Thursday, 1 September 2011

Kang Seung Chul Workshop - Traditional Korean Pottery Methods.

Kang Seung Chul will demonstrate traditional and contemporary Korean pottery making including coil and throwing large forms.

Please join us for a rare learning opportunity.
September 17th 10am to 5 pm

Stoneware Studio 778 Corydon Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Registration fee $40 or $30 for students.
Lunch will be provided.

To register, call 475-8088 - numbers are limited so please register early.
For more information call David Krindle at 688-5361


Lisa said...

Gorgeous. Are there any online resources re: Kang Seung Chul? Would love to see more/learn more about the work.

Thank you!

Karen E. said...

Great day! Thank you for facilitating this workshop. It was a real treat to see how another culture works with clay.
Karen E.