Wednesday, 3 June 2009

2nd Annual Lillstreet International

Exhibition dates: September 14 - October 11, 2009
Juror: Beth Lo

Lillstreet International is a juried exhibition that addresses contemporary issues in ceramic arts. The show is designed to challenge and showcase the ever changing scope of ceramic art. Lillstreet International is open to all artists working in clay. Each year the show will take on a different theme, this year the focus is on functional forms related to drinking. Questions or requests for additional information can be directed to

This year's theme is Drink : Functional Forms for Every Libation, which means that all submissions must be functional and related to drinking.

First Prize: $500 and Solo show in the Lillstreet Gallery
Honorary Mention (2): $100

Location: Lillstreet Art Center, Chicago, Illinois.
Application deadline: July 12, 2009 (postmark)
Notification begins: July 29, 2009
Accepted work due: September 2, 2009
Exhibition dates: September 14 - October 11, 2009

Open to functional ceramic forms related to drinking.
Submitted work must have been produced in the last two years.
Size may not exceed 24 inches in any dimension or 20 pounds.

Enter up to three functional pieces or sets.
All exhibited work MUST BE FOR SALE.
Work will be disqualified if, upon receipt, it is not the same piece presented in the accepted image.
Work must arrive in time for the opening. (Work must be received by September 2, 2009).
If accepted work shows poor craftsmanship upon receipt, it will be disqualified.
Entry fee: $30, non-refundable. Make check or money order payable to ‘Lillstreet Art Center’.

Commission: 50% artist, 50% LSAC

Freight and Insurance:
The artist pays shipping and insurance to and from Lillstreet.
Lillstreet Art Center is responsible for insurance during the exhibition.

Digital Image Requirements:
Submit one image per piece (one detailed images per piece is allowed).
Save file as a Jpeg at 300dpi.
Save each image with your name and entry letter (ex: Smith A, Smith B, Smith C)
Place (copy) all images onto a CD and label CD with your name.
CD will not be returned
Slides will NOT be accepted.

Photography: LSAC reserves the right to use selected work in future publications.

Application Checklist:
Your completed entry form. A stamped, self-addressed business envelope (.47 postage) for notification. Check or money order for $30, payable to ‘Lillstreet Art Center’.

Check out their website here.

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