Monday, 6 October 2008

1000 miles and back again.

Well I’ve just arrived back home from 1000 Miles Apart, which is a ceramics conference held each year in Canada at one of the Western Canadian universities or art colleges that have ceramic programs (University of Regina, University of Winnipeg, Red Deer College, Alberta College of Art and Design, and sometimes Emily Carr). Needless to say I’m still buzzing from all the events of the weekend, the talks, the artwork, all the fantastic people, the challenging ideas and conversations about craft and ceramics, the good food and great company. I’m a junkie for ceramics conferences though. I can’t get enough. I mean I work alone in the studio normally (productive? yes, quiet? yes, lonely? sometimes) and so to have the opportunity to get out and spend time surrounded by other great makers, getting inspired by their work, ideas and techniques always feeds my practice for the next few months. Thanks so much to everyone who worked so hard to bring it all together (Darcy you especially rock!) and to everyone who traveled so far to be there - North Dakota so nice of you guys to make the trip! See you all next year if not sooner.

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Anonymous said...

Brandon University was a part of this aswell