be responsible for the overall operation of the Gallery including, but not limited to, its exhibition space, retail shop, education and volunteer programs.


  • Leading a public gallery in the midst of a strategic renewal.
  • Developing sustainable funding sources.
  • Problem-solving and setting priorities in a fast-paced, complex and evolving multi-stakeholder environment with multiple competing deadlines and competition for resources.
  • Exercising judgment in identifying issues, modifying plans as business conditions change, assessing courses of action and developing recommendations.


  • Minimum 5 years management in a similar position.
    Demonstrated track record and ability to:
  • develop effective community and donor relationships and secure gifts and sponsorships; and
    develop and maintain creative and successful partnerships, evidenced by teamwork and collegiality, within and beyond the organization.
  • Excellent leadership qualities and outstanding skills in team-building, meeting management, facilitation, and public relations.
    Passion for the visual arts.

  • Position Dimensions:
    Direct Reports:
    • Curator
      Director of Education
    • Retail Sales Manager
    • Development
      Marketing support
    • Bookkeeper
  • Annual Revenue: $850,000
    Active Members: Approximately 375
  • Annual Visitors: 20,000 with a goal to double within 5 years
  • Key Funders: Canada Council, Ontario Arts Council, City of Waterloo, Region of Waterloo, small group of significant sponsors/donors.

Submit application by May 31, 2011 to:


Martin Finestone, Vice Chair, Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery

50 Queen Street North,
Suite 1020, P.O. Box 2248
Kitchener, Ontario
N2M 6M2, Canada

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Overthrown: Clay Without Limits

Opens June 11, 2011

Overthrown: Clay Without Limits brings together regional, national and international artists who push the boundaries of clay to create large-scale installations that respond to the dynamic architecture of the Daniel Libeskind-designed Hamilton Building. The majority of the twenty-five participating artists will create site-specific artworks.

Highlights include a large-scale ceramic and found object sculpture by Linda Sormin that utilizes the colossal, slanted wall in the Hamilton Building atrium; an installation of clay flakes, each around 300 pounds, by Neil Forrest; a 23-foot chandelier by Jeanne Quinn; and a tiled enclosure with freestanding elements by Anders Ruhwald.

Overthrown also includes a sampling of smaller ceramic objects that acknowledges that other means, besides size, can challenge expectations of the material.

Find out more at the Denver Art Museum Website

Reminder: 2012 Invitational "Push Play" Call for Submissions

The 46th Annual NCECA Conference, “On the Edge”, will be held in Seattle, Washington at the Washington State Convention Center, March 28 – March 31, 2012. In conjunction with the conference, The Bellevue Arts Museum will host the 2012 NCECA Invitational “Push Play” from January 19 to June 17, 2012.

Detailed information and Online Submittal form: Available Jan.12, 2011
Online Submittal deadline: July 5, 2011 (midnight EST)
Acceptance notification: August 1, 2011
Contracts and Statements due: August 15, 2011
Delivery of accepted work: Before December 19, 2011
Installation: December 20 – January 18, 2012
Exhibition dates: January 19, 2012 –June 17, 2012
Return of work: After June 17, 2012

For all the details and submission info please visit the NCECA website here.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Master Class: Ceramics with Tony Natsoulas

When:Sat, June 18, 2011 10:30 AM - 3:00 PM
Where: Crocker Art Museum - Sacramento
Categories: Classes for Adults , STUDIO ART & ART HISTORY CLASSES


Rooted in Pop and California Funk with a little Baroque and Rococo thrown in for fun, Tony Natsoulas has been a pillar in Northern California contemporary ceramics for 25 years. With more than a dozen public art commissions, 12 years teaching experience, and artwork in museum collections from the Crocker to The Museum of Contemporary Ceramic Art in Shigaraki, Japan, Natsoulas offers a global perspective on ceramics today. In this dynamic one-day master class, participants will have the opportunity to experiment with and practice various strategies and processes used to create large–scale ceramic forms. Natsoulas will share examples of his work and demonstrate techniques that explore both historic and contemporary processes. As a student of Robert Arneson, leader of the famed Davis TB-9 group, Natsoulas will also be able to take students into the Crocker’s galleries for a unique look at the work of Arneson, Robert Brady, Roy DeForest, David Gilhooly, and Clayton Bailey. This class is limited to 12 students and includes a short break for lunch.

Date: Saturday, June 18
Time: 10:30 AM – 3 PM
Fee: $145 Members, $165 Nonmembers
Supplies: Included
Instructor: Tony Natsoulas

To register for this class, download and complete the registration form.

About the Instructor:

A professional artist for more than 25 years, Tony Natsoulas is known for his large scale, humorous figurative ceramic sculptures. He is a graduate of the MFA program at University of California, Davis, where he studied at the TB-9 ceramic studio with Robert Arneson, the artist that put figurative ceramic sculpture on the map. Since graduating he has been showing in galleries and museums around the world and has been commissioned to do several public and private sculptures in bronze, fiberglass, and ceramic.

Crocker Art Museum - Website

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Steve Harrison - Precious Little

Opens: 6–8pm Wednesday 1 June 2011
Closes: 5pm Saturday 18 June 2011

I'm including some of Steve's text on the works as I find it very interesting and relevant to the understanding of his incredible work.

"These works that I have created for this show are very small and intimate. They are like little gems - jewels from my kiln, from my life. They are created as part of an attempt to live an honest life of commitment to art, creativity, and compassion, while being environmentally aware and caring.

My bowls are as perfect as I can make them, but they are not perfect, they are just what they are. They represent me at this time and place and in this way they are deeply flawed. They are also as perfectly beautiful as I can make them, however it is a strange beauty of imperfection, such that they have to be accepted as they are, with all their beautiful faults and flaws. So here am I and this is my work. These bowls are neither perfect nor imperfect, not beautiful or ugly, they represent neither success nor failure, they are just what they are.

They are not complete until they are handled, held gently, cupped in your hands, used and really explored through the intimacy of the mundane rituals of sharing food. That is when they come alive, in your hands, when you sense their weight and balance, the feel of lip on lip. Each one has a story embedded in its form and surface. It’s not obvious, it takes time to explore, but it is a rewarding tale to be discovered by the patient pilgrim. They are most complete when they enter another’s story and start to share what they embody.

These few objects are all that there is to show for my year’s work. Precious little return for my year’s efforts. For this show I have concentrated on working with the naturally occurring native porcelain stone that I discovered locally just over one hundred moons ago. All the work was fired in my hand-made potters kiln constructed from my own firebricks that I fashioned myself from local clay. They were then fired with wood grown locally and glazed with my luscious, soft melted and slowly fused glazes that I created from the same porcelain stone as the pots and then mixed with other ground up stones and ashes, collected and prepared from within my immediate locality. Working with these specially selected materials has allowed me to create these tiny, light and delicately pale objects that glow in the sun. They are a direct product of me in my environment. I have been thinking about how I can live more gently, causing as little damage as possible, while living a creative life. Creating objects like these is part of my answer.

Nothing in life is ever certain, although I sometimes wish that it was. The use of locally collected rocks and stones adds extra layers of uncertainty to any perceived outcome. There is a natural variability inherent in the use of small lenses of clay and tiny volcanic dykes and sills. Added to this the variations in collecting methods, and the natural seasonal variability of such fickle and capricious materials as wood ash makes replication of any bowl virtually impossible. This choice of method and material suits my quixotic ways. It is this particular combination of approach and circumstances that make these works mine and I rejoice in their singularity.

These are the last bowls to be fired in my old kiln. This old kiln has given good service over the past decade or so but the effects of the continual exposure to the flying wood ash at such very high temperatures has dissolved a lot of the surface of my inferior hand made firebricks causing them to spall and degrade to the point where they were crumbling away. I enjoyed working with that old kiln, it allowed me to create work of great charm and subtlety.

I am never sure how my efforts will reward me. I try not to think about it too much and just accept the consequences of my actions. However, I do keep careful notes, and in this case I apparently made good choices and this specific ‘flame lens’ design was very productive in facilitating some lovely wood fired ceramic qualities.

This beautiful old kiln having served me well, has recently been demolished and a new hand-made kiln of a different character has replaced it. I also built this new kiln from self-made fire bricks fashioned from my local refractory bauxite clay, this new design will inevitably create works of a slightly different nature, so these bowls are the last of their kind.

Creating works like these is one of the ways in which I am attempting to make sense of my life. These bowls are some of the way-markers of that life. They represent me and my work, here and now. They are part of my artistic language with which I describe and share this precious little part of my existence."

109 Riley Street,
East Sydney NSW 2010
Tel: (02) 9331 2556
Fax: (02) 9361 6871
Hours: 10am–5pm Tues & Sat, 10am–7pm Wed to Fri

The work in this exhibition can be viewed at
Find out more about Steve Harrison on his website

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Upcoming events: Cousins in Clay



Bruce Gholson and Samantha Henneke
3306 US Hwy 220 Business

Excitement abounds here at Bulldog Pottery. We are surrounded by clay and glazes and filling our kiln with Moka glazed pottery for the upcoming "Cousins in Clay" pottery weekend. All of us at Bulldog Pottery are looking forward to the two day event featuring Jack Troy, Peter Lenzo, and Michael Kline.


Memorial Day Weekend
May 28 Saturday 9-4
May 29 Sunday 10-4

Michael Kline's Brushwork Demonstration
Saturday 2:00-3:00
Sunday 1:30-2:30

Jack Troy just returned from Australia as a presenter on a panel at the Australian Wood-firing Conference. He is a renowned potter from Pennsylvania, ceramics author, teacher, and poet.
Creative energy is clearly unlimited for Pennsylvanian potter Jack Troy, who weaves his productive life around his passion for ceramics. He has taught over 185 workshops, written 2 books about clay, a book of original poems, published over 60 articles and book reviews, and won awards, all while producing a constant stream of pottery in his Pennsylvania studio.

Peter Lenzo from Columbia, SC reexamines the southern pottery face jug tradition, by creating his autobiographical head sculptures. We think you will enjoy these incredibly intricate and quirky sculptural interpretations of this Southern regional art form.

Michael Kline from Bakersville, NC is known for his floral brush imagery that gracefully wraps around his wood-fired pottery forms. Michael is our perennial co-conspirator with Gholson-Henneke's annual "Cousins in Clay" event. Look for a Mountain Cousins event in the near future.

Bruce and Samantha of Bulldog Pottery specialize in iridescent crystalline glazes and imagery that reflect their interests in the natural world.

Please read more about the potters at Cousins in Clay
And call if you have any questions- 336-302-3469



Jack Troy



Peter Lenzo



Michael Kline



Samantha Henneke



Bruce Gholson


A recap:
May 28, Saturday 9-4 / May 29, Sunday 10-4

Michael Kline's demonstration Sat 2-3 / Sun 1:30-2:30

Details at Cousins in Clay
Call if you have any questions- 336-302-3469

Read about "Cousins in Clay" Carolina Arts Unleashed

Accommodations for our Local Area can be found under Places To Stay on our "Cousins in Clay" website.


Follow along with our blog to find out what is happening at Bulldog Pottery. If you are curious how this grouping of pots will turn out, return throughout the week for updates.

"Read All About It at"
"Around and About with Bulldog Pottery"

P.S. Tom Gray will have a pottery show & sale called Osmosis on Sat-May 28 & Sun-May 29; and Donna Craven will have her kiln opening the same weekend as well.

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Residency opportunity (electric kiln only)

The Department of Visual Arts at the University of Western Ontario invites applications for an Artist/Scholar-in-Residence to take place from September 01, through December 31, 2011. The Residency celebrates contemporary art and innovative scholarly research in art history and visual culture. The competition is open to artists and scholars at any stage of their career; emerging artists and junior scholars are encouraged to apply. Deadline for applications is June 15, 2011. The successful candidate will be provided with a $5000.00 stipend, a paid one course teaching allocation, assigned studio or office space, and an exhibition or public lecture opportunity in the Department’s ArtLab Gallery. To apply please send a brief statement outlining your interest in and suitability for the Residency, along with a CV, and a portfolio of work (images, audio/video files, etc), or an outline of a current research project and writing sample to:

Joy James,
Ph.D. Chair
Department of Visual Arts
John Labatt Visual Arts Centre
The University of Western Ontario
London, ON N6A 5B7

Telephone: 519-661-3440 • Fax: 519-661-2020 •

Julia Galloway - exhibition and workshop

Opening Reception
Julia Galloway
Saturday May 21st 5:00-7:00 p.m.
May 21 - June 19, 2011

Julia will doing a workshop May 21st 10:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.
Please contact Civic Arts Education in Walnut Creek for details
(925) 943-5846 /

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Yours truly on the radio

This morning I woke up and prepared myself for something that I like to think of as my closest call with rockstardom. I was being interviewed on CFCR, our local independent radio, on a show called The A Word, which is produced by artist/critic/academic Bart Gazzola. So much fun to head out to the radio station with all the butterflies in my stomach and attempts at sounding intelligent floating around in my mind. It's always so difficult to sum up your work in to quick snippets, one liners. Especially when it's a body of work you've been developing for 6 years. Well I did my best to try to do a bit of justice to the exhibition and hopefully more people will go check it out in person.

If you've got some time please grab a beer or a cup of coffee and have a listen.

zSHARE - AWord.may.18.11.mp3



Faculty Position Vacancy



Camosun College, Victoria BC

CLOSING DATE: June 3, 2011 Part-time Term Faculty Position

August 30, 2011- December 19, 2011

The Visual Arts department in the School of Arts & Science requires an instructor to teach two ceramics classes in the 2011 fall semester.

Typical academic responsibilities for instructional faculty at Camosun College include a commitment to higher-education best practices in the areas of teaching, service to students, collegiality, operational, professional development and community involvement.

Applicants should possess a master’s degree in ceramics and/or visual arts and have teaching experience in ceramics and other visual arts disciplines or an equivalent combination of education and experience.

Salary is commensurate with education and experience. We would like to thank everyone in advance for applying, as only those selected for an interview will be contacted.

Please reply in confidence by June 3, 2011, quoting Y11-12 with your resume, student evaluations, copies of undergraduate and graduate transcripts quoting posting to

For detailed application instructions, please click here. Camosun College is an Equal Opportunity Employer

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

2012 NICHE Awards Competition: Student and Professional Craft Artist categories

-The NICHE Awards competition is open to professional craft artists over the age of 21 who reside in America or Canada and are actively involved in the design and production of craftwork supplied to galleries and/or craft stores.

-The NICHE Student Awards competition is open to any craft student residing in and attending an American or Canadian undergraduate, graduate or certificate arts program.

Submitted work must have been produced or introduced after August 31, 2010 to be eligible. Work previously submitted to the competition will not be accepted. Artists may enter as a student for up to one (1) year after graduation; however, work submitted must have been produced while an artist was still a student. Professionals may only submit work produced within the U.S. or Canada. Work produced in secondary studios within other countries may not be submitted.

NICHE magazine reserves the right to merge categories that do not accrue an appropriate number of applications.

The only way to enter the 2012 NICHE Awards or 2012 NICHE Student Awards is by completing an application online. Paper applications will not be accepted.

One application per artist is allowed. Each application allows for up to three pieces of work to be submitted; no more than two pieces may be submitted in the same category. The competition is judged on a per piece basis, not on an application basis. It is therefore possible to be up to a three-time winner. Artists may enter in either the professional division or student division, not in both. Entries must be submitted by the artist in the artist’s name, not in the name of a company or school.

No additional images showing detail will be accepted for jurying. The image photo submitted may be enlarged by the judges to see detail. Each image must be a separate piece of work and show the work in its entirety. Applicants may not enter an individual piece in more than one category.

Installation art will not be accepted in any category. Entry fee.

For more complete information:


Deadline: September 30th, 2011

via Bay Area Art Grind

Monday, 16 May 2011

Monday morning eye candy - Hiroe Hanazono

I stopped in to visit my sister today to discover that she had a most wonderful gift for me. Much to my delight she had bought Hiroe Hanazono's tumblers for me from the Handmade for Japan auction. So today's eye candy is particularly lovely as I get to look at it and enjoy it in person too!

View more gorgeous work here.

Saturday, 14 May 2011

A weekend away.

nice wood stack for the kiln

It's been quiet around here for a few days I realize. Forgive me I took a break and went out to recharge my batteries. Not the computer ones, but the ones for my soul.

Matt taking a technology break

Peter attaching handles

The last few days I had the amazing opportunity to attend a workshop with Matt Long, Peter M. Brondz, and Robin Dupont. Organized by the most generous of potters, Martin Tagseth, the last few days consisted of a small intimate group of us taking over Martin's studio and sharing studio tales, experiences and knowledge.

Some of Matt's thrown cups

Robin altering a beer tumbler

For me it was a reminder that I've been in the studio alot lately, nose to the grindstone. I should have let up and had a break after my show went up at the Mendel, but instead I've gone straight into production for 4 upcoming market sales. Perspective was offered up to me this weekend. A reminder to live in the moment; the wealth and value of a life lived following your heart; and the necessity of amazing friends that understand you on a variety of levels. Old friendships were re-established, new ones formed, debates and conversations around the kiln fire offering the usual late night insight that one misses when alone in their isolated studio.

Robin and Matt finishing up some gorgeous teapots

My desire to one day return to throwing (someday....fingers crossed) was definitely re-kindled by the immensely talented artists, inspiration and insight into how others forge the path of a life in clay gave new perspectives and faith in my personal choices. And a late evening walk in the surrounding prairies invigorated my love of this land where I was born and raised.

sunset over the farm yard.

I've returned to the city, a little changed, a lot the same, in need of a good sleep, but most importantly immensely thankful to everyone that made this weekend happen.

Cheers to Martin, Mark, Peter, Robin and everyone!

A special treat for me was to see a cup of mine that i'd traded with Martin was getting some good use. Always nice.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Michigan Ceramics Show Call For Entries

Posted by: The Anton Art Center
Deadline: 05/31/11

The Anton Art Center is accepting submissions for a juried exhibition highlighting the talent and sophistication of ceramics across the state. Juror is Benjamin Teague. Open to artists 18 and up residing in Michigan. Work submitted must be original and completed in the past two years. Each artist may submit a maximum of 5 pieces. No entry fee! Non-cash awards will be given.

Work must be ceramic-based media and ready to hang/install. To submit, send completed entry form along with CD/digital images of your work (jpeg files - 72 dpi, no larger than 1500 pixels, maximum of 3 views per piece). By post: Anton Art Center, 125 Macomb Place, Mount Clemens, MI 48043. By email: *MUST BE RECEIVED BY MAY 31.

Jury Results: June 8th
Receiving All Artwork: June 15–19th
Exhibition Dates: June 24–July 29th
Closing Reception: July 29th, 6–9 pm
Artwork Pickup: July 30–31st

For more information, call 586-469-8666 or email
via college art association

Monday, 9 May 2011


Summer 2011

The University of Regina’s Department of Visual Arts is seeking artists to fill

project based Resident Artist positions for summer 2011. The length of residency

will be determined by the applicant’s needs within the period of May 23 - August rd

12 , 2011. Each position offers: free studio accommodation and limited access to the

facilities and equipment, dependent on need, experience and availability. In

exchange the Resident Artist agrees to volunteer their time to be available to

students on an informal basis, while in studio and to present their work in a group

format for the Art for Lunch series in the fall of 2011. Resident’s will also be

invited to participate in an exhibition at the Fifth Parallel Gallery in September of


For application to the program, a description, with sketches where

pertinent, of the project or projects you would like to engage in while at

the University is required.

Applications from all artists are encouraged but priority will be given to University

of Regina alumni. Applications will be juried by the Visual Arts Lecture and

Residency Committee: Please snail-mail or email a letter of intent, CV and

documentation of approximately five recent works with project descriptions and a

SASE, if you require your application material to be returned, by May 20th to:

Visual Arts Lecture and Residency Committee

Department of Visual Arts – RC247

University of Regina

3737 Wascana Parkway

Regina, SK S4S 0A2

For further information, or to send your application electronically, please contact:

Professor Sean Whalley


(306) 585-5581


Professor Leesa Streifler



(306) 585-5529

Vince Pitelka Workshop in Nevada City June 13 - 17 2011

Come join us for Vince Pitelka's 5 day Ceramic Surfaces Workshop in Downtown Nevada City, hosted by Rene Sprattling and Brad Carter. Vince has been a studio clay artist for 40 years, teaching clay since 1986, the last fifteen years at Tennessee Technological University's Appalachian Center for Craft, one of the best fine-craft studio facilities in the nation.

For the general philosophy and structure of Vince's workshops, go here.
You may also go to: Developing Ceramic Surface for more in-depth information.

Cost: $395 includes first 50#'s of cone 6 clay.
Registration: Class size is limited to 12 students so please register early.

For more details please visit the website here.

Monday morning eye candy: Debra Oliva

via Red Lodge Clay Center

Sunday, 8 May 2011

Matter of Clay III - Fundraising campaign

Want to contribute to a good cause promoting the dissemination of Canadian Ceramic Art?
Please visit the link here to see how you can get involved with helping The Matter of Clay III Catalogue come to life.

For more details and background please read the following written by Jonathon:

The Jonathon Bancroft-Snell Gallery has been working hard to promote Canadian ceramic art at a national and international level. In 2001 we had our first major exhibition titled Matter of Clay. It was the largest national ceramic exhibition to take place in over 30 years. It was a great success for the artists who were represented. Matter of Clay II followed in 2006 and this year Matter of Clay III will open August 4th, 2011In 2010 we won the prestigious NICHE award for marketing. This in itself was remarkable as we have never had the funds to launch a major advertising campaign. Instead we have relied on our website and that most potent advertising vehicle; word of mouth.

Promoting Canadian ceramic art is my passion. It also provides me with my living and provides many ceramic artists with a significant portion of their living. Many artists have said that we have sold more of their significant exhibition pieces than any one in their career. Some of those careers span almost sixty years!

An important tool needed for collectors interested in Canadian art is documentation. It was for this reason that I sponsored a series of ClaySpots interviews and had them uploaded to YouTube. This year for Matter of Clay III we want to produce a catalogue so that the artists will have documentation of their participation in Matter of Clay III. The catalogue will be a permanent record of the artists who participated and the works they exhibited. It will also provide much needed documentation of artists' marks; the identifiers that indicate who made the work and often when it was made.

The result will be a minimum one hundred page catalogue. My goal is to produce a noteworthy document, profusely illustrated that will serve as a legacy and testament to the talented Canadian artists participating in Matter of Clay III. In 2000 I began the gallery with a $7,500 overdraft. The gallery has flourished by staying true to my concept the Axis of Art that is: The respectful understanding of the relationship that is the triad of Creator-Connector-Collector.

I realize that that to continue to advocate for clay artists I need some help. That is the reason I am using this forum to reach out in hopes of raising the funds necessary to produce this catalogue. If I was a publicly funded gallery it would not be an issue. The truth is I am not. I need help with this. I have arranged some perks for those who help make this happen.

Canada is a large country. I believe that it is important that Canada wide events such as Matter of Clay III happen. It is events such as this that serve as a linchpin to keeping us united. If you want to help and it is not possible to do so monetarily then act as an ambassador for Canadian art and forward this to anyone you feel may be interested in getting the word out.

Thank you and please if you are in the neighbourhood; Stop by and visit the gallery. We are located in London Ontario at 258 Dundas Street!

Thank you


Thursday, 5 May 2011

Upcoming conference : Tile and Architectural Ceramics

June 24-26, 2011
Seattle, Washington
Presented by Potters Council | Hosted by
Artisan Tile Northwest at Seattle University

Joe Brecha and Simon KoganNadine EdelsteinRobin HopperPeter KingAngelica Pozo

Joe Brecha, Nadine Edelstein, Robin Hopper,
Peter King, and Angelica Pozo

Learn More

Mark Your Calendar and Register Today!
Space is Limited
Only 16 Spots Left

Deadline to SAVE $50 ends in 4 Days
on Sunday, May 8, 2011

Register Now