Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Artist of the day: Steve Grimmer

I promised you more about Steve Grimmer and his work when I posted about the "Steve Show" a few weeks back, and i'm sure you all went and saw it, right? I wish I could have.

Steve's been teaching and making pots at University of Manitoba since 2005. As he says: "It's a great job in a nice, if under-appreciated, part of Canada. Lately, my work has focused on one particular form, that of a dome on a square or octagonal base, and one or two glazes. I'm inspired by the sacred architecture of the Middle East, and by the exchange the ceramic artists there had with their counterparts in China."

Definitely find the time to check out his blog. The medium bowl with the rosetta on the base and on the interior is the stuff dreams are made of, well mine at least... absolutely gorgeous, trust me...go have a look. And while you're there have a peek at the link to the U of M clay club blog "Quartz Inverters" for some great technical info.


jimgottuso said...

beautiful teapot... love the handle

Steve Grimmer said...

Thanks, Jim.
And thanks for the posting and the kind words, Carole!