Monday, 28 December 2009

Artist of the Day: Rob Froese

Speaking of the wonders of Medicine Hat, today is another example of an artist who has worked at the Medalta AIR (I promise I'm not getting a commission for speaking so highly of Medalta) and who has since been returning to fire more gorgeous work in their soda kiln. I love the range, yet cohesion of the design elements in Rob's work. And I can assure you that they are even more lovely to behold in person. Today's artist is yet again more proof of the high quality of work found on the Canadian prairies.

Artist Statement:
Working with texturing and layering techniques, I make ceramic tableware (cups, bowls, slab plates) that is both sculptural and utilitarian.

Living in Japan for 11 years in close contact with Japanese culture and culinary customs has had a great influence on my life and work. Mainly, this experience has made me more aware of the importance of clay colour and texture in pottery in relation to the tactile experience of using a dish. Experimenting with local clays in Japan, Mexico and in my native Saskatchewan, as well as using prepared clays, I have centered my interest on the way the qualities of a particular clay and slip inspire surface form and function.

photos: Gabriela Garcia-Luna


John Shirley said...

I love this work, both for its spontaneity and its assuredness.

smiling said...

Beautiful stuff!