Monday, 14 May 2007

A review of some great art, by an amazing writer.

Ever since I spent 2 years living and making work in Australia it seems that all things Australian and in particular Australian craft have been on my radar so it was no surpise to run across an article about the work of Patsy Hely, a PHD student at the Canberra School of Art at the Australian National University. While I was a student there I was lucky to have the opportunity to meet Patsy and see her amazing work first hand. The article, PASTORALIA - The Work of Patsy Hely, is published online at Craft Victoria's Craft Culture site and is written by another dear friend of mine, Sarah Rice, a ceramic artist, art theorist, writer and instructor in the art theory department of the ANU.

Here is an image of Patsy's work from the exhibition and another vase form from an exhibition held at Beaver Galleries in Canberra.

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Mel Robson said...

2 very clever and wonderful ladies!