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Call for entry - ARTE LAGUNA PRIZE 2010


The International Prize "Arte Laguna” starts the new edition with the goal to promote young contemporary art. Remaining consistent to the original purposes of its two creators, Laura Gallon and Beatrice Susa, Arte Laguna Prize continues its course as "incubator of Italian and international young art", with the will to discover new talent, to support emerging artists in promoting their creativity and to develop their careers.

Continuing the path opened in 2006, the Prize, organized by the Cultural Association MoCA and Arte Laguna, highlights the peculiar ability to innovate and renew itself. It gained importance an value in a few years in the contemporary art system and it achieved a great success in the 2009 edition, with 5.500 participants from more than 90 different countries, and almost 5,000 visitors for the main exhibition of the 180 Prize finalists, which was successfully completed in Venice on 31st March. This collective exhibition was the first of a series of events involving most of the finalists in personal and group exhibitions organized by galleries and partners held in Italy and abroad during all the 2010.

The next edition of the Prize is enriched with two new sections - Video Art and Performing Art - which are additional to those established: Painting, Sculpture and Photographic Art.
The final exhibition - which displays the 110 finalists selected by judges – is scheduled in March 2011, involving again the prestigious venue of the Arsenal of Venice.
In particular, the Prize presents three main innovations. The first one is represented by a special prize, the Press award, whose jury is composed of seven journalists from the art field: Daniele Capra (Exibart), Elisa Delle Noci (Artkey/Teknemedia), Lorella Pagnucco Salvemini (ArteIn), Cristiano Seganfreddo(Innov(e)tion Valley), Chiara Somajni (IL Sole 24 Ore), Gloria Vallese (Arte), Maurizio Zuccari (Insideart). The second one is the Special Prize "Artist in Residence", assigned to the artists choosen between finalist ones and it provides three artist's residencies with the specific intent to promote and encourage the creativity of young artists. Finally, there is the Special Prize "Tina B", in collaboration with the same festival in Prague, dedicated to performance. Moreover the Special Prize “Open Arte Communication” that offers the partecipation to the XIV edition of the International Exhibition of Sculptures and Installations that will take place in Lide of Venice during the Venice International Film Festival.

Surrounding the figure of the main curator of the Prize, the art critic Igor Zanti, the Jury presents new important art professionals for increasing new perspectives in the selection of works: Gianfranco Maraniello - Museum Director MAMbo Bologna; Chiara Barbieri - the Guggenheim Foundation in Venice; Matteo Zauli - Director of the Museum Zauli in Faenza; Luca Panaro - art critic; Ludovico Pratesi -
Director Visual Arts Center Pescheria in Pesaro; Rossella Bertolazzi - Director European Institute of Design in Milan; Maja Skerbot - art critic and curator; Valentina Tanni – art critic and one of the founders of Exibart; Monika Burian - Director of the International Festival of Contemporary Art Tina B in Prague.

Also for its fifth edition, the Prize offers Special Prizes in collaboration with the Galleries Partners, a network of more than 30 Italian and foreign galleries, that host personal exhibitions for the selected artists among the finalist ones.

Moreover the Prize can start new and unexpected synergies between the contemporary art world and the companies through the Special Prize “Business for Art”. In this new edition it will start a new collaboration with RE-IL enterprise, in the real estate field, that offers the Special Prize “Reil for young talents”, a stay in Brazil for one artist that will work in a resort for making it an unique artistic space.

The deadline for apply is the 10th December 2010, for online applications.
More information on

Monday Morning eye candy - Davis-Vachon Gallery

Feast your eyes on more here.

Friday, 26 November 2010

A site 2 see friday - puls contemporary ceramics

From their website:
"puls contemporary ceramics

is the only gallery in brussels exclusively dedicated to ceramics. the gallery stages around eight exhibitions annually, showing the best of international contemporary ceramics, with a special focus on denmark. the gallery is divided into two spaces, whereby the main space will typically show works of established artists. The second space is where young, promising talents are given a platform, people who will put their stamp on the next generation of ceramics. in both spaces, puls contemporary ceramics is committed to pressing its finger firmly against the thumping pulse of the 21st century"

Here are just a few of the many amazing artists that show at puls. Grab a cup of tea, well maybe an entire pot this morning, there's lots of amazing images to look through on puls's website, enjoy!

cathy coëz

Jussi Ojala

Enno Jäkel

Yoshimi Futamura

Mieke Everaet

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Call for participation - FOREVER A Collaborative Exibition

You are invited to join FOREVER, a Tampa NECEA exhibition that
connects the archival nature of clay to the poetic and preposterous
nature of a FOREVER* postage stamp. Ceramic material provides us with
some of our oldest records of history. The FOREVER stamp offers the
possibility of imagining an equally distant future.

Please send us just a bit of wet clay. The journey through the postal
system will leave its impression on the material. These marks become
a tale. We will fire your impressions of the journey, archiving the
process. Your bit of clay will join others and the collection will
form the FOREVER exhibition at The Train Station and the Morean Arts
Center for Clay during the National Council on Education for Ceramic
Arts conference in March.

Post by December 15, 2010.
* The US Post Office offers FOREVER stamps, good as First Class
postage FOREVER regardless of price hikes or other unforeseeable

Entry Fee: One Postage stamp
Jury acceptance rate: 100%

To participate:
1. Measure ONE ounce of wet clay, slightly smaller than a walnut.
2. Prepare it in any way you wish and wrap in plastic.
3. Place in an envelope with one FOREVER stamp (or other appropriate
amount if you are from outside the US).
4. Mail to: FOREVER
c/o The Train Station and The Morean Arts Center for Clay
420 22nd Street South, St Petersburg FL, 33712
5. Note type of clay and/or cone temperature on envelope.
6. Post.

If you are an educator, please consider spreading the word to your
class/students/fellow instructors/etc. For more information contact
Robin Lambert at or Amber Ginsburg at

Amber Ginsburg and Robin Lambert

Call for instructors

The Crucible, an educational non-profit collaboration of arts, industry and community located in Oakland, CA, is accepting applications from talented individuals with excellent skills to help expand their curriculum and faculty base. Some previous teaching experience is a plus, but more important is a passion for your work and for sharing it with others. They are looking for enthusiastic individuals with top skills in the industrial and sculptural arts: welding, metalsmithing, jewelry, blacksmithing, claymation, kinetics, neon, woodworking, glass, foundry, ceramics, stoneworking, fire performance and more.

The Crucible faculty is comprised of Bay Area artists, tradespeople, artisans and educators teaching innovative classes to students of all ages, experience levels and areas of interest. The Crucible seeks a staff of broad diversity and strongly encourages women and people of color to apply. The Crucible is an equal opportunity employer, and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, age, gender, national or ethnic origin, religion, sexual orientation or physical disability.

To learn more about our vibrant community visit

If you can see yourself teaching a class at The Crucible, click here to download an application form and apply today!

Deadline: December 31st, 2010

Address: 1260 7th Street; Oakland, CA

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Out of Hand - This weekend in Victoria

Find out more here on their website.

Here's the list of great Canadian ceramic artists participating:

Adelle & Sid Samphire
Samphire Pottery

Dave Clark & Marlyn Turner
Quasimodo Pottery

Darrell Perfumo
Westcoast Gnomes
Porcelain and stoneware sculpture

Elan McPherson
Flavour Design Studio

Gordon Hutchens
Gordon Hutchens Pottery

George Pearlman
St.George Pottery

Joan Kagan
Joan Kagan Pottery

Leslie Mackenzie
Hands on Design

Margit Nellemann
Margit Nellemann
Handbuilt ceramics

Paige Kearns-Coull & Mariko McCrae
Blackbird Studios

Rachelle Chinnery
Rachelle Chinnery Porcelain
Carved Porcelain

Cathi Jefferson
Cathi Jefferson
Functional and sculptural salt-fired stoneware

Call for Canadian Artists, Galleries & Publishers

Are you ready to expand your reach to the U.S. and International art markets? For decades, Artexpo New York has helped to launch the international careers of Canadian artists, galleries and publishers from Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal and other Canadian cities.

Artexpo: A Gateway to the US & International Markets

The world’s largest fine art trade show for 32+ years
Over 300 exhibitors from 20 countriesOver 15,000 attendees
Attended by thousands of qualified trade buyers, art dealers and collectors from across the country.
Unmatched education seminars for artists, gallery owners and trade professionals

New York City: Location, Location, Location 18.8 million residents
The most populous metro area in the US
The #1 city in the country for art sales
Home to more artists, galleries, art institutions, art lovers, collectors and industry professionals than any other city in the world

Pier 94 – New York’s Celebrated “Art & Design Pier
Elegant, gallery-style venue with hard walls
Home of the Armory Show & Architectural Design Show
Professional signage, VIP lounges
Easy move in/ out
Shipping & packaging station
Exposure & Effective Marketing Get noticed, with Artexpo’s aggressive, multimedia advertising & PR campaign, including: Complimentary ticketing with Architectural Digest Home Design Show
10,000 VIP passes distributed through exhibitors
Online advertising via over 20 prominent media outlets including,, & more
Online & print advertising campaigns with high-profile publications such as NY Times, New York Magazine, Time Out New York, Art World News, Art Business News & many more
Active blogging & social media — over 20,000+ fans on Facebook & Twitter

We make it easy for Canadians & internationals to exhibit.
Over the decades, Artexpo has offered hundreds of Canadian artists a smooth, seamless exhibition.
Whether you have questions about:
Freight forwarding
Visa processing

We can direct you to the appropriate party and help you arrange the details. Sara Vesely, our Canadian Sales Representative, has 20 years of industry experience and can answer all your questions.
(440) 899 – 7115

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Canada Council Visual Artists Project Grant Applications

Deadline to apply: DEC 1

Project Grants support professional visual artists who contribute to contemporary visual arts for research/creation, production, and career development. The project must be significant and advance the long-term artistic practice, dissemination of the artist’s work, or career development of the applicant at a key moment in their career.

There are three types of project grants:
- Research/Creation: This type of grant allows for a period of independent research at a key moment in the artistic practice of the applicant. The project must demonstrate the capacity to advance the artistic practice of the artist.
- Production: This grant supports production costs of one or more works where there is at least one confirmed public presentation of the work(s) in a professional visual arts context. The project must demonstrate the capacity to advance the career of the artist.
- Career Development: This grant supports the development of an artist’s career through development activities and/or the growth of a professional network with partners such as critics, curators or art dealers. This can be done in conjunction with the development of tools such as websites, portfolios and small monographs. The applicant must demonstrate that the project occurs in a key period with regard to its impact on the progression of his or her career.

Applicants may apply to only ONE of the above project grant types per deadline.

For additional information, please consult the Canada Council for the Arts website.

Call for Entry - Two by Two: Small-Scale Ceramic Sculpture Biennial

The Two by Two: Small-Scale Ceramic Sculpture Biennial is open to all artists eighteen years of age and older. Artworks must be original, completed within the last three years, and not have been previously exhibited at Eastern Washington University. Entry fee.

Media: Small-scale ceramic sculptures. The height, width and depth of a work may not exceed two feet in any direction, and the weight may not exceed 100 pounds. All work must be received ready to install. Wall hung sculpture must have proper hanging devices attached. If you have any questions regarding your entry, contact the gallery.

: Rain Harris received a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Ceramics from Rhode Island School of Design and a Master of Fine Arts from Ohio State University. Harris has exhibited in numerous national and international exhibitions including eleven solo exhibitions.

For more details on the call, information on entry and entry form, see prospectus: prospectus

Deadline: December 10th, 2010

Monday, 22 November 2010

Monday Morning eye candy - Nika Stupica

In her words:

"I was born in Ljubljana, Slovenia, on 22nd of march, 1975. I discovered love for ceramics early in my childhood, as I was digging clay from a stream nearby, making animal figures and then firing them in our heating kiln. Unsuccessfully, of course. I was 7 years old. Then later, after some courses in primary school, drawing in secondary school, real ceramic study started with experimenting in ceramic studio on Academy of educational art in Ljubljana , where finally I graduated from ceramics. Now, I am working mainly with porcelain and stoneware. I make my own plaster moulds and I am slip casting. In my studio in Ljubljana you can find fine porcelain for everyday use, porcelain installations from numerous exhibitions, both Slovene and international, and also beloved jewellery, also made of porcelain and silver.

My love for porcelain is because of its whiteness, translucency and seeming fragility, sometimes it does not need any colour or even glaze.

Because ceramics is sum of different fields, such as art, design, physics, chemistry and technology, is so complex I can never stop learning about new techniques and materials. We can never say that we are at the end of ceramics."

Find out more about Nika's gorgeous work here.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Oh dear...

is it Friday already? Oh dear indeed. I just realized I haven't posted since tuesday and have no site 2 see friday post for you all today either. Sadly it a sign of where my head is at these days. Craft sale mode. We got buried in with snow all day yesturday which is going to make my car packing and uploading today a bit hectic and well, bloody cold and wet. Hopefully the crowds of shoppers won't stay home.

Today is sale number 3 of 5 and it's a big one. I'm honored to be included in this year's Artisans. There's going to be so much great stuff there it'll be hard not to spend my hard earned dollars. Do stop by if you're in the area.

And I promise i'll stop being a blog slacker as soon as craft sale season is over....

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

jaime hayon x choemon gama

"tradition is not just repetition, but is made with layers of present moments.
spanish designer jaime hayón has designed a range of porcelain tableware for traditional japanese porcelain company choemon, in collaboration with japanese product design brand maruwakaya.
for the first time on show in tokyo earlier this month was the 'kamide choemon - gama for jaime hayòn collection', a series of tableware with delicate japanese ornaments, elements freely interpreted and translated by hayon into actors of a contemporary table setting scenery."

via Designboom

Medalta - Upcoming Deadline + Artist talks

December 1st is the next deadline to apply for the Medalta AIR program.
Find out more about how to apply for the residency here.

On Thursday, November 18 (7:00pm), three visiting artists to Medalta's Artists in Residence program will be giving presentations on their work at Medalta's Shaw Centre.

Rachael Kroeker is a Manitoba-based artist who is wrapping up her very successful four-month residency.

Koi Neng Liew is in the first stages of a twelve month residency, as is Xanthe Isbister.

For more information on the artists, please see the attached Artists' bios for Xanthe and Liew.

If you have any questions, would like visuals or would like to set up an interview with the artists, you can contact:

Quentin Randall - Marketing Coordinator
Medalta, in the Historic Clay District

Sunday, 14 November 2010


Position Announcement: Tenure Track Assistant Professor in Ceramics
Deadline: January 15, 2011 for full consideration or until filled.
Start date: August 16, 2011

Department and University:
The Department of Craft/Material Studies is one of 15 Departments, within the School of the Arts at Virginia Commonwealth University. The department specializes in five media areas: Clay, Metal, Wood, Glass and Fiber. We offer both breadth and depth across the media areas and have one of the few departments in the nation to offer all five craft disciplines at the BFA and MFA levels. Our MFA program in Ceramics is currently ranked 12th in the nation by U.S News & World Report. (Fiber is ranked #4, Glass #5, and Metals #10.) We have over 120 undergraduate students, 15 graduate students, 7 full-time faculty members, and several adjunct faculty.

The School of the Arts is comprised of over 3000 students at the undergraduate and graduate levels and 15 nationally recognized programs in design, visual and performing arts. U.S. News & World Report ranks the School of the Arts as the top public university art school in the nation. Virginia Commonwealth University is an urban university with over 27,000 students located in Richmond, Virginia. Richmond is two hours south of Washington, D.C. and is situated between the Blue Ridge Mountains and the Virginia/North Carolina coast. Richmond is the state capital and home to numerous historic sites; it functions as a visual arts, design and performing arts center regionally and nationally.

We are seeking a dynamic teacher, creative colleague, broad thinker, and technically skilled artist/designer who specializes in Ceramics. The successful candidate will teach 5-6 courses per year including instruction of graduate students across all five disciplines; do service on Department, School, and /or University committees; advise students; maintain and build an active exhibition record; help to manage and facilitate the ordering of supplies for the Ceramics studios, and work collaboratively with members of the department and School of Arts to foster a progressive atmosphere for exploring the arts. The faculty member will be required to have an established research agenda and a clear potential for external funding, as appropriate, and potential for scholarship or creative expression to complement and expand existing expertise in the department(s). In addition, the faculty member must have demonstrated experience working in and fostering a diverse faculty, staff, and student environment or commitment to do so as a faculty member at VCU.
This is a fulltime 9-month position.

• M. F. A. or equivalent in Ceramics or related area.
• Successful college level teaching preferred.
• Familiarity with contemporary art history and art/craft theory.
• Ability to teach beginning and advanced students in contemporary art practices and design applications in Ceramics.
• Proficiency in teaching a wide range of aesthetic, conceptual, and technical aspects within Ceramics
• Evidence of national/international career profile and active exhibition record.

Application: Deadline January 15, 2011 for full consideration or until filled
• Letter of application
• Curriculum vitae
• Teaching philosophy and strategies
• 20 images of student work with description of assignment (may be submitted digitally as PowerPoint presentation)
• 20 images of personal work (may be submitted digitally as PowerPoint presentation)
• 3 references names, addresses, phone numbers, email, and titles
• SASE for return of materials
• Send to:
Allan Rosenbaum
Ceramics Search, Chair
Craft/Material Studies
Virginia Commonwealth University
P.O. Box 842522
1000 West Broad Street #239
Richmond, VA 23284-2522
Telephone: 804-828-1477

Virginia Commonwealth University is an equal opportunity/affirmative action employer. Women, minorities and persons with disabilities are encouraged to apply.
VCUarts | Craft / Material Studies
Virginia Commonwealth University
Virginia Commonwealth University, with two main campuses located in Richmond, Va., offers more than 200 degree programs, 65 of which are unique in Virginia. The VCU Medical Center provides state-of-the-art patient care and research opportunities in more than 200 specialty areas.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Objects for Domestic Use: Alleghany Meadows and Sam Harvey

Exhibition runs Nov 20th - Dec 19th

Opening Reception: Sat. November 20th 5-7:00 p.m.
Artist Talk 5:30

WORKSHOP: November 18 & 19th, 9:00am-3:00pm
Exploring Form with Sam Harvey and Alleghany Meadows
1000 Hensly Creek Rd. Ukiah, CA 95482

This is a 2-day demonstration workshop featuring two distinct approaches to conceiving and constructing with clay. Sam Harvey will demonstrate his innovative coil building techniques. Alleghany Meadows will demonstrate his techniques working with porcelain, both on and off of the potter’s wheel.

Cost for this workshop is just $10 per day with a potluck dish to pass (additional $5 without). For more information, please call 707-468-3087

Regular Business hours: Wed - Sun 12:00 - 5:30
510-540-8729 /

Friday, 12 November 2010

Video from Breaking Boundaries exhibition @ the Gardiner.

With none other than Canada's newest ceramic art award winner Brendan Tang who just received the Winifred Shantz Award from the Canadian Clay and Glass Museum. See more about that here.

Voyager Art and Tile Open Studio Holiday Sale

Red Deer
Nov 13, 9am - 7pm

Voyager Art & Tile is openning up the doors of our studio for a one day Holiday Sale. This Saturday November 13th from 9am - 7pm. Stop on by to our Open Studio featuring our complete line of decorative tile, some new holiday ornaments and a few sculptures from both Dawn and Brian.

We’ll have the place all gussied up, the mulled cider on and ready to do some demonstrations about tile making. If your not away for the long weekend and need a little break in your day, please stop on by. If you know someone who might like to see some locally made art and in need of some sweets and cider, please send them over! Cheers!

Dawn Detarando Brian McArthur
Voyager Art & Tile
RR # 3 Red Deer, AB
T4N 5E3

A site 2 see friday - The art of the future

The Art of the Future: 14 Essays on Ceramics

Read it here.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Call for entry: Bi-Annual Juried National - Red Lodge Clay Center

Submission Deadline: January 28, 2011
Exhibition: May 6-May 29, 2011

Red Lodge Clay Center is celebrating five years of success with the introduction of a Bi-Annual Juried National. It is our mission to provide a place for professionally minded ceramic artists to create new work and share the collective importance of art in our everyday lives. The Center hopes to extend our mission by showcasing the most current and thoughtful innovations and practices in the field of ceramics today.

Juror's Choice Award $500
Director's Choice Award $300
Curatorial Choice Award $200

Click link for Prospectus:

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Sakuraba Gallery: International Artist Competition and Exhibition

Sakuraba Gallery, located in Sendai, Japan, announces their international art competition to recognize the best artists from outside of Japan. The artists that are selected to exhibit will be brought to Japan from their home country to attend the opening reception. Airfare, cost of hotel stay for up to ten days, and a small group tour of Sendai are included. Meals and spending money are not provided.

The competition is open to artists 18 years of age or older world-wide. However;
-Artists must not currently reside in Japan or have resided in the past for longer than two years.
-Artists cannot be Japanese citizens or hold duel citizenship with Japan and another country.
-Publishers, galleries, agents, and collectors may not submit artwork on behalf of artists.
-All works submitted must be original in design and concept. Artwork must not be copied, in part or wholly, from any published or copyrighted work. Artwork based upon a copy-written work for the sake of parody or critic is acceptable on a case by case basis.

Eligible media: Drawings, paintings, printmaking, photography, digital art, sculpture, installations, ceramics, fiber art, wearable art, jewelry, and mixed media.
Media not accepted: Video/film and live performance pieces.

All entries must be received by January 1, 2011. 12:01pm JST.

For link to online entries and more information:

Saturday, 6 November 2010

On my chirstmas wishlist...

"Celebrated artist and paper-cut genius, Rob Ryan AKA Mister Rob makes intricate and delicate papercuts painstakingly cut by hand. Both wistful and whimsical, Rob Ryan freely admits his pictures and stories are unashamedly there!"

Pre-order them here.

Friday, 5 November 2010

A site 2 see friday - The Watershed 2010 Fall Online Auction

The Watershed 2010 Fall Online Auction is now open. The auction will run from November 1, 2010 to November 16, 2010, and supports the efforts Watershed has made for more than 20 years - serving artists by providing time and space to work in clay!

Artists from across the globe are donating artwork, books and services, for your bidding pleasure, as well as to support the important place that Watershed holds in the world of ceramic art. As you browse the auction items, remember that when you begin placing your bid today, you are not only bidding on an extrodinary piece of art, you are supporting future opportunities for artists at Watershed!

A small shipping fee will be added to each winning bid, and to the Buy Now price of those taking advantage of the "Buy Now" feature. Shipping ranges from $15 for small items to $50 for large/heavy items. Please contact Watershed if you have questions regarding shipping costs.

Visit the auction here.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

The things you can find on ebay...

Large Funk Art Ceramic Sculpture by David Gilhooly

The art fair dilemma.

For too many of the years that i have been working as an artist i have gone back and forth with my desire to participate in/my need to participate in/my questioning of the value of art and craft markets. I have spent some of those years avoiding them completely and focusing on gallery exposure, but then there are years like this year that i have applied to as many as i figured i could handle.

This in turn equates to a reality of 4 christmas sales in just over a month. And just when you think that the theme song from the tv show intervention should be playing in my head and friends should be stopping by to question my sanity; i've accepted a last minute spot in yet another chirstmas sale.

This one in a concert arena. This one with likely the largest crowd of them all. This one at the end of all the other sales when fingers crossed I'm not just left with odds and ends. But this was the year that I said I was going to give it my all, take my lumps, smile the smiles needed to close the sales and in the new year look to see if it all payed off or not. Then and only then will i address the potential need for plan B.

It seems only fitting though that the following video is making it's rounds on the internet, mocking me and my positive outlook, reminding me of the often sad and true reality of craft sales (especially the glitter part), and wishing i had just stayed in bed a bit longer as that would likely have put me further ahead in the end... : )

So i would like to ask all of you your thoughts on these sorts of sales. Does it really get better once you've done the same sale a few years in a row? Does it pay off for you in the end? How far are you willing to travel for a sale? Or do you stick close to home? And what sorts of "drinks" do you need to get you through the long hours?


New work by Grace Nickel

Grace Nickel, a new assistant professor in Ceramics at the School of Art, recently saw her sculpture Donors’ Forest unveiled at the Beechwood National Cemetery of Canada in Ottawa. The piece was commissioned for the entrance-way to the new Memorial Centre that opened at the Beechwood Cemetery in 2008.

(* note i couldn't get a large enough image of the piece discussed, sorry)

Her sculpture, consisting of a series of porcelain tree trunks resonant of birch trees, includes a seven-foot tall, forked tree sitting in the centre of her Donors Forest. The tree mimics the Y-shaped wooden columns in the Memorial Centre’s Sacred Space.

“For my Donors’ Forest, I chose to work in the tradition of the commemorative tree. The inscriptions on the trees’ surface commemorate the soldiers, poets, politicians, and the cultural diversity of the Canadians buried at the Beechwood Cemetery,” Nickel said in her artist’s statement.

The piece simultaneously exudes a warmth that the viewer finds inviting, a place, perhaps, to find solace. But the austerity of subject ultimately interrupts the onlooker’s reverie, forcing her to reflect on a different set of emotions.

“The commissioned piece recognized the generosity of donors who made the new Memorial Centre possible, but for me it also had to commemorate the contribution of people who have gone before us. I’d say what was most poignant for me was the recognition of the young soldiers in the military cemetery.”

Images of monuments in the cemetery have been transferred onto the tree. Nickel inscribed lines from a poem by Archibald Lampman, a quote from Tommy Douglas’s epitaph: “Courage my friends, ‘tis not too late to make a better world,” and excerpts from John McCrae’s In Flanders Fields, in English and French. There is also an image of the entrance marker to the Chinese section of the cemetery as well as leaves and other plant matter Nickel collected on the cemetery grounds embedded in the porcelain; the organic matter burned off in the kiln-firing, but its impressions remain.

via link

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Call for Tiles for “Rawson in the Bicentennial” Ceramic Mural

Entry Deadline: December 31, 2010

Open to bicentennial themed ceramic tiles no larger than 16 x 16 in., no smaller than 8 x 8 in., and not thicker than 4 cm.
Mural Rawson en el Bicentenario, Centro Cultural José Hernandez
54 02965 485564

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

A show I'd love to see...

Archie Bray at SOFA Chicago

The Bray is a nonprofit educational organization dedicated to the enrichment of the ceramic arts, located at 2915 Country Club Ave. in Helena, just 1/3 mile west of Spring Meadow Lake. Galleries are free and open to the public.

Contact us at 406/443-3502 or go to our web site at