Tuesday, 31 March 2009

Call for entry - History in the Making IV

History in the Making IV: Ceramic Traditions/Contemporary Pots

Deadline: 2 June 2009.

The Firehouse Gallery at Genesee Pottery is seeking original work incorporating historically-based design elements, themes, materials, applications, or trends.

Juried by Ron Meyers.

Dates: 18 September - 24 October 2009.

Contact: Kate Whorton, Genesee Pottery, 713 Monroe Avenue, Rochester, New York 14607.



Website: geneseearts.org.

Monday, 30 March 2009

oooh...just a little over a day before the "artist of the day" month begins... Are you excited? I am. It's funny though, probably 90% of the emails I received said "oh i'm sure you've already got your 30 artists"...guess what? nope, not quite. Been thinking about it, but didn't bother? Get on it!!! As I said I will keep posting until i run out of images, so send, send, send those images in! Other wise you'll get stuck with day after day of images of my work, I hate to threaten you with that, but there you go!

Saturday, 28 March 2009

Exhibition opening - Monsters by Hands - Thailand

Opening reception Saturday 4 April at 7.00 pm of the exhibition "Monsters by Hands". If you can't quite make it to Thailand for the opening you can check out the show in a few weeks at http://vipaust.multiply.com.

"The Thai Celadon, Chiang Mai, will be exhibiting a very unique and exciting series of work, created by the employees of the factory at Pongnoi Art Space from 5-26 April 2009 (close 12-15 April, during Songkran holiday). These one off hand made ceramic pieces have been crafted under the guidance and assistance of the factory's first artist-in-residence, a Thai-born Australian artist, Vipoo Srivilasa. Vipoo's stated theme for the work, “Monsters by Hands” challenge the perception of the typical factory products by blurring the concepts of handmade and mass production.

Vipoo also invited a local photographer, Jatturong Sartkhum, to document and help tell the behind the scene stories of the individual artists and their respective creative process.
This exhibition will be the highlight of the collaboration of Vipoo and Thai Celadon, and is part of the 50th birthday celebration of making Celadon wares."

161 Moo 5 Thumbol Suthep, Muang, Chiang Mai 50200
MOBILE +66 81 288 3908 | FACSIMILE +66 53 456 789
email: mail@trickthink.com | website: www.trickthink.com
Tuesday - Friday 13:00 pm - 06:00 pm | Saturday - Sunday 11:00 am - 06:00 pm

Friday, 27 March 2009

Emerging Artist Market

"Craft Victoria is pleased to be partnering with the City of Melbourne's, City Library to hold Craft Hatch – an incubator market that showcases the work of student and emerging designers. Craft Hatch is a rare opportunity for you to purchase the freshest, hand-made products direct from the designer; including homewares, jewellery, clothing, accessories, stationery and more.

Craft Hatch is held one Saturday a month at the City Library, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne, 11.00am – 4.00pm. Upcoming Craft Hatch diary dates are Saturdays 4 April, 9 May, 13 June and 11 July 2009.

Registration for stalls in May, June and July are now open to students and emerging designers looking to build their market confidence in one of Melbourne's busiest CBD retail precincts. The City Library is the centre for learning and creativity with up to 3000 visitors a day. The registration deadline for these three markets is 30 April.

For further information on Craft Hatch click here and to register click here. For even more information, email market@craftvic.asn.au."

Thursday, 26 March 2009

This is so on my birthday wish list!!! (could someone please tell my husband?)

Yummy yummy ceramic design! What a gorgeous book put out by Design Boom. You can buy one of the limited edition copies here, or check out images from the book here. There goes my morning...

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Conference - Creating A New Craft Culture

From the website:
"Is craft creating a new culture? The goal of this conference is to investigate the inherent contradictions between craft as a lifestyle and craft as a business. These contradictions are not new to craft. For many, making is a meaningful way of life, but the question is—How can the core values of craft play a role in future marketplace models?

Are we in a crisis? Or in a moment of transition to a new sustainable model that combines lifestyle and business? The whole world is changing—what is craft’s role in it? “Creating a New Craft Culture” will seek to pinpoint craft and the handmade in our constantly changing world.

* Featured presenters include: Dr. Richard Sennett, professor and author, The Craftsman
* Rob Walker, columnist for the New York Times Magazine and author of Buying In: The Secret Dialogue Between What We Buy and Who We Are
* Garth Clark esteemed curator, historian, scholar, and owner Garth Clark Gallery
* Dr. Sandra Alfoldy, Associate Professor, Craft History, NSCAD University
* Tom Patti, glass artist
* Julie Lasky, Editor-in-Chief, I.D. Magazine

October 15–17, 2009
Minneapolis, Minnesota

For further information please contact:
Monica Hampton
Director of Education
212.274.0630 x272

A bit of show and tell...

So I think I may have mentioned a long long time ago about a project I was working on for a group show that was to be a collaborative process with the other participants in the exhibition. Well we've been working for months and meeting here and there to talk about work and now I figured was as good a time as any to give you a sneek peek into the work I've been making for the show.

There was a lot weighing on my mind when I was making this work, trying to source inspiration from the processes and aesthetics of the other artists while remaining true to my own path, trying to experiment and loosen up in the studio, try new things, fail at them, start again from scratch. And all this with approximately zero time to do it in. I'm the first to admit I struggled, like really struggled with this one. I like to think I can blame it on the fact that I had little physical time in the studio (too busy running after the little one who is now running!) and little mental time as well. But the reality was also that I had been stuck on my path of production for a fairly long time now, not really changing my ways or my pots, but rather staying within a safe zone of what had been successful and gently pushing the boundaries of that in the making of new forms. So I came to realize that I really had to break out of the mold for this one. I looked to the other artists, one had a way of working that was so intuitive, quick and expressive, leaving marks, pushing clay around and challenging what our perceptions of process might be...why sure that drain on the studio floor was perfect for pattern making! why sure i can make pieces vary from thick to thin and use my elbow to open the bowl form. It was a dance, it was full of energy, and I had to find a way to jump in. Another artist's work was very methodical, very exact, very clean and some what monumental in presence, each piece commanding a fair amount of attention. Some where large solid geometric pieces, others simple bowl forms relating interior and exterior spaces. I had to be wary of my obvious attraction to clean lines and simplicity that was already pervasive in my work, so here I became drawn to the more solid forms, the weight of these solid pieces and the expectations we often have about ceramics and weight. The third artist for me posed yet another challenge. Her work brought in narrative components, deeply personal aesthetics, and a refined vocabulary about surface and glaze. Her work made me contemplate the relationship between surface and form in new ways, challenging me to not fall back upon old safety nets and to instead think deeply about the materials I was using.

In the end the works I'm showing you here which will be part of the exhibition are to me more a beginning than any attempt at an end. There has been so much to digest, so many different paths to follow and my practice has been shaken up in a pleasing way. These pieces resulted from my attempts to think more indepth about the throwing process. Each form was created on the wheel, but what I would do was center a piece of clay on the wheel and literally walk away from it for days. Stopping the process so early on, with out a form, without opening and raising walls, and even the physical removal from the piece meant that I returned to it without my preconceptions in mind, with a clean slate/mind prepared to look at this chunk of clay in a new way. I basically skipped out on the throwing part of the process. I wedged, I centered and I trimmed my work, sometimes removing over half to 3/4 of the clay that had been centered. I found the forms as a sculptor carving stone would, pulling them out, using tools to form them rather than the push and pull of my hands in clay. But that wasn't enough, I had a need to then remove the link to the horizontal wheel. I needed the works to dance, move off of the table top. I turned them onto their sides, I cut them.

The show is to be an exhibition discussing subverted utility. It's a lot to bite off and chew and then spit out in one piece. These forms are vases, vases for a single stemmed flower or branch. But they aim to be objects in and of themselves, sitting alone or in relation to each other. They are solid and weighty. They visually reference architecture and industrial parts, and the child in me attempts to screw them together somehow like nuts and bolts. They are still new to me, they are very slowly being digested. But they are only a beginning of something far more...i don't even know the word, but i'm certain it will take up it's fair share of my mental space and physical world. My mind already envisioning plaster molds and slipcast components... I like new beginnings, they are baby steps on a new path of investigation in the studio and in your practice. Sometimes they visually don't look that different from your previous work, but inside you know that they are worlds apart in thought and approach. I guess we'll see where it goes...your thoughts and critiques are always welcome.


Monday, 23 March 2009

Twittering away...

Well after long being harassed by my husband as to why I didn't twitter I've finally given up the fight and joined. I'm also working on a paper for a conference this summer (more details to follow) all about new technologies and the implications for a studio artist, so I guess it just wouldn't be right to talk about twitter without actually trying it myself...You can click on the link partway down on the right hand side margin to join the cult and follow my twitter. Anyone else out there twitter? Drop me a line either way, i'm curious what people think about the whole phenomenon.

If you want to know how I feel about it...check out this video. Nothing personal, I'm sure I'll get over it as I get addicted to it.

The Dragon Kiln Crosses Cultures with Jack Troy: An Anagama Experience

Starting April 16, 2009
Astoria, Oregon
Cost $250.00 US
Workshop Includes:
2 day in studio clay workshop with Jack Troy
Loading Anagama
Firing Anagama
20 pieces per person in Anagama
Traditional Shino Glazes
Bunk House and Camping at Kiln Site
Lecture by Jack Troy with music by a Traditional Koto Player
Dynamic Environment
Unloading and Critical Review with Jack Troy and Richard Rowland
For registration and additional information on workshop schedule please visit
or phone Richard Rowland at

New blog to check out.

Interested in connecting with other ceramic students? Sharing insight into your work and the school you attend? Well then you should check out a new blog that's just getting up and running:
Idioart Ceramic Art and Pottery Blog. Michael Arnold is the artist behind the blog and I reckon it's a great idea to link a community of students and artists in dialogue. Man I was just thinking how the world has changed since I was an undergrad...I remember having to get my first email address, and being so uninterested in this "new fancy" technology! Yet now undergrads have their own websites, online shops, blogs...wow.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

The Steve Show at NCECA

So there's no hiding it, I'm deeply jealous of all of you that are going to NCECA this year. I had these wonderful plans on attending, I figured it was about time again as the last one I was at was Portland. But alas other plans and a different trip coming up this summer have taken precedence and so hopefully next year will be the year. I'm the kind of person at NCECA that loves to spend most of my time touring the exhibitions; I've never been one, for some reason, not sure why, to take in the demos. I do love the talks though, always need more theory and provocative insight in my life and studio practice...

But anyway my point is that if you are one of the lucky ones going, may I suggest you take the time to check out the "Steve Show" aka Referents & Research - Functional Ceramics by Steve Godfrey, Stephen Grimmer, Steven Roberts and S.C. Rolf.

I'm a huge fan of Steve Grimmers work, and as for the other Steves... well they're fantastic as well (i just don't know them personally!)

Here's a blurb from the Duley-Jones Gallery website about the show:

"The exhibition explores the ways functional ceramics can be informed by the study of design, architecture, painting, and historical pots. The Steves are deeply committed to the value of craft and to making functional pots with a strong basis in research. While all four employ historical referents in their work, they do not simply appropriate or copy directly from history, but rather use their studies as a tool to strengthen conceptual and intellectual approaches to making functional objects."

Don't miss the artists' reception on Thursday April 9 from 7 to 9pm.

And keep your eyes peeled for a profile on Steve Grimmer coming up next month as part of the "one artist a day for the month of April", I can hardly wait for April...keep those images coming folks!!!

Friday, 20 March 2009

Are you an art star???

Who: 150 artists & live music all day
What: Affordable, unique, and high quality art and crafts. Free and open to the public.
When: Saturday, May 30th from 11-6pm & Sunday, May 31st from 11-6pm
Where: Philadelphia, PA @ Penn's Landing Great Plaza - on Columbus Boulevard between Walnut Street and Market Street
Check out all the info on their website including how to apply.
For more information, or questions, please contact: Megan Brewster or
Erin Waxman, info@artstarphilly.com, 215-238-1557

Call for entry - 30 Small Works

May 1, 2009 entry deadline

“2nd Annual 30 Small Works”
(June 24–August 7)
Open to work no larger than 20” in any direction.
Juried from digital.
Fee: $30 for two entries; $5 for each additional entry.
Alfred McCloud,
Gallery Up,
201 E. Main St. 2nd Fl.,
Rock Hill South Carolina 29730;
(803) 980-5355.

Call for entry - Portugal

Exhibitions: 18th July – 26th September 2009
Deadline March 30th

For all the info check out their website, english version here.

Av. das Comunidades Portuguesas

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Craft Australia - Job posting

Communications Manager

Craft Australia is the national peak advocacy organisation for contemporary craft and design. An attractive opportunity exists to join the organisation as the Communications Manager. This person will lead the national communications, marketing, and media strategy to build awareness of the craft and design sector and raise the profile of the organisation to members and stakeholders.
Reporting to the General Manager, you will be responsible for developing and implementing a communications strategy that proactively supports and enhances the key objectives of Craft Australia. You are responsible for brand identity, advertising, communication, the website and data and statistical analysis. With a key focus on keeping stakeholders well informed, you will build and maintain open relationships with all stakeholders including the media, commercial partners, and subscribers. A strategic thinker with an excellent understanding of the key issues associated with an arts advocacy organisation, you will develop and implement a communications strategy and manage staff to assist with its delivery.
You are a team player with a passion and initiative for developing and executing successful communication strategies and can demonstrate your ability to build solid working relationships. High level critical thinking, creative writing, presentation and interpersonal skills are essential, as are strong budget management skills.
You will need excellent project management and web based communication skills including measurement, analysis and reporting capabilities. To achieve these goals you will have at least five years experience in a high level communication position and relevant tertiary qualification.
The salary package for the position is $ 65,000 – 68,000 per annum. The position is offered on a three year contract basis renewable pending triennial funding. This is a full time position; however, hours may be negotiated.
Applications close COB Friday 27 March.
Further information is available on the Craft Australia website www.craftaustralia.org.au or contact Catrina Vignando, General Manager, Craft Australia on 02 6273 0088 or email catrina.vignando@craftaustralia.org.au

Craft humor

Here's a bit of craft humor that I ran across on Modish to brighten your day. (Beware of being blinded by the golden pants!) I think I've finally figured out why I get the looks I do and the totally unrelated questions when I tell people I make craft...

Modish is worth checking out as well, it's a nice design blog. They've also have a section call Modish Biz Tips that deals with all things self employed/small business related. Check out the recent post with the lovely and talented Karin Eriksson of Karin's Style Blog.

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Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Clay Studio Philidelphia – calls for artists

Clay Studio – calls for artists

Check out the Clay Studio in Philadelphia’s website for a bunch of opportunities such as:
Calls for exhibition proposals – deadline May 31st
Call for resident artists – deadline March 27th (postmarked)
Call for associate artists, guest artist in residence, Evelyn Shapiro Foundation Fellowship, Graduate student exhibition, curatorial call for entries and the clay studio shop.

Wow quite the list, should be something for everyone! And since there’s far too much information to list here, if you’re interested make your way over to their website for all the details and deadlines.

Contact: Jeff Guido.
Or Send proposals to:
Juried Solo Exhibition,
The Clay Studio,
139 N. Second Street,
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19106.
P: 215-925-3453.
E: jeff@theclaystudio.org.
W: www.theclaystudio.org/artist/.

Sunday, 15 March 2009

Oh!!!! How exciting, emails have been slowly trickling in with gorgeous pics that I can't wait to show you each and every day next month. Such lovely pieces so far and such lovely emails to receive, i'm going to do my best to find the time to email everyone back, since you're all just so darn sweet! In the meantime keep sending in your pictures (spots are still available!), and to tide you over here's some of the gorgeous work of Non Fiction Design out of Columbus. Bonus points to those who can tell what the pattern on the first piece is...

Non Fiction design is the handy work of
each with an amazing portfolio individually, and then get them together and wowzers. You may have seen them recently in Ceramics Monthly. Check out their blog for insight into their projects and what's up and coming to look out for, or their website for more images and background on the group and the individual projects (like the residency they just completed in Dresden). And last but not least check out their etsy shop for some nice pieces to add to your home!

A call to all the readers out there...

So i've been thinking lately that this blog is visually quite boring. What I mean is that when I get to read everyone else's blogs they always look so nice filled with images and eye candy to inspire, provoke thought and well, just to look pretty. It's hard with calls for entry to have alot of images...So here's the deal...I was thinking that since I've got this great readership every month (yes you know that you're all wonderful!) why not showcase more of the readers work? So i'm going to give this a try and it's sorta up to you guys if it works or not, but here goes...for the month of April, each and everyday (along with the usual musing posts about calls for entry, etc.) I want to post an image of a readers work. So here's where you come in...The first 30 people (literally, there will be no selection process) to email me with an image of their work, a link to their site if they have one (not a requirement that you have one), and a two sentence or so bit about them, their work, the color of the sky in your place in the world, or your favorite ice cream, glaze color...whatever, you get the idea. This is a first come, first serve sort of thing, no preference given to those of you I know, and likewise no points against those of you I know. Just whoever gets an email to my inbox first! Who knows, if it works maybe we'll keep it up each month!

Email your pics to carole_epp@yahoo.ca

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Daven Hee Workshop in Saskatoon!!

May 29-31st, 2009

Well here's one definitely not to miss! I can hardly wait. Daven is such a great resource of ceramic knowledge, a generous spirit and a fantastic artist. If anyone is looking to travel to Saskatoon for this workshop let me know and I can help set up some billeting. Hope to see you there!

To register contact:
Shirley Carriere
610 Clarence Ave S
Saskatoon SK
S7H 3E2
P:306 343.6566
E: membership@saskatoonpottersguild.com

Check out more info on Daven here or go the Saskatoon Potters Guild website for more info about the workshop. And in the meantime here's a few pics of Daven's work:

Friday, 13 March 2009

Artist residency program - Italy

La Macina di San Cresci is an independent non-profit association based in Greve in Chianti (Florence), Italy. They are offering an Artist-in-Residency program, open to international artists, writers, poets, actors and other art & culture professionals.

La Macina di San Cresci 2008 residency in Italy Artist residency consists of sojourning from 7 to 90 days . This period covers a program based on the personal project proposal presented by the artist and includes the attendance to the workshops in several disciplines (when scheduled).
Fellow artists are expected to pursue work independently, taking full advantage of the rich cultural backdrop offered by the ancient place and its surroundings .

Artists work full-time in their studios, and take weekly trips to study and draw from the great art of Italy. Students and residents live and work in Greve in Chianti , a hill town in Tuscany, one of Italy's most beautiful regions.

The centre, open to artists, writers, poets, actors and to other art and culture professionals from around the world, and having no racial, age or any other kind of discrimination, offers the opportunity to work alone, or together with other creative people from other countries, developing and interchanging concise ideas on contemporary art and culture.

More information and application form on www.chianticom.com

Thursday, 12 March 2009

Clay Studio of Missoula - Artist residency

Interested in teaching opportunities?
Residency open to international artists from 2 - 12 months.
For more information contact: Hannah Fisher
The Clay Studio of Missoula,
910 Dickens Street,
Missoula, Montana 59802.
Phone: 406-543-0509
Email: info@theclaystudioofmissoula.org
Website: theclaystudioofmissoula.org.
Deadline: 1 January, 31 March, 1 June, and 1 September, annually.

Free Ceramics Symposium - Montreal

The symposium will be held in conjunction with the Ceramics exhibition Raw/Medium, Rare/Well Done at the Concordia University FOFA Gallery in Montreal, 23 March - 17 April 2009.

The exhibition will present the work of current and former students, faculty and staff of Concordia University’s Ceramic Program in the Studio Arts department.

Presenters at the symposium include Diane Charbonneau, Amy Gogarty, Leopold Foulem, Neil Forrest, and Ted Adler.

Registration required but it's FREE.
Save the date: 27 March 2009.
For more info contact:
Therese Chabot.
Concordia University, Room EV- 7- 745,
Engineering and Visual Arts building,
1515 Sainte-Catherine West,
Montreal, Quebec H3G 2W1, CANADA.
Email: chabot @alcor.concordia.ca.
Deadline: 20 March 2009

USA - Call for submissions

Kiln God National 2009
Location: San Angelo Texas

Clay Art Web Guide, Chicken Farm Art Center and Gecko Gallery are pleased to announce the Kiln God National 2009 entry deadline will be April 1, 2009. The show will be juried by Billy Ray Mangham and with an exhibition opening on April 18th, during Ceramic Week in San Angelo, Texas. Visit KilnGodNational.com to download the prospectus and view the 2007 and 2004 exhibitions. Email vicki@vickihardin.com to join the mailing list to be notified of further information.

Wednesday, 11 March 2009

Need studio space in Adelaide?

Open Invitation : Artists Studios to Rent
Deadline: Open Call, Adelaide SA

Raynart Studio Gallery in Adelaide has 6-7 affordable studio spaces available for rent on a 6, 9 & 12 month basis. Space sizes are approximately 9m2 (3m X 3m). Bathroom and kitchen facilities are available.
All studios have 24 hour access with a fully monitored alarm system. A group exhibition of studio artists may be arranged annually in the gallery by joint agreement.
Emerging and established visual artists, graphic designers, multi media, new media artists and fashion designers. Those working in very heavy materials or with dangerous chemicals are not eligible to apply. Successful applicants are chosen based on the quality of art work, perceived potential and the applicant’s space requirements.

PROCEDURE to apply
• Provide contact details - name, address, phone, email
• Provide a CV, bio, exhibition history and images of recent and/or current work
• Provide 2 references
• Statement of future direction and artistic intent
Contact Angus anytime for more information and studio availability for 2009 on 0419 702 072 or email info@raynart.com.au
Raynart Studio Gallery194a Wright St Adelaide 5000

Call for Artists : Residency Programs for Artists in France

Deadline: Open Call

France – residency programs for artists – art retreats, residencies etc. Artistay is a service for artists, writers, architects, academics, art teachers and curators looking for a residency program in France in order to realise a personal artistic project. We work with several art places offering a professional support to artists from all over the world and in various disciplines.
Applicants are responsible for the funding of the residency participation fees, they can though do an application with Artistay even if they haven’t secured the funding yet. We can provide necessary documentation and contacts for funding advice. Artistay service is free of charge for the applicant.
Contact us with your residency proposal, we’ll find an art place for you suited to your requirements. You can get more details on the website : www.artistay.com

Monday, 9 March 2009

Well i must admit i've been procrastinating for quite some time setting up an online shop. I've gone back and forth seemingly forever trying to decide if it's the right path for me as I normally work with galleries and shops. But after getting more and more tired of forking over 40-50% of my sale price to someone else, i've decided an online shop might be worth the effort. From the looks of things it's been a fairly sucessful path for others so here goes - fingers crossed - wish me luck!

Sooo.....You can now find me at caroleepp.etsy.com
Please check back regularly as i'll be posting more items over the next few weeks, there's more porcelain to come and even some woodfired pieces...I hope you like it and please feel free to pass the link on to anyone you think might enjoy the work.

I'll try and post in the future about how things are going in case anyone else is wondering about how to go about it, or if it's worth your time or not. In the meantime I'd love to hear from others about their online experiences, good or bad. Please leave a comment.

Thanks and all the best!

Sunday, 8 March 2009

Call for artists - gallery opportunity - Sydney

Gallery Aloft Call for Submissions
Deadlines : Open Call,
Rozelle NSW
Gallery Aloft is situated on Darling Street, Rozelle amidst the artistic hub that is quickly defining the area as Sydney’s newest gallery district. Artists are invited to submit proposals for the 2009 exhibition program.
Gallery Aloft prides itself on showing high quality, contemporary art and design across a range of styles from both emerging and established artists. For exhibiting details and proposal submissions please go to the website http://www.galleryaloft.com/

Saturday, 7 March 2009

Interested in outdoor sculpture?

May 15, 2009 is the entry deadline for the call for site-specific outdoor sculpture for the Toronto Sculpture Garden.
For more info contact:
Toronto Sculpture Garden,
38 Avenue Rd., Ste. 713,
Toronto Ontario
M5R 2G2;
PH: (416) 515-9658 .

Symposium: Africa on My Mind: Contemporary Art, Home and Abroad

The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) will host its third biennial Art History Symposium, Africa on My Mind: Contemporary Art, Home and Abroad, February 26-27, 2010.
Deadline: May 15, 2009
The goal of this symposium is to encourage representation by a variety of media and cultural and geographical areas in Africa and the African Diaspora. Possible topics could address the role of contemporary African and African Diaspora art in shaping regional, ethnic and individual identity; the gendered responses to the colonization of the body and mind; contributions of technology and international art fairs to shaping identity and careers; questions of interpreting and exhibiting contemporary work; pedagogic theories and methods addressing African and African Diaspora art; the vitality of African traditions in coastal South Carolina and Georgia.
Open to scholars and graduate students. The editors of CriticalInterventions: Journal of African Art History and Visual Culture have agreed to consider papers by symposium participants for publication. The symposium will feature a keynote address by Simon Njami (lecturer, art critic, novelist and essayist).
Deadline for abstract submission: May 15, 2009. Please submit an abstract (300 words max) and a CV, including complete contact information (address, phone, and email).
Submit to: arthsymposium@scad.edu
Notification of acceptance: September 30, 2009 via email
For information on the 2008 symposium:http://www.scad.edu/events/arthsymposium/2008/index.cfm

NEW Ceramic Residency, California State University Long Beach, Art Department

Deadline April 15
Fall 2009 semester September-January Summer 09 may be possible

Who Is Eligible: Artists who have finished their terminal degree (MFA) within the last 2 years or by the time of the residency. We prefer that some relevant part of artistic practice involves ceramic materials & process.

What is Provided
• Private Studio Space approx, 200 sq ft
• Access to fully equipped studio (30+ kilns)
• *Material Budget (to be determined)
• *Stipend (to be determined)
• Exhibition opportunity at the end of the residency
• Public Lecture on work (optional)
• *Possibility of teaching 1 class

To Submit Please send the following:
1) 20 images of work digital or slide
2) Two letters of recommendation that attest to your artistic ability, track record of following through and finishing projects started, ability to get along with others.
3) A letter of application that generally tells us about your artistic history & plans for the residency.
4) Resume SASE to: Tony Marsh / Ceramics Department of Art CSULB 1250 Bellflower Blvd Long Beach CA 90840

All materials due by April 15th All budgetary decisions are made based on need and available funds
Questions? amarsh@csulb.edu (562) 985-4359

Ceramic Arts CSULB
Ceramics at CSULB was initiated in 1949 and is currently housed in a fully equipped facility designed specifically for ceramics. It has grown to be in excess of 17,000 square feet with indoor and outdoor work spaces as well as 2 gallery spaces in our facility. We have approximately 30 operational gas & electric kilns, clay & slip mixing equipment. We believe that we have one of the finest ceramic arts facilities in the United States. Our undergraduate program currently supports approximately 25 students majoring in ceramics, our graduate program 6. Proximity to Los Angeles and an extremely active arts environment provides access to over 100 professional galleries and many world class museums as well as alternative university museum spaces. Current full-time faculty in Ceramic Arts include: Kristen Morgin & Tony Marsh

Thursday, 5 March 2009

Well it must be a dreary day outside here today because I feel so compelled to have lots of beautiful images to look at in todays post. So as I'm left here trying to figure out what happened to the glimpse of spring we saw yesturday let me introduce you to the work of Jasna Sokolovic.

Photo: Cindy Blazevic Artists: Jasna Sokolovic and Laura McKibbon

I've long been a fan of the work of Jasna Sokolovic and lately she seems to be everywhere I turn. From an installation with Laura McKibbon as part of the Come up to my Room project at the Gladstone Hotel that everyone is talking about (a must if you find yourself in Toronto), to a residency at the International Ceramic Research Centre in Denmark, to here and there in shops and galleries, on etsy and soon to be in CEBIKO (congrats Jasna!) I'm particularly interested in a direction of her work which incorporates architecture and ceramics and site specific installations.

It reminds me of Rory MacDonald's street repair series where he would cast broken areas of sidewalks and beautifully repair them with new blue and white ceramic "band-aids" or Honor Freeman's power point series, installing ceramic power points in outdoor spaces, making a twist on the familiar.(Here's a link to a great article on Honor's work.) I'm completely intrugued by the process and posibilities of taking ceramics to the streets in such ways as to subtly change our environments, giving us the opportunity to rethink and evaluate the everyday and how we live within the moment.

Jasna also makes gorgeous jewelery and tile works for the home.

Want to see more of Jasna's work? Check out her site, (which even includes a sneak peek into her studio and process) or her shops here and here, or the following galleries that show her work:
BC Ceramics Gallery Vancouver, BC
Distill Gallery, Toronto, ON
C1 Art Space, Toronto, ON
Gaia, Montreal, QC

Or if you happen to find yourself on Granville Island in Vancouver stop in at her beautiful studio and shop front which she shares with a textile artist.

Monday, 2 March 2009

Don't miss out...Banff Centre residencies!

The Banff Centre

Visual Arts

2009-10 Visual Arts Programs

Application Deadline Reminder

Thematic Residencies

Faculty: Jan Verwoert
05 Why are Conceptual Artists Painting Again?
Because They Think it is a Good Idea

July 6 - August 14, 2009
Application deadline: March 6, 2009

Faculty: Andrew King
06 mountainstandardtimelab
August 17 - 28, 2009
Application deadline: April 30, 2009

Faculty: Oliver Lutz
07 The Wanderer
September 14 - October 30, 2009
Application deadline: March 6, 2009

Self-directed Creative Residencies

July 6 – October 30, 2009
Application deadline: March 6, 2009

Self-directed Residencies in Curatorial and Critical Studies

July 6 – October 30, 2009
Application deadline: March 6, 2009

BNMI Co-production Residency: Almost Perfect

June 4 - July 4, 2009
Application deadline (EXTENDED): March 18, 2009

More information on these and other visual arts programs.

For more information and to apply:

The Banff Centre
107 Tunnel Mountain Drive,
Box 1020, Banff, Alberta
1-800-565-9989 or 1-403-762-6180

Sunday, 1 March 2009

Last minute reminder - Archie Bray Residency

Don't forget that the deadline for residency applications at the Archie Bray Foundation is Mon. Mar 2nd at midnight MST. The good news is that artists can apply online right up until midnight so there is still time for anyone considering applying. The application is for both long term (1-2 years) and summer residencies and there are fellowships offered as well.
Information is available at www.archiebray.org.

Oh and make sure you check out the online images from the Beyond the Brickyard exhibition. Looks like an amazing show!