Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Artist of the day: Jeff Longtin

I first came across Jeff's work on one of my many procrastinating days in front of the computer (often spend browsing through etsy, i'll admit it!) I was really drawn to the minimalism and repetition in the pattern of his forms and how they still evoke movement. I love how they play with light and shadow. Thus I was happy to get the opportunity to share it with you during Artist of the Day Month (which is already more than half over...so sad!)

So here's a bit about the work from Jeff himself:

"The work is slip cast and made of stoneware clay. The textures grew out of a desire to make an ergonomic handle for the Braille mug a little over 10 years ago. How to incorporate them into usable vessels has been an ongoing challenge.
I decided to make Braille pots in the 1980's after participating in various art fairs and seeing the occasional blind person visit the booth and interact with handcrafted pottery. (While their sighted friend described the work.) I thought a pot that spoke directly to a blind person was needed. I introduced Sixdot Braille Products in 1998."

Please make sure to check out more of Jeff's work at his etsy shop www.jefflongtin.etsy.com

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Craig Edwards said...

Hey... I know that guy!! Way to go Jeff!! Pots are looking tasty..