Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Artist of the Day: Laura B. Cooper

Last month when I was posting about some great Etsy finds I posted some of the work of today's artist, Laura B. Cooper. You can see that post here. I loved the subtlety of her work, how a minimalist approach to decoration really worked to highten the reading of her forms and textures. So it's with pleasure that I post some new pieces of hers today. Enjoy!

In her words:

"My name is Laura B. Cooper and I am a ceramic artist based out of Athens, Georgia, where I live with my husband and daughter.

The work I am currently focusing on deals mainly with gestural interpretations of various types of vessels. I am interested in texture, repetition, subtleties, and cadence that can be found in forms. I also find that irregularities which may disrupt the form and throw the viewer off a bit to be very fascinating."

Make sure to stop by her Etsy shop for more images and to purchase her work.


Cecile said...

Love the work on the last piece. well worth looking at the larger size image. Beautiful work

jimgottuso said...

beautiful pieces, i love the first and last pieces pictured.

John said...

2nd image - the teapot - is awesome! I think choice of color and clay is perfect!

Rachelle said...

Aaron, your new take with this new porcelain is a stunner. Perfect for a fine Scotch, no?