Thursday, 31 December 2009

Artist of the Day: John Pickelle

I can't believe it, the last post of 2009! Thanks to everyone of you for such a great year.

Just a reminder that if you want to increase your chances of winning a piece in the giveaway you have limited time to add some comments to the "artist of the day" posts. You've got until midnight on the 1st of January to get your comments in.

Well we end this year with some incredibly beautiful and contemplative work by Jim Pickelle. Since I just received a website link as Jim's submission I've chosen a few of my favorites to share with you, and today we'll just let the work do all the talking...

You can find out more about Jim and his work through his website and blog.

Wednesday, 30 December 2009

Artist of the Day: Eva Gallagher

There is something about this small creature inside of Eva's pot that is so compellingly sweet to me. All I want to do is curl up inside of a gorgeous object like that and see the world from the inside out. Enjoy today's pots


In 1968 when a painting course was cancelled I ended up taking a substitute – Raku. Clay, I discovered, had much more potential for creative expression. Through the 1970’s and 80’s I worked with stoneware and electric kilns, and sold my functional work at craft shops and fairs in the Ottawa Valley in eastern Ontario.

After a 15 year hiatus, I returned to ceramics in 2002 with a renewed vigor to explore more varied work. Today I work mostly in cone 10 reduction, in porcelain and stoneware, focusing mostly on one-of-a-kind functional pieces. Working with gas has made me re-evaluate my work and I find techniques such as stamping, carving and appliqué the most satisfying.

In 2008 I signed up for the year-long journey workshop with U.S. potter Steven Hill. As a result of studying with Steven I find my work is becoming more focused and contemporary. He has given me the courage to freely transfer my ideas and emotions into clay.

After decades of work I feel that maybe my pots are finally beginning to talk and sing to me - and truly satisfy me."

"Artist’s Statement

Through my ceramic pieces I strive to give outward expression to my inner feelings about various issues facing us today. At times it feels we are in an irreversible death spiral of consumerism, conflict, over-population, and environmental degradation.

I trace my enjoyment of clay appliqué back to childhood when my teacher would illustrate stories with felt board cutouts and I would spend hours cutting out paper figures. Now it is my turn to tell a story about what moves me, using clay, glazes and my creative and artistic expression. I find that the exacting detail required in working with appliqué challenges my skills. The design has time to evolve as it is being constructed, giving me time to explore my feelings, with the end result frequently surprising me.

Life is not always happy and cutesy as illustrated in children’s stories. There is always an opposite dark side. As in my ceramic works, we may choose not to look at it unless we deliberately make an effort to do so."


1967 – B.Sc. Zoology – McGill University

1968 – 1982 – member of the Deep River Potters Guild and self-directed learning with workshops Bob Bozak, Ken Cumberland, Sam Moligian, Keith Campbell and others.

1980 – 2002 – Public Affairs Assistant, Atomic Energy of Canada

2002 – returned to ceramics

2005 – Deep River Library Arts Juried Show – 2nd prize and Hon. Mention in 3-D

2006 – Valley Arts Council Professional Juried Show – 1st prize and Hon. Mention in 3-D Media

2008 – Valley Arts Council Professional Juried Show – 1st and 3rd prizes in 3-D Media

2008 – 09 Taught children’s pottery workshops at the Killaloe Youth Group, the Golden Lake Algonquians Cultural Centre, and the Arnprior Recreation Department. Workshops were sponsored by a Ministry of Culture grant via the Deep River Potters’ Guild and focused on aboriginal pottery.

2008 - 09 Steven Hill Journey Workshop – currently halfway through this year long study with Steven Hill.

Work available at: From the Valley Artisans Co-op in Deep River

The Red Canoe Gallery in Wilno.

Make sure to check out check out Eva's blog, if anything to have a look at the fish plates, which I think are my favorites.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

NCECA - 2010 International Residency Programs

NCECA announces International Residency opportunities for all NCECA members. In 2010, NCECA will support three International Residencies. The first residency program is in Jingdezhen, China at the Sanbao Ceramic Art Institute. The second opportunity is in Skaelskor, Denmark at the Guldagergaard - International Ceramic Research Center. Our third partner is Zentrum Fur Keramik in Berlin, Germany. All residencies are approximately one month in length, to occur between July 2010 and June 2011. Deadline to apply February 15, 2010.

Artist of the Day: Robert Young

I can hardly believe that artist of the day month is almost sad! What are we going to do without our gorgeous daily dose of ceramics? I'm just not sure...

Well lets not dwell on it yet and instead enjoy today's treasures by Robert Young. I love the carved lines in the first image.

Robert just graduated this month from the University of Guam with a double BA - Secondary Education, and Fine Arts/ Ceramics. Congratulations!

He says; "I am not what you would call a traditional student, as I started my freshman year at the young age of 50. Here I am 3 years later, ready to start a career as a certified teacher for high school, in ceramic arts. I started with painting and drawing, and still love doing them, but really had to work at it to produce anything worth looking at. Then I took a ceramics class, and discovered that I could get lost in time at the wheel. Several times I missed a whole day of classes, thinking I was just taking advantage of a two hour break between classes!"

Ha, I know that feeling all to well. I missed many a class in college distracted in the clay studio, and spent many a late night ignoring the clock, my hunger, the security guards and any common sense to fuel my clay addiction. It's completely worth it in the end!

Make sure to stop by Robert's website for more of his great work. The address is

Monday, 28 December 2009

Call for artists: "URBANIA"

Luke & Eloy Gallery, Pittsburgh PA

URBANIA looks to provide insight into a range of issues related to the urban environment. We are interested to explore how artists view the change that has occured in metropolitan areas over time, how they see cities and towns functioning today, and how artists would like to see challenges of the future addressed.

We are interested in commentary on economic and social issues, political realities and how U.S. cities and suburbs function in the 21st century.

All media are welcome, including all craft media, as well as video, audio, and photography.

Opening: Saturday April 10, 2010 11-5
Exhibition Dates: April 10 - May 22, 2010
Deadline for Submissions: February 20, 2010
Delivery of Artwork to the gallery: by March 20, 2010

For more info contact the gallery and check out their website here.

Call for entry - Young Ceramists Tile Competition



To support young ceramists, increase cultural partition and contribute to contemporary ceramic art within the annual Spring Festival organized by Usak University.




  • Associate degree, undergraduate, graduate degree and Arts Proficiency (doctorate) students of ceramics and tile departments of University Academies and Fine Arts Faculties and equivalent Faculties in Turkey and abroad can participate.
  • The size must be 15X15 cm and the thickness must be 1 to 5 cm.
  • The works must be fired and glazed.
  • The participant’s work will adjust to ceramic techniques and materials. Pieces with less than %80 ceramic work will not be accepted.
  • Each participant can participate with only one piece.
  • Name, last name or signature must be on the right corner of the tile not to exceed 3x1 cm.
  • The works will not be returned.
  • The tiles selected after the evaluation of the Jury will be exhibited on the wall built in Usak University 1 Eylul Campus ‘Art Park’.
  • The back sides of the tiles must be designed to be mounted on the wall.


  • The participants must fill the attached form in full and send or deliver it with the work until April 05 2010 to the mentioned address.
  • 300 dpi jpeg formatted picture of the work must be e-mailed or sent with the work.
  • The participants may follow their application from our web address.


  • Success Award – 1000,00 TL + Plaque + Success Certificate + catalogue
  • Special Jury Award – 750,00 TL + Plaque + Success Certificate + catalogue
  • Youth Award ( Café Lâl / Adem YALCIN ) – 750,00 TL + Plaque + Success Certificate + catalogue
  • Personal and Corporation Awards

* Participation Certificate and catalogue will be given to the artists who pass the jury evaluation and did not receive an award.


The Jury will meet and evaluate on Wednesday, April 07 2010 in Usak University Fine Arts Faculty.

The results of the competition and date of award ceremony will be announced in Usak University web site.

The tiles awarded and selected will be exhibited on the I. International Young Ceramists Tile Competition wall built in Usak University 1 Eylul Campus ‘Art Park’.and the awards will be handed at the opening and award ceremony.


The works must be delivered in person or sent by post or freight until April 05 2010 Monday to Usak University.

The responsibility of delay and damage cased in post or freight will not be accepted.

For more info check out the website or contact at the following:

Address: Usak Universitesi, Guzel Sanatlar Fampusu, 64200 USAK/TURKIYE

Telephone: 0.276.263 43 26 - 40 82


Artist of the Day: Rob Froese

Speaking of the wonders of Medicine Hat, today is another example of an artist who has worked at the Medalta AIR (I promise I'm not getting a commission for speaking so highly of Medalta) and who has since been returning to fire more gorgeous work in their soda kiln. I love the range, yet cohesion of the design elements in Rob's work. And I can assure you that they are even more lovely to behold in person. Today's artist is yet again more proof of the high quality of work found on the Canadian prairies.

Artist Statement:
Working with texturing and layering techniques, I make ceramic tableware (cups, bowls, slab plates) that is both sculptural and utilitarian.

Living in Japan for 11 years in close contact with Japanese culture and culinary customs has had a great influence on my life and work. Mainly, this experience has made me more aware of the importance of clay colour and texture in pottery in relation to the tactile experience of using a dish. Experimenting with local clays in Japan, Mexico and in my native Saskatchewan, as well as using prepared clays, I have centered my interest on the way the qualities of a particular clay and slip inspire surface form and function.

photos: Gabriela Garcia-Luna

Sunday, 27 December 2009

Artist of the Day: Elizabeth Burritt

Well if you haven't already spent your last earnings on boxing day blowout sales you should consider stopping by Elizabeth's etsy shop for some gorgeous ceramic jewelery. I'm so tempted....and I'm starting to wonder what is in the water in Medicine Hat as there is so much incredible work being produced there. I'd love to see these pieces in person as I'm sure the imagery is even more stunning in person.

Elizabeth Burritt is an artist and designer who has had the good fortune in the last 3 years to live by the ocean, in the mountains and on the prairie. Her practice includes such media as ceramics, textiles and graphic design and has come to involve creating human life in a recent collaborative project. She currently lives with her husband, daughter and dog in Medicine Hat, Alberta.

“My ceramic practice includes vessel making, sculpture and most recently jewelry. It’s heavily weighted toward surface considerations. Most pieces are made of unglazed porcelain with hand-drawn, monochromatic decoration. The imagery on my work comes from my immediate environment and has transitioned from urban to rural accordingly.”

etsy link:

(Congrats on that "collaborative project", Elizabeth. I'm sure it's keeping you busy!)

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Artist of the Day: Michael Angelotti

I really encourage you to go and check out Michael's website to get a more complete sense of his amazing work and process. The following images simply scratch the surface. Very cool indeed. There are some incredible macro shots of kiln formed crystals which I just love. I once did a series of ceramic works that I exhibited as macro photographs of the surface, but they don't hold a candle to Michael's work. Enjoy!

Images: 1 & 2: Dissolving Tendencies. 2009. Ceramic, Wood, Steel. 40” x 15” x 36

Statement: At our disposal are all the minerals of the universe, as they exist here on planet earth. The combination and recombination of these minerals into objects can only be limited by human imagination and vision. Through explorations in material, surface, and idea, I create works that are reflections on the beauty and power of the objects and textures that compose the natural world.

3&4: Entropic Adulation. 2008. Ceramic. 8ft in Diameter

My intentions are not to copy verbatim these forms and surfaces, but to use the energy they possess as a catalyst for expression and creativity. To create something beautiful and the start to finish process rooted in an idea, serves as a means of fulfillment and joy in my life.

5 & 6: Specimens. 2008. Ceramic, Wood, Glass, LED Lighting.
Piece consists of 48 individually lighted jars with a ceramic sculpture in each jar.
Each Jar measures 3 ½ inches in Diameter.

Bio: Just an everyday guy living the life I love. While pursuing a degree in Art History at Edinboro University, artist Steven Kemenyffy turned me on to ceramics and since then, it’s been my life’s work. After completing school with a degree in Art History, I continued to work closely with Steve in his studio where we wrote and received a grant for an exhibit called Terra Nova that was featured at the 2008 NCECA conference in Pittsburgh. In summer 2008, I was the studio assistant at Peters Valley Craft Center in Layton, NJ and directly after went to The Wichita Center for the Arts in Wichita, KS to be there artist in residence for a year. Now I am back in my hometown of Erie, Pennsylvania where my good friend (a lamp worker) and I have opened up a working studio and sales gallery called ‘Interglasstic Studios.’ We now work fulltime- creating artwork and promoting young, local artisans like ourselves.


Friday, 25 December 2009

Artist of the Day: Tracey Broome

Well I do hope that each and everyone of you are having a wonderful holiday season however you choose to celebrate it. I am finally in relax mode, no work for me for a few days at least, well that is except for sharing more beautiful work with you all. Enjoy today's eye candy hopefully you haven't filled up on too many treats so far today!

"I am a clay artist living in Chapel Hill, N.C. I combine wheel throwing and hand building in my work and fire Raku and cone 10 reduction. I teach hand building and Raku classes at the Artscenter in Carrboro N.C. and sell my work in local galleries and art festivals. In 2008 the Orange County Arts Commission awarded me an artists project grant for a gas/raku kiln. I have been experimenting with raku glazes for the past year and in August of 2009 I attended a Raku workshop at Penland with Steven Forbes deSoule. The metal stand for the pear was found outside the metal shop at Penland and the chartreuse glaze was a glaze we experimented with during the workshop. Chartreuse glaze Raku fired to 1950 f in an Olympic torchbearer gas/raku kiln"

Also check out Tracey's blog for more gorgeous work and info about her practice

Thursday, 24 December 2009

Special treat before christmas...

Today you get an extra artist of the day thrown in just for fun as I've been dying to share the work of Chandra Stubbs with you. I'm loving the combination of felt and clay.

These pieces are hand made needle felted Merino wool encased in extruded and hand thrown porcelain. Clear celadon glaze, gas fired to cone 9.

The following are slab constructed stoneware clay with paper clay and felt accents. Shino glazed with raw ash application, gas fired to cone 10 in a reduction atmosphere. Hand needle felted Merino wool accents.

Here's her bio:

"Over the past twenty years I have evolved from a third generation production potter to mixed media fine art sculpture. My current work combines stoneware and porcelain clay with my love of needle felted wool. I like the control and detail needle felting allows me. I am able to create wonderful texture and pops of color. The wool compliments the hard surface of the clay and I find the combination both familiar and comforting. I show my work at fine craft shows and art venues across the United States. I am a current member of the American Craft Council."

View her web site for current show schedule and more samples of her work.

Artist of the Day: Jaimianne Amicucci

Jaimianne's work seems fitting to show today as around the holidays it always seems that we take a few extra minutes to consider and do what we can for those less fortunate in the world and in our communities. I find this work to be quite striking and poignant. They stand as reminders of the bigger picture, about priorities. And are quite visually appealing as well. Enjoy and best to you all this holiday season.

Artist Statement
I find an object in nature, or a depressing image of a child and am inspired. As an artist I believe everything holds it’s own beauty and that beauty is my ambition to capture. Whether I work in my favorite mediums of clay and detailed wirework, or less appealing substances, like charcoal and oil paints, that bit of beauty is my goal. I favor creating more practical, useful pieces of work. I also like to focus closely on texture, my favorite element of design. My art is a display of intimacy with a researched object and my medium.

Artist Bio
I am currently a senior getting my BFA this spring from Finlandia University with a concentration in ceramics. My first solo exhibit was in 2008 titled “The Eternal Search for Truth”. I plan on perusing residencies in the near future and look forward to the adventure of traveling.

Best of luck with the completion of your BFA Jaimianne. Do keep us posted as you complete the work for the exhibition.

Make sure as well to check out Jaimianne's blog for more info about the work, and also because it's a great resource for info about residency opportunities.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Call For Entries ~ Resin Clay Art

Deadline is January 20, 2010

Clay artists and sculptors, mixed media artists and mad scientists
alike! Here is your call to join the Resin Revolution ~ we want your
artistic vision and willingness to experiment to show the world just
what is possible with the amazing properties of resin clay!
We are looking for resin clay art submissions for Kerin Gale’s
upcoming first book published by North Light Books.

There Are Two Ways To Be Published
This Call is a bit different than others you may have seen. There are actually two
ways to get into the book. One is to submit up to three pieces of your work
(with up to three images of each project). The other way is to tell us how using
resin clay has helped your progress in your artistic vision ~ basically a
testimonial. Any artist has the potential to be included one, two or three times for artwork and once for a testimonial.

Here is what you’ll need to know to enter your submission(s):
About Art Entries
Anything goes really! Your piece(s) can make use of the adhesive properties of
resin clay to hold other elements together, as actual elements or the entire piece
can be made of clay. The only real requirement is that some part of your entry
includes resin clay. Your piece can be jewelry or other wearable art, or can be
decorative or functional. Unique and well executed pieces are especially sought

Remember that submitting high-quality images with as much detail as possible is very important. The background should be plain so as to show your work in the best light with no distractions.
You may submit up to three entries with up to 3 shots of each piece. Submit only
images with good contrast and detail. Photos need to be at least 5” x 7” at 300
DPI and in a .tif or .jpg file format. File names should be your name and the
title of your piece, such as kerin-gale_cold-hearted1.jpg, kerin-gale_coldhearted2.
jpg, etc. Please also include in your email:
• Your name as you would wish it to be displayed, if accepted
• URL(s) of your website(s) or blog if you have one
• Title of your piece(s) or specify “Untitled” if applicable
• Dimensions (height x width x depth) and unit of measure (inches or feet)
• A short description of what you made and anything we should take note of.

About Testimonial Entries
Please keep the length of the testimonial entries at around 250 words or less.
Also include in your email:
• Your name as you would wish it to be displayed, if accepted
• URL(s) of your website(s) or blog (if you have one)
The “testimonial” entries will be included throughout the book along with your
name and web site (or alternatively an email address if you do not have an online

Submitting Entries
• All submissions will be accepted via email only. Send your individual
entry or entries to
• Because we may accept all or none of your entries please send a
separate email for each entry (up to four ~ three for your art work
images and one for a testimonial)
• There is no entry fee required for your submission(s)

PLEASE NOTE: If your entry is accepted, you will be notified by February
10, 2010. If accepted, you will be required to complete and sign a
“Permission to Publish” form.

Questions ~
Due to the anticipated response for this publication, entries with questions will be addressed only as time permits. It is strongly suggested that you read and
carefully follow the submission guidelines. If we need any additional information
it will be much more time effective for us to contact you.
• The brand of resin clay I use exclusively is from my
favorite formulas are Aves® ‘Fixit Sculpt and Apoxie Sculpt.
• If you have product usage questions about Aves® products, visit the FAQ
portion on their website or send an e-mail to
• If you have a favorite brand of resin clay and/or finished pieces made with
another brand of two part self-hardening epoxy (resin) clay you are
welcome to submit your entries.

Artist of the Day: Marney McDiarmid

Today is yet another example of how much Canadian ceramics rock! (yeah gotta back the home team!) I'm head over heels for Marney's work, so beautiful, delicate, strong and full of narrative. Just all round visually yummy!!! (i'm also coveting that stamp collection...) Make sure you check out her website as well for more images and info.

"Marney McDiarmid is a ceramic artist who lives and works in Kingston, Ontario. For more than a decade, she has created one-of-a-kind, slab-built pieces that are known for their grace, their whimsy and their unusual beauty."

Since the mid-1990s I have been creating one-of-a-kind, slab-built ceramic pieces that address my experience of the “natural” world and notions of femininity. The pieces are finely constructed to emphasize porcelain’s tendency towards translucence, highlighting the object’s fragility and sensuousness. I combine organic forms with other natural materials to create a quilt-like montage. The forms – bowls, vases, and other vessels – often hover on the edge of functionality, inviting and undermining practical use while compelling the viewer to slow down and find pleasure in the forms' abundant small details."

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Ceramic Workshop Ghana July 2010

An artists’ workshop that will be held in Ghana in July of 2010. The workshop will be hosted by Cross Cultural Collaborative, Inc. – an educational non-profit that encourages interaction between creative people from different cultures. The workshop will be held from July 11-24 outside of Accra, Ghana and will bring together artists, designers, and indigenous and contemporary potters from around the world. The workshop will be facilitated by Barbara Allen, an American potter and Kwao Adipah, a Ghanaian educator. The workshop itinerary will include: a visit to Vume, a traditional pottery village made famous by Michael Cardew, a visit to a contemporary ceramic studio, an opportunity to fire and build a paper kiln, visits to galleries and museums, a rare opportunity to work with indigenous house painters from northern Ghana.

Inquiries can be made to:

Artist of the Day: Smiling Cow Studio

In case you don't remember I first introduced you to Adrienne and Zack of Smiling Cow Studio back during April's Artist of the Day posts (see that post here). And by the looks of these images, they've been busy! I'm loving the new imagery on this work, quite different from the pieces I showed last time. Interesting choice of subject matter and interesting how both have gravitated towards imagery. I love the playful nature of this work and the elegant simplicity of the marriage of design and image.

Here's the bio:
Zach's formal training was at the Alberta College of Art and design. He lives in Maple Creek, SK, where he and his wife run Smiling Cow Studio, a small pottery run out of the covered in veranda of their 1914 house.
Zach works in porcelain, and enjoys letting the material dictate the form. He is interested in the dichotomy of rural and city; nature and industry. He uses iconic imagery to explore these themes.

Read more about Adrienne and Zack on their blog and make sure to stop by their online store.