Friday, 25 February 2011

Forming Words

guest speaker Emily McCulloch Childs of McCulloch & McCulloch

Text on ceramics has a long and rich history, from ancient pictograms scratched on clay tablets to provocative works from the conceptual art movement of the 60s and 70s. Forming Words is an exhibition designed to explore and articulate ideas within this popular movement in ceramic practice.

Ceramic art has the ability to communicate without words, through touch, sight and use, making the decision to incorporate text a deliberate and potentially provocative choice. Eight Australian ceramicists exhibit works that explore how the written word furthers our appreciation of a three dimensional artwork, merging text and form to convey a cohesive idea.

Exhibiting artists: Jane Walton, Connie Lichti, Kylie Johnson, Mel Robson, Jan Downes, Ingrid Tufts, Wendy Hadfield-Smith, Sarit Cohen

Curators: Ingrid Tufts and Sophie Milne

via Pan Gallery


Nikki said...

Can any of the work be viewed online?

carole epp said...

Not that I've been able to find. Maybe contact the gallery directly.