Friday, 25 April 2008

2 items of NCECA news

DEADLINE May 1, 2008
43rd annual meeting of NCECA in Phoenix, AZ
Call for proposals of lectures and panel discussions relating to issues of Aesthetics, Critical Theory, Art History, Education, Professionalism, Technology and New Work. Submissions will be evaluated for merit, the presenter's expertise in the area, and a general interest in providing a balanced and inclusive program for the members. Members are encouraged to submit proposals, and general information on this process can be found at the NCECA web site.
All proposals will be submitted ONLINE.

Plus I just got an email from NCECA regarding NCECA going GREEN!!!
They are looking for feedback from members addressing different ways to have a more sustainable practice in the studio, the classroom or at home. Working in collaboration with Ceramics Monthly and the Archie Bray Foundation the future is looking to be more green for our community. If you know of individuals who are dedicated and experienced in the issues surrounding going green please forward their information to Kate Vorhaus, NCECA Projects Manager in our Erie, Colorado office;

They are also looking for a student to join their "Green Task Force", So if you know of someone that fits the bill please send their name and contact information to NCECA Student Director-at-Large, Jessica Orlowski;

Keep an eye out for NCECA webpages and blogs on the subject, but in the meantime get involved, because as with all things green, we all have to get involved and do our part. So start getting all your ideas together, talk with others in your community and get in contact with any member of the newly formed NCECA Green Task Force:

Robert Harrison, NCECA Past President;
Joe Molinaro, NCECA Programs Director;
Morgan O'Brien, NCECA Executive Director;
Sherman Hall, Ceramics Monthly Editor;
Steve Lee, Archie Bray Foundation Director;
Brian Kohl, NCECA Podcast Director;

Also check out the May issue Ceramics Monthly for John Britt's article on "The Ease of Being Green", which focuses on practical steps individuals can take in their own studios to reduce energy consumption and carbon impact. Here's a link to the article.

Monday, 21 April 2008

Updated website

Well I finally got around to updating my website and posting some new functional and sculptural pieces I've been working on lately. I had a great friend set up the site originally, but have since switched over to using iweb and it's fantastically easy even for someone like me, who is quite computer illiterate, to use and update. There are still a few bugs to be worked out, (in particular the link section is pretty sparce) but the bulk of it is ready for viewing so if you have a minute i'd love for you to check it out!

I'll be updating with much more sculptural work in the next month or so as I finally finish the 30 or so pieces that I've been composing since November. Would love to hear what you think of the new stuff. Here's a few pics of work I've just sent off to Prime Gallery in Toronto.

Emerging artists announced...

Image of Jeremy Brooks' work.

The 2008 Ceramic Monthly emerging artists have been announced! Check out a sneak preview and vote for your favorite before the issue hits stands at the Ceramic Monthly website. There's pots and sculptures, installations and design work, a little something for most peoples tastes. I'll be curious to find out the peoples choice...

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Upcoming Craft/Design Conference call for papers/workshops

Selling Yarns 2: Innovation for sustainability
Presented by The Australian National University, Craft Australia and the National Museum of Australia
Venue: National Museum of Australia, Canberra
When: 6 - 8 March, 2009

* Deadline for abstracts and workshop proposals: 1 July, 2008
* Notification of acceptance: 1 August, 2008
* Deadline for biography (on acceptance): 1 September, 2008
* Deadline for full papers: 15 January, 2009

for more information check out the website.

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

Ceramics Biennial - call for entry

The New Hampshire Institute of Art is pleased to announce Ceramics Biennial Exhibition 2008, a national juried exhibition for clay artists.

Entries accepted will be made predominantly of clay. A maximum of two entries
may be submitted by each artist. Images, registration forms and entry fees must
be postmarked August 1, 2008.

Check out the website for more info or contact:
Ceramics Biennial
Attn: Alison Williams, Gallery Director
New Hampshire Institute of Art,
148 Concord Street
Manchester, NH 03101

If you're in Arizona...

ASU Art Museum Ceramics Research Center is currently hosting an exhibition of work by SUSAN BEINER titled: SYNTHETIC REALITY. Runs until August 2nd.

Just to entice you here is a bit from the gallery statement:

"What you see is not always what you get. In our digitized, photo-shopped world, reality is often altered and manipulated. Reality television shows seem unreal. With today’s technology, many products we use daily are manufactured with artificial materials or manipulated DNA aided by scientific processes, reshaping what was once all natural. Biotechnology allows for genetically altered foods grown in controlled environments, gene splicing produces cloned animals and hybridization of consumer products has changed our lives forever. Ethical issues continue to challenge these advancements. What are the costs of scientific efficiency versus environmental and health concerns?"

I'm always interested in ceramics that explore beyond the material properties yet use and subvert that material and its history to enrich a contemporary context/issue/discussion, and/or political stance.

You should also check out her amazing work on her website. I particularly love the images of the works before bisque, always nice to see work before and after, first as a neutral palette and then as the artist envisioned it in their minds eye.

Upcoming Woodfire Conference

Tye River Pottery will be hosting an international conference May 30 – June 1, 2008. The conference will be an opportunity to hear eight internationally renowned wood-fire potters discuss their experience firing together. The following potters will be on the panel: Robert Compton, Kevin Crowe, Stephen Driver, Vicki Hansen, Mark Hewitt, Micki Schloessingk, and Jack Troy.

If you have questions regarding this conference, please email at Or speak with Kevin Crowe or Krista Loomans at Tye River Pottery: 434-263-4065.

Kevin Crowe
1289 Falling Rock Drive
Amherst, VA 24521

Check out the website for all the conference details and registration forms.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

new blog

Quick addition to the previous post about Vipoo is that he has joined the blogging world. So do make sure to add his blog found here to your list of reading!

Ceramic Whistle Competition

The Town of Matera and The Cultural Association Genius Loci announce their call for entries for 1st Edition of the International Competition for Ceramic Whistles - 2008 Città di Matera

The Competition is open to individual and schools with no age limit. Each competitor may submit a maximum of six works (whistles) which may be created using any ceramic technique. Works must not exceed 20x20x25 of their dimensions.

More information icluding all the rules and guidelines check out their blog

or contact:
Tina Festa, Ass. Culturale Genius Loci - Matera through their website or by e-mail:

Monday, 7 April 2008

For the FUTURE

Or if Saskatchewan isn't your neck of the woods, how about Melbourne?

Later this month Uber Gallery will be hosting an exhibition of new works by Vipoo Srivilasa (one of my personal favorites, I love the humor and the politics of his work).

For the FUTURE
Runs from April 30 to June 1st with an opening 6.30 on the 30th.

From the media release:
"In this particular series, Srivilasa continues exploring the inherent commonalities between the cultures of his native Thailand and his new home of Australia, only this time the emphasis is on global warming and the damage caused to the coral reef of both countries due to greed and over consumption. He uses the coral reef issue as a link between the two places, as both face similar problems.

As Srivilasa emotionally expresses “…The works express my concern toward what happens to the world right now, especially to the coral reef where my heart belongs. The reef is where my alter ego, Mermaid, lives and now it’s being threatened by global warming. By making this series of work, I hope to increase the general public awareness of the importance and value of the living coral reef ecosystems and perhaps highlight their problems!”

Make sure to check out Vipoo's website for more about the artist plus some great images of past work, workshops he offers and news of the upcoming events he's involved with.

Über Gallery,
52 Fitzroy St,
St Kilda Vic 3182
(03) 8598 9915

Upcoming workshop

If you're in the Saskatchewan area or nearby make sure to check out:

Try-alls and Tools

with the lovely and amazingly talented Dee Funk! This is a workshop not to be missed!
May 2, 3 & 4, 2008
May 2 Slide Show and discussion of participant’s work 7:30 pm
May 3 Workshop 9:00 - 5:00
May 4 Workshop 10:00 – 4:00
Fee: members $60.00 non-members $75.00

To register phone 693-4970 or e-mail
741 7th Ave. SE by Wood Acres
Moose Jaw Saskatchewan

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Ahead of the Need

An Invitational Ceramics Exhibition to Benefit the Craft Emergency Relief Fund (CERF.)

The Charlie Cummings Gallery is hosting an online-only benefit exhbition curated by Anthony Schaller and Lana Wilson. The exhibition, which runs from April 5th-30th, features work by over 70 nationally and internationally recognized artists. This is a great opportunity to buy great ceramic art and support a great cause.

The exhibition is now available for preview. Sales will begin at 11am Saturday.

Call for Entry, Celebrating 40 Years: APA Cone Box Show

Deadline April 30

An exhibition of ceramic art being held at the Cultural Centre Gallery (Medicine Hat College Gallery) in Medicine Hat May 29 - June 27, 2008, to celebrate the 40th Anniversary of the Alberta Potters' Association and will be planned to coincide with the Annual General Meeting of the organization.

1. Each participant may submit one work of art.
2. Exhibition open to all ceramic media and techniques may include other materials as part of the work.
3. Artists are encouraged to portray or communicate an aspect of 'celebration' in their submission, regardless of form, function, subject or interpretation.
4. Size is limited to the dimensions of an Orton Standard Pyrometric Cone Box (50 large cones), i.e. 3" x 3" x 6"; all components of the artwork must fit into the box.
5. Entry may be for sale; no commission is taken by the Gallery.
6. Registration form is to be submitted to the Gallery by April 30, 2008; mail to: Cultural Centre Gallery, 299 College Drive SE, Medicine Hat, AB. T1A 3Y6
7. Artwork must be shipped or delivered to the Cultural Centre Gallery no later than May 15, 2008.
8. Registration info: Name of Artist/ phone number Address Title of Artwork Brief description Price/ Insurance value (if not for sale)

For further details, contact Allan Jensen at (403)502-9006.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Just so you know...

some days trying to strike a balance between my studio practice, updating this blog and running around with my new baby means that I only have a little time to search for opportunities and events happening out there in the ceramic world. So if you have a posting, an exhibition, call for entry, etc. that you'd like posted here to get the word out please let me know. International posting welcome as the blog is read by 58 countries/territories. You can email me at with all the details. I can't promise I'll post everything, but I can promise I'll do my best.


Summer Ceramic Workshops

Anderson Ranch Arts Center has a list of what looks like some amazing upcoming workshops this summer. Personally I'd love to attend the "Ceramic Sculpture as Social/Political Commentary" with Richard Notkin. There really seems to be something for everyone, what a great way to spend the summer holidays!

*Working in Jamaica: ceramic vessels and pottery with
John Neely
Alleghany Meadows
David Pinto
Doug Casebeer
*Field & Frame: exploring plates and platters with Gail Kendall
*Animal Imagery & Meaning with Joe Bova
*Handbuilt Pots: form, function and context with Mark Pharis
*Ceramic Head Constructions with Stan Welsh
*Soda Firing & the Sculptural Vessel with Brad Schwieger
*Photographing Your Work with Michael Fortune
*Slab & Coil: handbuilding fundamentals with Jill Oberman and Sam Harvey
*Who You Are: a self-portrait with Tip Toland
*Majolica on Terra Cotta Pottery with Posey Bacopoulos
*Handbuilding Vessels with John Gill and Andrea Gill
*On & Off the Wheel: basic pottery with Andy Brayman and Christa Assad
*Wheel-Thrown Pottery with Doug Casebeer, Val Cushing and Alleghany Meadows
*Wood-fired & Decorated: the Bourry box alternative with Charity Davis-Woodard and Lorna Meaden
*Mata Ortiz Southwest Pottery with Juan Quezada and Michael Wisner
*Finding Form through Surface with Mary Barringer,David Pinto and Sam Clarkson

Check out there website for more information.
PHONE 970 923 3181
FAX 970 923 3871
ADDRESS P.O. Box 5598
Snowmass Village, CO 81615
5263 Owl Creek Rd
Snowmass Village, CO 81615

Working collaboratively...

Recently I've been working with a group of ceramic artists here in Saskatoon whose work has been inspiring to me in my own practice. I'm thrilled now to have the opportunity to work more in depth with them, gaining a new and more thorough understanding of their work, process and inspiration, all the while making some pretty fun work that takes me out of my everyday of studio work. I think for me at least, it can become a bit routine in the studio, working in isolation, and I benefit quite a bit from working with others and having the opportunity not only to work, but to talk about work and get into the dirt of why it is that we make what we do.

Here's the basic premise of what we're doing so far...we wanted to create some collaborative work, but where to begin? Each of us has a firmly established practice, aesthetic and technique. What we've set up as an exercise to get us going is not unlike the childhood game of telephone. If you don't know the game, it begins with one person whispering something to another who then passes it on to the next, etc, etc. As children this saying would often get altered with humorous results once it had passed through a number of kids. So how we've undertaken this in the studio is that we've each begun with a piece of work by each of the other artists which we then make a response piece to. Then we meet as a group, discuss the pieces and see what's been percolating in each others minds/studios. Then back to the studio again to respond and make new work based on the pieces we saw. With each successive piece the work gets further and further removed from the original through the work of a different artists hand. Make sense?

We also decided to deal with vessel forms to give ourselves some focus and an underlying premise to unify the finished work for exhibition. Our interest in the vessel is in part because of the functional research in all of our practices and because the vessel has been one of the most recognizable and central aspects of ceramic history and tradition throughout all cultures. Essentially a utilitarian object it has been a subject for representation of cultural aesthetics, ritual and visual history. The vessel can be both read universally as well as a signifier of specific personal, cultural, and geographic interpretations. Despite the contemporary focus on quantity over quality in industrial production of functional wares; the vessel and the craftsmanship of its creation by hand alongside the multitude of perspectives and aesthetic renderings, still remains a focus among contemporary practitioners of the ceramic medium.

We have yet to document any of the work, but when we do I hope to post it here to further show you what I mean. In the meantime here are some images of the work of these amazing local talents.

Zane Wilcox

Paula Cooley

and Bonnie Gilmour

This project we've undertaken will be exhibited in 2009 in Red Deer, AB and hopefully here in Saskatoon as well.

Argilla-Italia call for entry

What: Ceramics, Art and Craftwork Trade Show
Where: Faenza - one of the capital cities of majolica in the world.
How: All potters interested in participating must submit a participation application via post, fax, e-mail, or in person, including at least 3 photographs of works and if possible 1 photograph that illustrates participation in previous exhibits or a panorama of various pieces that may be exhibited.

Check out the website for further details in a downloadable PDF.

Applications must be submitted to the organization by April 15, 2008 at:
Comune di Faenza,
Segreteria ARGILLÀ,
Piazza del Popolo 31,
48018 Faenza (RA) ITALIA
fax 0546-691214 (from abroad 0039-0546-691214)

Japan Artist in Residence Program in 2008

Aomori Contemporary Art Centre is accepting the application for the
Artist in Residence Program in 2008.

In this autumn, accordance with the guidelines, we will invite 4
artists in our residency program.

Details will be forthcoming shortly on their website
The deadline for applications is May 31st.

KONDO Yuki (Curator)
Aomori Contemporary Art Centre (ACAC)
152-6, Yamazaki,
Goshizawa, Aomori
030-0134, JAPAN
TEL: +81 17 764 5200 FAX: +81 17 764 5201