Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Red Lodge Clay Center Residency Opportunities

In order to suit the needs of a variety of artists and maintain an atmosphere of momentum and diversity, the Red Lodge Clay Center offers two residency options. Year-long residencies run from September 1st through August 15th. Short-term, proposal based residencies ranging from one to eight weeks, are considered from October 1st through July 31st. Please submit separate applications if applying for both residency options.

The year-long residency is ideal for committed individuals in transition from post baccalaureate studies to graduate school, as well as those pursuing the development of professional artistic careers. Self-directed ceramic artists searching for the time, space and resources needed to explore new ideas and create new work will enjoy the rural mountainous setting. Accepted residents will be provided with studio space, housing, utilities, and a monthly stipend in exchange for twenty hours of work per week at the Clay Center. Responsibilities will include assisting in the retail operation of the gallery, teaching community clay classes, as well as cleaning and maintenance of the studio and gallery. Residents will be responsible for personal living expenses, as well as all material and firing expenses.
The application deadline is February 1st.

The short-term residency is ideal for the ceramic artist who is working to complete a special project requiring one to eight weeks’ time. Accepted short-term residents are provided with studio space and 24 hour access to the studio. Fully furnished apartments are available for $350.00 per month or a prorated basis congruent with the scheduled residency. Short-term residents will be responsible for personal living expenses, as well as all material and firing expenses.
The application deadline is January 1st for residency proposals running March 1st through July 31st. The application deadline is August 1st for residency proposals running October 1st through February 28th.

The Red Lodge Clay Center welcomes applications from ceramic artists who will thrive working as a team, in a community minded atmosphere.

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Jesse Lu said...

Oh I love Red Lodge. This is my mom's town and it is so charming. The mountains are beautiful, the trees and creeks and wild life are all so inspiring and the open space is just perfect for clearing your head. I hope I get the chance for a short term residency there in the future.